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March 31st

We were all in the car, on our way to Walmart, and Zander said, “Mom? Are you busy driving?” I replied Yes, and asked him why. He says, “No reason. I was just wonderin’!”

March 30th

Tonight as Jace was saying his bedtime prayer, he was repeating after me. All of a sudden, he stops me and says, “No, no, no!!!! You forgot to say the part about the missionaries telling people about Jesus! We have to say it!”

Not sure why he still wants to repeat a prayer from me, when he knows good and well what he wants to say anyway!

March 29th

Zander got in trouble today for kicking a ball in the house and knocking over a glass of tea. He was sent to his room to sit on his bed. All of a sudden, I hear Jace in the hallway saying, “Z-ner’s in trouble! Mommy’s going to spank your butt weally, weally, weally hard!” For the record, there was no spanking… it was an accident, and he served his time out. Apparently, Jace just thought he should get more of a punishment. Good thing he’s not in charge! 🙂

March 27th & 28th

March 27th
Zander had to make a bathroom run while we were at the mall. While walking through Macy’s, the boys were pointing out all of mannequins. “Hey! They don’t have heads!” “They have heads, but their faces are gone.” “Look! These ones don’t have eyes!” “Oh, Look, Mommy! There’s one that looks like you…. but I like her clothes better.” If only I were still the size of a mannequin!

March 28th
Tonight at church, Cubbie Bear visited Zander (and the rest of the kids) in Cubbies. Zander was so excited, and he told me afterwards, “Mom! Cubbie came to our class, and his head popped right off! Do you know what was inside? A PERSON! Did you know that? Cubbie swallowed a person, and it was too big, so his head popped right off!” Only my son would think of that!

March 26th

We had a busy day at the outlet malls today. On the way home, Zander asked me if he could take his shoes off. I told him no, and said that he needed to wait until we got home. He paused for a second and then asked, “And when we get home, can I take all my clothes off, too?”

Lord, help me with this boy….. I think I’m in for a world of trouble!

March 25th

Part One
Since the weather was SO beautiful, I took the kids to a park by Ashley’s school for quite awhile. After that, I took them for lunch. The kids wanted to go back to the park, but I asked them if we could go to the one by our house instead. I told Zander that it had a Pirate Ship you could play on. I asked him if he was going to go down the slide on the ship all by himself, or if he was going to be afraid of the ship. He looked at me and said, “Why? Are there real pirates on the ship?”

Part two
We were in the car, and the topic of conversation was birthdays. I refuse to celebrate mine this year. Someone asked Zander how old Mommy is, and he said, “25.” When asked how old Mommy would be turning on her birthday? “25!” I have trained this kid well! 🙂

March 23rd & 24th

March 23rd
I wish, with all my heart, that I had had a tape recorder going while Jace was saying his bedtime prayers. For some reason, he decided he needed to lower his voice about 12 octaves. It was all I could do not to laugh hysterically. I held my composure, but it was the funniest thing he’s done lately!

March 24th
We were walking through the mall today, and Zander grabbed Beck by the hand and told her to “Come on!” When she asked him where he was taking her, he replied: “To the Disney Store, so I can show you all the things Santa is going to bring me for my birthday!”

March 22nd

I was making the boys pick up their room tonight, and after awhile, I told them it was time for bed. Zander immediately burst into tears and cried, “But Dad was happy! If Dad is happy, we don’t have to go to bed!”

My response? “Well, Mom’s tired, and cranky, so you have to go to bed.”

I must have worked them too hard today – they were OUT just seconds after their heads hit their pillows. That never happens!

March 21st

I had to keep Zander home from church again tonight because he’s *still* dealing with some kind of virus. To make things easier on hubby, I kept Z, JJ, & Lulu all home with me. Because it was absolutely gorgeous outside this evening, I opened the front door to let some fresh air in. The boys just loved having the front door open and were standing at the door, telling me everything that went by.

Here’s what Jace had to say: “Wow! That was a big truck! Man! That car was going fast! Look! There’s a boy on a bike!…. HEY! That boy looked at me!”

I can only imagine what that boy on his bike was thinking when he drove past our house! LOL!

March 20th

Jace this morning: “Mom! Mom! I need to watch the I-up-down show! Mom! Is it time for the I-up-down show yet? It’s my favorite!”

For those who don’t know “The Upside Down Show” is a fairly new show on Noggin. Stupidest show I’ve ever seen, but the boys just love it!

Part Two
Jace was trying to reach his Spiderman toy that had fallen under their little table. As he crawled out from under the table, he hit his head. He starts rubbing his head, and comes over to me, “Mommy. I hit my back-head.”

Part Three
The boys were playing in the living room and the new Subway commercial came on. The woman on the screen ordered a “Badonk-a-donk butt.” Zander asked Jace who wanted a “Ba-donkey butt” and Jace replied, “I do. I want to eat it.”

Some days these boys just don’t stop!

March 19th

We took Lucy to the doctor for her six-month check up this afternoon. Gene went with me and kept the boys in the waiting room while I took Lucy back into the exam room. After her visit was over, we put the boys’ coats on to leave. Zander started freaking out and said, “But we can’t go! I’m sick! The doctor has to look at me!” Now before you start thinking things that aren’t true – he didn’t really want the doctor to look at him. He just knows that when the doctor’s visit is over, you get a sticker…. that’s what he wanted!

March 18th

Zander ended up with the flu that Jace had earlier in the week, so he had to stay home from church today. Gene stayed home with him this morning, and Lucy and I stayed home this evening. We were sitting on the couch watching “Jimmy Neutron” and in the episode, Jimmy’s Evil clone made an evil clone of the planet earth. When they showed a shot of the earth from space, Zander got all excited and shouted, “Mom! Mom! That’s the world! That’s where the miss-yun-air-ies go to tell people about Jesus. They can’t go in the blue parts, though, because that’s water. But, they go to all the other colors because it’s their job!”

He’s got it all figured out. He has become absolutely obsessed with Missionaries since the missions conference. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t pray for them and talk about them. It’s really very sweet.

Ok – so, not so funny today, but I thought it was sweet that that is what he was thinking of while watching something as stupid as Jimmy Neutron!

March 16th & 17th

March 16th
Jace and Zander were playing with their Peter (from Narnia) toy and a little Polly Pocket Kitty that belongs to Ashley. Zander kept calling the kitten “As” and I asked him why. He responded, “Because it’s just a baby Aslan. When he grows up, then he’ll get his full name.”

March 17th
The boys were snacking on some Keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe cookies while we were watching the movie Open Season. I asked Jace what he was eating, and he smiled real big and said, “Yem-en-em-in-yems!”

March 15th

Gene helped Jace say his bedtime prayer tonight…..

Gene: “Dear Jesus, thank You for today.”
Jace: “Dear Jesus. Thank You. For today.”
Gene: “Give us a good night’s sleep.”
Jace: “Give us a good night’s sleep. Keep us safe.”
Gene: “Help the missionaries as they tell people about You.”
Jace: “Help the missionaries as they tell about me.”

March 13th & 14th

March 13th
Gene called me on his way to the Mission’s Conference at church and handed the phone to Zander. “Mom! The guy I just saw had a diaper over his mouth. Can you believe that?” After Gene got the phone back, he told me that Zander had seen a billboard on the side of the road. On the sign, the guy had a gag in his mouth. Apparently, the gag looked more like a diaper!

March 14th
Tonight as we were driving home from the Mission’s Conference at church, Zander and Jace were both a little loopy. Anyway, Jace said, “When I get home, I’m going to get my clothes off and run in my diaper. Then, everyone will see me naked.” Everyone in the car started cracking up, so he continues by smacking his forehead and adding, “I am funny lookin’!”

March 12th

We were supposed to go to the Mission’s Conference at church tonight. However, Jace ended up coming down with some sort of flu. Very nasty. Anyway, I couldn’t decide if I should send Lucy with Gene & the rest of the crew or keep her home with Jace and I. I left the decision up to Jace. He said, “She wants to go to church!” So, I walked over to her swing, picked her up and asked her if she wanted to go to church. She laughed and cooed, and smiled a great big smile! Jace then said, “See! She said she wants to go. Now get her dressed and give her to Daddy.”

Methinks he wanted some Mommy and me time tonight! Poor thing!

March 11th

While riding to church this morning, we were listening to “Veggie Tales Sunday School Song Sing-A-Long.” This is Zander & Jace’s absolute favorite CD. Mr. Lunt (a gourd) comes out and sings a song. At the very end of the song, he says, “I ranned out of steam.” The boys must have been a little giddy from the time change this morning, because for some reason, they could not stop laughing over that little phrase. Jace kept repeating it over and over, and each time, Zander would just laugh harder. It made us all laugh the entire way to church!

March 9th & 10th

March 9th
Zander was getting ready to go up on stage at a beautiful baby contest. I asked him what he was going to do to get the people in the audience to smile. He gives me this great big grin and says, “I’m going to show them my beautiful eyes and then act like a monkey.” He didn’t act like a monkey, but he did bat his little eyes as fast as he could!

March 10th
Jace and I went out this afternoon to drop off some clothes at a local thrift store. While we were waiting on them to go through the clothes, he and I walked down to a craft store nearby. In there, we found lots of animals. When we got home, we were telling Zander about all the animals. He wanted to know about the snakes that we saw, so I told him that we saw a rattle snake and a King Cobra. He turns to Gene and says, “Daddy, what’s a Bing Bogo?”

March 7th & 8th

Sorry – it’s been a crazy couple of days around here.

March 7th
Jace walked over to me, and as sweet as could be, grabs my face in his hands and says, “Mommy. I need to tell you somethin’. I need you to put Lucy down and pay attention to ME. I’m tired of waiting for you.”

March 8th
This morning I asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast. I gave them quite a few choices: a banana, cereal, pop tarts…. Zander said, “Nope. I need an ice cream sandwich!”

March 6th

As we sat down for lunch this afternoon, Zander stood up and said, “Mom. My butt is stupid. It always needs to poop when I am doing something important.”

Isn’t that the way it always goes? 😉

Sorry if this was offensive…. I thought it was hysterical!