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April 30th

Tonight after dinner, I was lying on the couch watching tv, and Jace was lying on top of me. (The boys both have this thing about lying on top of me whenever I lie down on the couch.) Jace wraps his arms around my neck and says, “Mommy, you’re my friend. You’re my bestest friend ever.”

And that makes every day worth living.

April 29th

This afternoon, after we got home from church, I let the boys play with the “Children’s Fun Basket” that we won at our church’s silent auction. Included in this basket was a pack of washable markers. Zander loves markers and does really well with them. Jace, on the other hand, ends up with marker everywhere. He got it all over his shirt, so we had to change him before going back to church this evening. I found a really cute Hawaiian shirt in his closet and asked him if he wanted to wear it. He got excited and said yes. As I put it on him, I asked him if he wanted to go to Hawaii, because I would love to go back to Hawaii. He grabbed my face in his hands, looked me square in the eyes and said, “We can NOT go to Hawaii. We have to go to church.”

At least his priorities are right! Even if Hawaii does sound really nice right now……

April 28th

As we were driving home from the church tonight, Zander was playing with the toy that came with his happy meal. It was this horribly annoying guitar that when you pressed a button, it played part of a song. He yells, “Mom!” So I turned down the radio and asked him what he needed. “You need to turn the radio down, because I need to sing a song!” I turned the radio down and he continued to press the button on the guitar. I told him that he wasn’t singing and I was going to turn the radio back on. He replied, “But, Mom, I’m just warming up!”

April 27th

I had to take the kids with me to the grocery store today. One of the perks of having a husband who works all the time and no one to help with the kids. Anyway, as we were leaving the grocery store, the car beside us had two little dogs inside. Here’s my conversation with Jace as we got in the car:

Jace: “Mom! Look at the doggies! Aren’t they cute?”
Me: “Yes, honey. They’re adorable.”
Jace: “We need to open the door so that I can get the white doggy.”
Me: “Honey, we can’t open the door and take the doggy. It belongs to someone.”
Jace: “Mom! I need that white doggy!”
Me: “Jace, you may not have that doggy.”
Jace: “I’m not leaving until you open that door and give me that white doggy. I need him to come home with us.”

Now, before you say anything, we did leave – and we left without the white doggy in tow. But, boy, did I hear about it the whole way home.

April 26th

Zander found a Spiderman wallet that he had gotten for his birthday last year. He brought it out to me and said, “Mom! I have a wallet. Now I need you to put some money in here.” I had a dollar in my wallet, so I put it in his. He got a big smile on his face and he said, “Good. Now I have money, and we can go to Toys Or Us. You won’t have to give them your money anymore, cuz I can pay for the Spiderman costume that I need.”

April 25th

Jace ended up getting bit by the flu bug. He got sick right before it was time to leave for church, so I stayed home with him and kept Lucy with us as well. Gene took Zander, Ashley, and his mom to church. When they got home, Lucy was in bed, and Jace and I were snuggling on the couch. After about an hour of me taking care of Jace while he was sick, Zander turned to me and said, “Mom, I wish I was sick. Then I would get to snuggle with you all the time.”

So sweet. I made sure Z got plenty of snuggle time the next day to make up for it!

April 24th

This afternoon, I took the boys and Lucy to the park. While they were playing, I was sitting nearby at a picnic table, feeding Lucy a bottle. Zander started down the slide head first and all of a sudden, he stopped mid-slide and started to freak out. “Mom! There’s a bug! You need to kill it!” Well, Lucy was almost a sleep, and still eating, so I couldn’t exactly hop up and take care of this bug. I told him that he would be fine, and he just needed to keep going down the slide. He refused. Stayed exactly where he was, about on the verge of tears. Another little girl was at the park and she came bouncing over, “I’ll kill the bug for you!” She walks to the slide, smashes the bug with the palm of her hand, and she bounced away.

Only my little boy would need a *girl* to rescue him from a bug! In a few years, I’m guessing Lucy will have to take over the bug-killing position!

April 23rd

As I was putting the boys down for bed, Zander stopped me and said, “Mom. That stool does NOT bebong in here! You need to take it out.”

Silly me had left a footstool in their earlier in the day. Obviously, it was too distracting!

April 22nd

Tonight for bed, Jace put on his Buzz pajamas. He also put on a big cowboy hat that he had gotten for his birthday last year. He came bounding out of his room exclaiming, “Look, Mom! I’m a Woody-Buzz!”

April 21st

We went out to dinner tonight at an authentic Mexican restaurant. While we were there, a Mariachi band came to our table and sang us a song. Lucy was enthralled with them, never taking her eyes off of them, and just bouncing and smiling the entire time. Jace played shy and buried his head in my shoulder, while peeking out at them every so often. After the band was done singing, Zander turned to me and said, “Mom! Did you see that guy shaking his macha-chas?!”

April 20th

We were driving home from *lots* of running around today, and Zander starts whining. I asked him what his problem was and he told me, “Mom, you need to spank Jace’s butt. Do you know why?” “Why,” I asked. Zander replied, “Because he won’t call me pretty.”

I wanted to die – right then and there. The rest of the way home, Zander kept insisting that Jace call him pretty. All I could think of was the song, “I Feel Pretty.”

He keeps me laughing, that’s for darn sure!

April 19th

Part One
Whenever we have one toy and both boys want to play with it, I will give them each a time limit. Since Zander is working on recognizing his numbers, it helps to show him the clock and say, “Jace gets the toy when the clock says ‘2-4-5’.”

This morning, both of the boys wanted to play with Ace the Bat-hound. I heard Zander say, “Jace. You can have Ace when the clock says 9-0-8-8-2-2-0.”

Part Two
Tonight, Jace was playing with a small, homemade snowglobe that Zander had made in Cubbies one night. He dropped it on the floor and my MIL picked it up and set it back on the end table. Jace laughed and told her “you put it right-side-i-up-down!”

April 18th

Tonight at dinner, Jace saw an ant on the floor. He decided he wanted to kill it, so I told him to use a napkin. He said, “I will use my napkin” and proceeded to kill the ant. I told him to throw the napkin away, so he handed it to Ashley and she put it in the garbage can. After I helped him wash his hands, he sat back down at the table and said, “But now I need my napkin!” as if his napkin was the only napkin to be found, and we had just thrown it away. He was quite relieved to see there were still plenty of napkins on the table just for him!

April 17th

We were watching tv this evening and a commercial for the Spiderman movie came on. They showed a small clip where Spiderman put Mary Jane down after saving her and said, “Beats taking the subway!”

Zander turns to me, laughing, and says, “Mom. Did you hear what he told Mary Jane? He told her she needed to go to Subway!”

April 16th

Part One:
Today Gene went and got Zander and Lucy new beds. Zander was so excited about his, and he kept telling Gene, “Dad, do you know what kind of bed I’m getting? A cherry bed! Isn’t that neat?!” I told him the bed was made out of cherry wood, and he just assumed it was a cherry bed! 🙂

Part Two:
I was driving the kids to their great grandma’s house for the evening and a Chase Bank commercial came on. Zander excitedly yelled, “Mom! They said Jace!” I tried to explain that they said Chase and not Jace, but the boys would hear nothing of it. The rest of the time the commercial was on I heard, “They said Jace again! And they said Jace again! And again!”

April 15th

After church, while we were eating lunch, I asked Zander how Sunday School was. I asked him if Isabella, his girlfriend, was there. He replied, “Yep! And my very mean boyfriend, Matthew, was there, too.”

Even Gene snorted on that one! 😉

April 14th

My boys have this thing about wearing as little clothes as they possibly can. (They’re only like this at home, though – no worries! If we’re out of the house, all clothes stay on!)

Anyway, tonight, Jace comes running out of his room wearing only his diaper. He loudly announces to everyone, “I am a naked Spiderman!”

He was so proud…

April 13th

I was taking the kids over to my Aunt’s house today so that we could visit with my cousin. On the way there, Zander told me that he had to go potty. I told him we would be there in just a few minutes. I then told him to sing a song, and turned up the Veggie Tales CD (hoping that he would distract himself long enough to make it there).

After a few seconds he said, “Mom? Do you know what song I need to sing?” I asked him which one, and he replied, “The ‘I Need to Poop’ Song. Do you know why?” I giggled and said, “No, why?” He said, “Because I need to poop! Do you know how it goes?” Again, I told him no, and he proceeded to sing “I need to poop” over and over to the tune of “1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians.”

April 12th

About 20 minutes after Zander woke up from his nap, he came into the kitchen and said, “Mom, I want what I want to eat, and I want it right now.”

Ha….. nice try, kiddo. I’m still the boss! 😉

April 11th

Zander and I were working on his Bible verses for Cubbies tonight. One of the verses was, “I am with you alway.” Zander repeated it about 25 times, and did great. About 5 minutes later, I asked him to say all of his verses for me. He started with the one I mentioned above, only he said this:

“I am with you ……………………..………………….. sometimes.”

I’m pretty sure he said it right for his leader – at least I hope so anyway!