10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

I love baby showers. They’re so much fun, and can help a new mom-to-be get the things she needs to prepare for her little one. I have been blessed to have a small baby shower for each of my kids. (Yes, all 5!) I’m not sure if we’ll have a shower for this baby or not, but I know that this fall and winter, I’ll be going to lots and lots of baby showers.

I don’t have a sister, and all of my good friends have already had their children or don’t have kids, so I’ve never had the opportunity to plan a baby shower. But I’ve always dreamed of doing so.

So, I’m going to take my dream baby shower and turn it into 10 tips for helping you plan a unique baby shower. Ready?

  1. Have the right invitations. Every good party starts with the right invitation. Tiny Prints offers a huge selection of adorable baby shower invitations – perfect for a boy or a girl – or even for moms who are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise!
  2. Have a theme. Is the mom having a boy and wants a jungle theme? Stick with the theme throughout the decorations, invitations, favors, cake, and so on. Mom may be able to keep some of the decorations and use them to help decorate baby’s nursery. Maybe mom prefers a specific color theme like pink and brown? Just imagine the possibilities!
  3. Have a Big, Comfy Chair for Mom-to-Be to sit in. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough, but being forced to sit in a hard chair for hours on end is just plain mean. Allowing mom-to-be to sit in a comfy chair while she opens her gifts will help keep her smiles sincere.
  4. Have games. I know, I know. Every mom to be says she doesn’t want to have games, but you know what? Showers without games are just BORING. Sorry, but they are. There are gross games (like guess the melted candy bar in the diaper), and there are some games that you should use with caution (like how many squares of toilet paper will it take to go around mom-to-be’s belly?), but there are lots and lots of really fun games you can play. Search the internet and start looking. Then, get those ladies laughing while they play the shower games!
  5. Have guests address their own thank you note envelope. This will be a lifesaver to the mom-to-be, and then she can quickly and easily send out thank you notes to everyone that attended her shower.
  6. Have someone designated to write down all of the presents received – and use the back of the card with the gift to do so. This hint is pretty self-explanatory, but it will definitely help mom-to-be with thank you card writing!
  7. Have each guest bring a pack of diapers or wipes to be entered into a special drawing for a door prize. This is a great way to help build up the mom-to-be’s stash of diapers. Because, believe me, she is gonna need them!
  8. Be willing to have a co-ed shower. Lots of moms-to-be today want to include their hubby or significant other in the fun as much as they can, and that includes the baby shower. Talk to the guest of honor beforehand so you can prepare for some “manly” fun in case you need it. (When the guys come, that’s when you do the baby food tasting game.)
  9. Consider a Cyber-shower. Mom-to-be too far away, or does she have family that can’t make it to the shower? You can still send out the baby shower invitations to the guests far away, and by setting up a cheap web cam and a laptop everyone can feel like they’re part of the action. This is also a fabulous option for moms-to-be that are stuck on bed rest.
  10. Have fun. Don’t stress about the baby shower. Just relax and have fun. It doesn’t matter if your budget is huge or teeny-tiny, mom-to-be will thank you for taking the time to think of her and help her get her new family off to a good start.

I hope those tips help! If you’ve got some tips you’d like to share, I’d love it if you’d post them here. Tried something unusual at a shower and got a great reaction? Tell me about it. Tried something and it was a total flop? Tell me about that too! I’d love to hear your ideas for hosting a fabulous baby shower, because I know you’ve got ’em!

And if you found the perfect baby shower invitation on the Tiny Prints website, I’d love to hear about it. Which one did you select to help create the perfect day for the mom to be?

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  1. 1

    I went to a really awesome baby shower a few months ago. What made it awesome was the prizes for guests (that's the ultimate I would say), the games (three teams diapered one member and got really fancy and it was hilarious! The mom-to-be was the judge and the winner got a prize.), and the food. It was our church that threw it and those women so obviously cared about the mom-to-be. I loved it and can't wait for mine… lol

    Speaking of which, is it proper to have baby showers for the second baby?

  2. 2

    I would actually slightly disagree with #5; I think it would be nice if the host addressed envelopes to give the mommy-to-be. I don't think guests should be asked to do so at the party. Just my opinion!

    We just had a coed shower for our first baby a year & a half ago and we LOVED it! It was actually joint with another couple that we went to college with. It was equipt with beer for those non pregnant attendees(Daddys loved that) and had fun games that weren't very "baby"ish. Obviously alcohol is not required, but our group of friends enjoyed it. It was a great way to include the friends of my husband, who was super excited to celebrate our little one with his buddies!

  3. 3
    Angie Vinez says:

    Lindsey – Would love to know what kind of prizes they were giving away. It sounds like such a fantastic shower!

    As far as etiquette for having a shower for the second baby? Well, personally, I don't see a problem with it. Especially if the baby is a different gender, or if there are several years between children. And, if someone wants to throw you a shower, why would you say no? The new baby will need supplies, just like the first baby, so I don't see any problem with it. Here's something online to back me up: http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.com/frequent-questions.html#notafirsttimemom 🙂

    Natalie – The only reason I didn't suggest the host address the envelopes is only because she probably already has a million things on the plate. By having the guest address their own envelopes, it will ensure things are spelled properly and addressed correctly. Much less chance of error if you fill out your own instead of having a frazzled host try and do it all.

  4. 4

    Things like a wall plaque (it said "Faith"), a pillow, a moisturizer set, little homey fun things. Anything edible would probably be a hit, too. 🙂 Or how about small gift cards to Starbucks (like $5) or a restaurant?

    Obviously I am pregnant and thinking about food. lol

  5. 5

    Oh and I looove the idea of having people address their own return envelopes! That would be so much easier. Or even assigning someone to do it. But I doubt anyone would mind doing that. We were all sitting around a big table and it would have been fun and super easy.

    By the way, one of my favorite games was where everyone was given a piece of paper with unfinished nursery rhymes and had to fill in the blanks. I hadn't realized how many I didn't know until then!

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