19 weeks today!

I swear, this has to be the slowest moving pregnancy on record! I’m 19 weeks. That means I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy.

I don’t know why it’s moving so slowly, either. I know several other people who are pregnant (all due before me, mind you), and their pregnancies seem to be flying by!

Then I sit and think about mine. 21 more week. (20 is most likely, but we’ll pretend I’ll make it to 40 weeks.) Ok, so 21 isn’t a huge number. BUT, then I think, “Well, I’m due October 31st.” Halloween. That feels like it’s eons away!

I know that once July hits, things will start flying… at least I hope so, anyway. Since we have my birthday, Zander’s birthday, hubby’s dad’s birthday, and hubby’s brother’s birthday all in July, then Ash’s birthday in August, Jace’s birthday, our anniversary, and Lucy’s birthday all in September…. well, things are going to be pretty crazy once July hits.

Maybe it WILL make things go faster. Maybe I won’t feel like I’m pregnant forever by then.

I know that someday I’ll look back and wish that I was still pregnant. Today is just not that day.

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    Danielle says:

    But, you like being pregnant!
    how’s Jace today?

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