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January 31st

I ran downstairs to throw a load of laundry in the washer. When I came back upstairs, Zander and Jace were eating some Pringles that they found on the kitchen counter. I asked Zander who told him he could eat the potato chips, and he responded, “God told us we need to eat the chips.”

Guess I can’t yell at him if God told him to! 🙂

January 30th

I was rocking Lucy this evening and Jace came over to me. He kept rubbing his head, and I asked him what was wrong. He replied, “I’m rubbing my owie off my hair.”

January 29th

Zander was eating a poptart for breakfast this morning and he told me his “apple” was making noise. I told him it wasn’t possible, since he wasn’t eating an apple.
He laughs and says, “No, Mom! My Nadnums Apple. It makes noise when I make noise.”

Part Two
We were watching tv this evening and a policeman came on the screen. Zander got excited and said, “Hey! Papa is a toe-peace man too!” When I laughed and corrected him, it only made it worse. I fear this child will be 15 years old and still calling his grandpa a “toe-peace man.”

January 28th

Zander’s conversation with MawMaw (Gene’s mom)….

MM: Z, how was Sunday School today?
Z: Good.
MM: How many kids were in your class?
Z: Just me and the teacher.
Me: No there wasn’t, Zander. When I dropped you off, the class was full of kids.
Z: Laughing, nu-uh.
MM: I think you’re being a stinker – like that skunk on Higglytown Heroes this morning.
Z: Mom! Tell MawMaw I is NOT a STUNK!

January 27th

We were all watching the movie “Barnyard” together, and Zander couldn’t stop laughing over Otis the cow’s silly antics. He laughs hysterically, turns to me and says, “Mom. When we move to Georgia I think Grandpa’s cows will be silly like that.”

And, for what it’s worth, it was a really cute movie!

January 26th

Jace was playing near the fireplace and he bumped his head against the side of it. He rubbed his head and said, “Mom. I hurt my hair.”

January 25th

We were sitting down to dinner and I called Jace and Zander to the table. As Zander comes running into the kitchen, he proceeds to tell me that he is not Zander, he is Bruce Wayne. So, I asked him who Jace is. His response was “Robin.” I asked what Jace’s name is when he’s not a superhero. Zander replied: “We’re always superheroes! Sometimes we just have to wear church clothes.”

I guess if you’re not Batman you have to be dressed up! Too bad I can’t ever get them out of their pajamas! 😉

Part Two
After the boys’ bath, we were sitting on the couch talking about birthdays. I told Zander that I’m staying 25 until Daddy turns 26, and then I’ll get older. He asked, “Does that mean you are new now, Mom?”

January 24th

Zander did NOT want to go to bed again tonight, and he was lying there just crying his eyes out. He hollars to me, “Mommy. I need you for just one minute.” So, I go in there and he tells me, “When I wipe my tears, I still keep crying.”

This child really will do anything to get out of going to bed!

January 23rd

We were sitting on the couch this morning, and I wasn’t feeling well. Jace leaned over and put his arm around my neck and said, “Mommy, I love you. You’re my baby.”

Somehow, he made me feel so much better!

January 22nd

I was getting Zander some cereal for breakfast this morning and he asked what kind it was. I told him it was Raisin Bran – one of my favorites! He got all excited and ran into the living room to tell Gene, “Daddy! Mommy’s making me Raisin Brain cereal!”

January 21st

Part One
Gene asked Zander if there were any pretty girls in his Sunday School class today. Zander’s response was, “Yep! LOTS of them. And there was a pretty boy in there, too. ME!!!!!!”

Part Two
While in the ER waiting room tonight, Jace was playing in the little playhouse they had. It was a nice playhouse with fake stone and brick flooring in it. Jace goes in the house and loudly declares, “Mom! I’m standing in the poop!” Scared me to death, since it’s a children’s hospital and anything’s possible! But, apparently, the round stones looked like little piles of poop to my two year old.

January 20th

Jace was in quite a mood this morning, and Ashley just kept rubbing him the wrong way. At one point he told me, “Ashley’s touching me, Mommy. Spank her.” So, I gave Ash a tap on the butt, not even hard enough for her to feel it. I turned to Jace and asked, “Was that hard enough?” His response? “No! Make her cry!”

Like I said – it was quite the mood this morning!

January 19th

This afternoon, Jace was munching on some Pringles. Lucy was lying on the couch next to me, and Jace came over to give her a bite. I quickly told him “No! Babies can’t eat big people food.” He replies, “But Mom, hers likes it!”

January 18th

Here’s Gene’s conversation with Jace today:

Gene: “Jace, what are you?”
Jace: “Jace Matthew Vinez.”
Gene: “No, not who are you. What are you?”
Jace: “Jace Matthew Vinez.”
Gene: “No, Jace. Are you a boy or a girl?”
Jace (shouting by now): “I is Jace Matthew Vinez. A BOYYYYEEEE!!!”

January 16th & 17th

January 16th
We put Zander and Jace down for bed around 8:30. By 9, Z was still trying everything in the book to get out of going to sleep. At one point, he told Gene, “But, Dad, I can’t go to sleep! My room is a mess!”
Sure, he picks THEN to want to clean up his room!

January 17th
Gene asked Jace to go get a diaper so that we could change him before bed. Jace grabs the entire pack of diapers and keeps asking, “Just one, Daddy? Just one?” He brought the pack over to Gene, dumps it upside down and picks up one diaper. He hands it to Gene and said, “Here’s just one, Daddy.”

Playing Catch-up after Vacation….

We had a wonderful time in Georgia, and the kids certainly kept the laughs coming! Here are a few of the funny things they said this past weekend.

January 12th
The whole way down to Georgia, every time we’d ask Jace where we were going, he’d excitedly say, “To Georgia!” Once we finally crossed the state line, we told Jace we were in Georgia. He glanced around with a completely confused look on his face and asked, “Where is it?!”

January 13th

Part One
Zander and Jace were playing hide and go seek in the hotel room. Here’s how the game went:
Zander: “Jace. You hide here, and I’ll be the counter.”
Jace: “OK.”
Zander: “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Ready or not, here I come.”
(After he counted, he pretended to look all over the room for Jace, pretending like he didn’t have a clue where to find him.)
He finally goes back to the designated hiding spot and says, “I found ya, Jace! Now, I’ll hide here and you go be the counter.”

Part Two
My conversation with Jace –
Me: “Jace. We’re in a hotel. You have to be quiet! There are a lot of people that you’ll disturb if you’re noisy.”
Jace (looking around the room): “In the pictures?”

January 14th
We got back to Grandma & Grandpa’s house after lunch, and Jace took off running toward the tractor parked in the barn. Gene called for him to come back so we could go in the house. Jace got a pouty look on his face and walked back to Gene as slowly as he could. When he finally made it back to Gene, Gene asked him what took him so long. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “My runner is broke.”

January 15th

While on the road, the 3 older kids were in the backseat and Lucy was in one of the captain’s chairs with her carseat facing them. The older kids were all talking and giggling with each other, and Lucy wanted in on it. So, she starts laughing and “talking,” too. Zander laughed at her babbling and said, “She always says that!”

January 11th

We were on our way to drop off my van at the Honda dealership, and the boys were in the back in their carseats playing with their Peter Pan & Captain Hook dolls. Here’s how the conversation went:

Zander: “I are mad at you.”
Jace: “You is? I sorry.”
A few moments of silence…
Zander:”I are still mad at you, Captain Hook. You is a very bad man.”
Jace: “I is not. I is good. You are ugly.”

I think we need to work on the grammer a bit!

Won’t be around for a few days, because we’re headed off on vacation. I’m sure I’ll have lots of updates when I get back!!

January 10th

Today Jace, Lucy, and I ran a few errands. One of our stops was FedEx-Kinko’s. They told me it would only be about 15 minutes for them to finish my project, so we sat down at one of the tables in the store.

While we were sitting there, Jace was pointing to everything around us, asking what things were. He pointed at the FedEx-Kinko’s logo, and asked me what it was. I told him I didn’t know. (Thinking that was easier than trying to explain to a 2 year old what a “logo” is.) He then says, “It’s a star, you goofball.”

Someone’s been hanging around his daddy a little too much lately! 😉

January 9th

Zander was standing at the big window we have in our living room and was watching the snow fall outside. Here’s how the conversation went:

Z: “Mom, did God make the snow?”
Me: “Yes, honey, He sure did!”
Z: “Why did God make the snow look like sprinkle cheese? We don’t look like pasketti!”

January 8th

I put the boys down for their afternoon nap, and headed downstairs to finish up an order for some clients. I heard Zander crying, so I ran back up there to see what was wrong.

As I walk in, he looks at me with the most pathetic look I’ve ever seen, and says, “I won’t do it ever again. I won’t do it ever again. I promise!”

He had taken a twist tie and got it stuck around Woody’s neck. (It’s a doll – LOL!) He was trying so hard to get it off, but it wouldn’t work.

With three little twists, Woody was free. Zander looks at me and says, “Mom, I love you. When I get big, I want to be magic like you are.”

After that, he fell into a nice, deep sleep. All is quiet in my house…….. for now.