Lose Weight Without Spending One Extra Penny

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Before I get too far into this post, let me just say 2 things: I am not a doctor and do not profess to be a medical professional of any kind. Before beginning any diet or exercise program, please speak with your primary care physician about what is right for you. I cannot promise this will … [Continue reading]

Weekly Giveaway Linky: August 30th – September 5th


Oh my goodness. Where have I been?! I haven't put up a Weekly Giveaway Linky in weeks! Sheesh. Life has been crazy around here. Can you tell? I'm trying really hard to get back to normal. Thanks for sticking with me! Ok, it's time to get onto the reason why you're here! Add your link to this … [Continue reading]

#Sponsored: Check out the DC Kids Super Hero Creator

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Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post on behalf of Warner Bros. They provided the information, but any opinions expressed are my own. It's no secret … [Continue reading]

International Travel With Kids: Good Times for Everyone

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Planning an overseas family vacation this coming year? Or, considering a family move outside the country? Whether it’s a vacation, an expatriate … [Continue reading]

Things to Consider When Buying Porcelain Figurines in Windsor

The best way for a person to alleviate the stress that they have in their daily lives is by finding a hobby to participate in. For most people, … [Continue reading]

#IC #Sponsored: Shut Eye Strategies to Help You Get Some Sleep

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Disclaimer:I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for Pernix Therapeutics. I received a promotional item to thank me … [Continue reading]

The Top Tips for a Parent-Surrogate Relationship

As can be imagined, most people do not ever imagine themselves having to establish a parent-surrogate relationship. The parent-surrogate relationship … [Continue reading]

How Can You Tell if an Elderly Person is Being Mistreated by Care Professionals?

Many of us dread the day when our parents or grandparents need to go into a nursing home, or rely on a home help to care for them. It can be difficult … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: Signs That You Are Overprotective As A Parent

So many parents are out there that think they are helping their children when they keep protecting them but this is not actually the case. Being … [Continue reading]

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pampers through SheSpeaks. As a mom, I make lots of promises to my children: "I promise we … [Continue reading]

#Sponsored: Don’t Miss this Amazing Deal on #HPink! #HPMoms

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Disclaimer:This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of HP through MomSelect. Do you go through printer ink like I do? My goodness, I … [Continue reading]

3 Incredible Destinations for an Educational Family Holiday


Going on vacation gives the whole family a chance to have a break. You can spend the whole time lounging around by the pool or on the beach if you … [Continue reading]

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Kids On Holiday

family vacation

Taking your kids on holiday for the first time is an experience that you will never forget, for better or worse. Either it will play out like a family … [Continue reading]

Tips for an Unforgettable Family Vacation in Venice


The joys of family vacations are moments to be cherished, and for parents, watching your kids explore new and unfamiliar places, and begin to … [Continue reading]

#IC #Sponsored: Insomnia Nation – Let’s Get Some Sleep!

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Disclaimer:I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for Pernix Therapeutics. I received a promotional item to thank me … [Continue reading]

Mexico: An Amazing Vacation Destination – Even with Kids!

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Have you ever traveled to Mexico for a vacation? I have been several times, and I just love it! In Mexico, you can find some of the most beautiful … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: Dads: Fitting the Perfect Nursery Blind


Considering all of the safety issues that have been reported in relation to blinds over recent years, it should come as no surprise to read that dads … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: The Benefits Offered by Day Camp


Day camps, summer camps and other such camps are sometimes controversial. For many parents, they are an absolute God’s sent, because it means their … [Continue reading]

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Love Cupcakes? Have a creative way to use them in a new design for Duck Tape? If so, you could win $5,000! To learn more, and to get started, visit … [Continue reading]