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February 28th

After we said our bedtime prayers, I sent the boys off to kiss everyone else in the house goodnight. Jace went limping down the hallway, so I asked him what was wrong.

“That stupid alligator is hanging on my leg. I can’t get him off!”

February 27th

Zander was going to go downstairs with my MIL last night. When they got to the top of the steps, he told her, “You go first. You always fall down the stairs!”

February 26th

Zander went into the nursery to “help” me get Lucy out of bed this afternoon. After we took her out of bed, the alarm on her monitor started going off. (It sounds an alarm if it doesn’t detect movement after 20 seconds.) Zander looked all around the room, and finally turned to me and said, “Mom. Get the phone! It’s making that funny beeping noise again!”

He must have thought it sounded like I left the phone off the hook!

February 25th

Zander sat down on the couch to watch the Amazing Race with me tonight. The announcer came on and said, “The Amazing Race. Brought to you by Folgers – the best part of waking up.”

He turns to me and says, “See Mom? I told you. The best part is waking up – NOT going to bed!”

February 24th

The kids all got to go over to Nana’s house for the evening – all but Lucy, anyway.

Gene went and picked them up, and when they got home, Jace walked over to me and started crying. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me, “I wanted to watch Barnyard at Nana’s house.” Ash told me that they did watch Barnyard – it was the first thing they did. Jace starts crying even harder and says, “But I wanted to watch it forever!”

February 23rd

We dropped off Ashley at Mom’s office on our way up to Cleveland this evening. When we pulled up to her office, Ash hopped out and Gene got her stuff out of the back. All of a sudden, Jace starts screaming – “I’m stuck! I’m stuck! Get me out!” Panic mode set in, and I asked him what was stuck. He replied, “ME! I’m stuck in my seatbelt. Get me out so I can see Nana.”

Poor kid was so hurt that Sissy got to stay with Nana and he didn’t. Even promises of staying with her tomorrow didn’t help any. He just wanted out of that seatbelt!

February 22nd

After Zander woke up from his nap, (Yes! He actually took one today!), he must have been dreaming about the movie Barnyard or just had Barnyard on the brain. Here’s what he told me:

“Mom, Otis came to our door and told me that his daddy died. I told him that I will take care of him. Is that ok?”

To which I responded:
“But, honey, do you know how to take care of a cow?”

He thought for a minute and said,
“Yep. I feed him pizza and milk and get him a mitrophone (microphone) so he can sing songs. And we need a box for Wild Mike because he has to come, too. Can we build a barn in the front yard? I think he’d like it better than the back yard. Oh, and he needs somewhere to sleep. Can Jace sleep in your room so Otis can share mine? And Daisy and Baby Ben can sleep in your office. Maddie can share Lucy’s room with her. Is that ok? I need to tell him if it’s ok.”

Always thinking… this child has quite the imagination. And, man, he just never stops talking!

February 21st

The boys were playing on the couch. Zander had Spiderman, and Jace had Venom. Zander kept telling the bad guy to get away from him (Venom is the bad guy). Jace kept insiting over and over, “But I’m a nice bad guy. We need to be friends. I’m tired of fighting, because it hurts my hands!”

February 20th

After we took Lucy to the doctor this morning, we ran to the mall to pick out an Easter dress for Lucy & Ashley. Summit mall didn’t have the right size for Lucy, so we also had to run down to Belden.

As we were leaving Belden, we passed by the stroller rental desk. As we were walking by, Jace said, “Mom! We need a buboon.” (balloon)

February 19th

There was SO much I could write about today, but I’m just going to pick my absolute favorite conversation.

Tonight we moved Jace back into Zander’s room. We had separated them a few months ago because they wouldn’t go to sleep, they just wanted to talk. Well, we needed to move Lucy into her crib, so that meant we needed Jace out of the nursery.

A little while after we put the boys down for bed, I was in the nursery, getting things ready for Lucy. All of a sudden, I hear, “Jace. Are you sleeping? Jace? Can you hear me?” I walk into their room, Jace is sound asleep, and Zander is sitting straight up in his bed trying so hard to wake Jace up.

I really hope they can go back to sharing a room. I need my sanity back!

February 18th

Zander has a habit of running through the living room and diving onto the couch. He did that this morning, and when he did, he knocked a hat on the floor. He picked them up and said, “Sorry, Mom.” I looked at him with a stearn face and said, “Zander William, come here.” He looked at me, not sure what I was going to do, and came right over to me. I grabbed he cheeks in both of my hands, paused for a minute and then gave him a great big kiss. He got this huge smile on his face and said, “Whew. I thought I was in trouble!”

Part Two
Jace and I were playing this evening while everyone else was at church and Lucy was sleeping. He would hide, and I would be the “counter.” Every time he’d hide in the same exact spot and we’d just laugh as hard as we could when I found him. After doing this about 15 times, he wanted to be the counter. So, I ran and hid in the bathtub. He’s searching all over the place for me, and finally I hear him sit down in the hallway and say, “Mommy. Come out. You are no fun to play this with! I want to be the hider again.”

February 17th

Gene and I went out to a dinner party this evening. I happened to be wearing a sweater that had sparkly beads on the front of it. After we got home, Zander was sitting beside me on the couch. He asked me what was on my sweater, and I told him they were beads. He got all excited and said, “Like for birds?”

Seeds, beads – what’s the difference?! 🙂

February 16th

Jace was running through the house, when all of a sudden, he stopped, bent over, and grabbed his leg. “Mommy, mommy. I can’t walk. My leg is broke!” I went over to see what he had done, and pretended to make a huge deal out of his poor little leg. He gets this big old smile on his face and says, “Mommy. I’m ok. I’s just be-tenden’ to be hurt. If you wasn’t old, you’d know I’s just teasin’ you!”

They know I’m having issues with getting “old.” They’re just having a hey-day taking it out on me!

At least they’re cute!

February 15th

This afternoon, Zander absolutely would not go down for his nap. He spent 2 hours in his room, talking and singing to himself. I told him that since he wouldn’t obey, he wasn’t allowed to play his Spiderman game for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

When he got up, the first thing he asked was if he could play his game. I, of course, being the mean Mommy that I am, told him no. He went into the bathroom and told Gene on me. Apparently, Gene told him that maybe if he was a good boy and said he was sorry for not listening, Mommy would let him play his game. (Maybe being the key word.) Zander comes over to me and says, “Daddy said that if I say sorry to you, he’ll let me play my game.” Nice try! I said, “I’m sorry, but you didn’t obey me. You’re not allowed to play your game.”

All of a sudden, his eyes well up with tears, his bottom lip starts quivering, and he says, “Mommy, I’m really sorry. Can you please let me play my game?”

Nothing like tugging at the heart strings! So, I caved, and he was allowed to play his game…. all was right in his little world again after that………… until bedtime, when it was another fight all over again. SIGH.

February 14th

A few from today……

For Valentine’s Day, I got each of the kids a pack of stickers (well, all but Lucy). Ashley got butterflies, and the boys each got 3-D Spiderman stickers that came with 3-D glasses. Zander gets his open and says, “Mom! This is what I always wanted! How did you ever know?”

Jace was “flying” around the room at top speed. All of a sudden, he runs to Gene and yells, “I am Super JJ! You better catch me…. OR ELSE!”

I wish with all my heart that we had a video camera. I would like nothing more than to post the way Zander was acting tonight. He’s decided that it’s hysterical to snort when you’re laughing. I will admit, I’ve been known to snort when something really makes me laugh. We can’t figure out if he’s laughing this way because of how *I* laugh, or because of the pigs on Barnyard. Either way, he cracks himself up when he does it. Someday I’ll have that video camera, and someday I’ll be able to share it with you. For now, you’ll just have to trust me!

February 13th

Part One
Ashley and I were sitting on the couch this afternoon while the boys were napping, and we were watching All My Children. (Yes, I watch soap operas. Judge me later.)
Ashley turns to me and asks, “When someone dies on a soap opera, does that person really die?”
I looked at her to see if she was being serious or if she was just joking. Her face was as serious as could be. So, she kept going on with the question… “Because, really, why would you want to be on a soap opera if they’re just going to kill you!?” At this point, I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer. I explained that the person doesn’t die, the “character” does – and half the time, they’re not even really dead on soaps! She was still completely confused, and she asked, “But, Robin (from General Hospital) got shot, and she had blood everywhere. There’s no way they could fake that.” SIGH. It’s a good thing she was born a blond. It fits her well some days.

Part Two
After dinner, the boys were hyper, and Gene and Zander were playing in the kitchen. Zander would run up to Gene and say, “You’re funny!” So, Gene would say back to him, “No, YOU’RE funny!” This continued for a few minutes, and all of a sudden, Jace comes out of nowhere, runs up to Gene and says, “You’re funny lookin’!”

February 12th

Again tonight, Zander just didn’t want to go to bed. After he prayed, he immediately started crying. “Mom, I don’t want to go to bed.” So, I told him that he had to go to bed. I explained that our bodies need sleep and if we don’t get it, it can make us feel very sick. He didn’t seem to care much because he then said, “But, Mom. It’s no fun to go to bed. I won’t be sick if I just go to bed tomorrow. I want to stay up and have a party.”

Gosh, kid….. all *I* want is a full night’s sleep. Guess we don’t always get what we want, eh?!

February 11th

The church that we attend has oil painting of pastors throughout history hanging on the walls. As we were walking through the halls this morning, Zander points to one and says, “Mom! That one looks like Santa Claus!” We turned the corner, and he yells, “Hey! That one stole Santa’s beard!”

February 10th

Jace and I were sitting upstairs on the couch this morning, and Zander had been downstairs playing with Ashley. Z comes upstairs and starts yelling, “Robin, Robin!” (He was talking to Jace – it’s the Robin from Batman.) Here’s how their conversation went….

Zander: Robin! Do you want to go in the submarine? The joker is down there, and we need to stop him.
Jace: I’m not Robin, I’m Cat-baby.
Zander: No. You’re Robin. You have to be. You have to help me beat the Joker.
Jace: I am Cat-BABY!
Zander: But you have to be someone else. Can you be Robin and Cat-baby?
Jace: No. I is cat-baby, and I don’t like water. You go play in the submarine.
Zander: Ok. Bye!
Jace (after a long pause): Wait for me!!!

Part Two
I was coloring my hair today, and as I was letting it sit on my hair for awhile, Zander came up to me and said, “Mom. When you wear your hair like that, you look beautiful.” I know he said it because I got my hair cut today and it turned out terribly. Sweet little Zander was only trying to make me feel better. What a sweetheart.

February 9th

Zander: “Mom. Jace is Aladdin and I am Peter Pan – because they are brothers!”

Well, there’s some Disney Trivia I bet you didn’t know! 🙂