Archives for July 2007

July 31st

This afternoon, Zander was playing with his Peter Pan figurine set that he had gotten for his birthday. Jace came over and noticed that the Wendy doll was just sitting there, since Zander was making Peter Pan and Captain Hook fight. Jace asked Zander very politely, “Can I play with Wendy?” To which Zander replied, “No, because she’s a girl, and if you play with her, it means you’re a girl.” Jace said back to him, “No it doesn’t, I just like Wendy.” As Jace started to make the Wendy doll walk around the room, Zander turned to me and said, “Mooooom! Jace is a girl! You’d better make a hairbow for him!”

Aren’t they too young to be saying things like this?

July 30th

While I was in the kitchen cleaning up, Zander decided to go into the living room and turn on the tv. Apparently, it had been left on the TVLand station, and “I Love Lucy” was on. A few minutes later, I hear Zander say, “You stupid tv! What is your problem?!” I peeked out and he was pushing buttons on the remote (for the vcr – not the tv) and was just as mad as spit-fire over something. I asked him what was wrong, and he replied, “Mom! There’s something wrong with this stupid tv! There’s no color!”

July 29th

Zander is such a sweet boy. This afternoon, while driving to church, Zander asked me if I could read him and Jace a bedtime story once it was time for bed. (They got a new book – THANK YOU, AARON & KIMBERLY! – that they have been dying to read!) I told him that I would be happy to read them a story before bed. He got so excited, and he said, “Mom, I love you. Forever and ever.”

Later on in the evening, Jace got upset with me and told me that he didn’t love me. After we got home, we were sitting down at the dinner table, and Jace got out of his chair, came over to me, hugged me as tight as he could and said, “I love you, Mommy. I was just pretendin’ that I didn’t love you.”

I hope my boys stay this sweet forever.

July 28th

This afternoon, Jace and I were talking about how well he’s been doing with the potty training. I told him, “You are SUCH a big boy!!” He smiled and said, “And you are SUCH a big Mommy!”

Man, I hope he didn’t mean that the way it sounded!

July 27th

This afternoon, the kids and I ran some errands. We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell. We were sitting in a booth, and Jace was standing on the bench drinking out of his straw so that he wouldn’t have to tip his cup. He swallowed wrong and started to choke. When he had finished coughing, he put his hand on his chest and said, “Whoa. That started to go down my feelin’s all crazy!”

Also while at Taco Bell, I was feeding Lucy a bean burrito. Zander (who wouldn’t let a bean come within 100 feet of himself) asked if he could have a bite. Shocked, I said, “Sure!” and let him take one. Sure enough, he LOVED it. After he swallowed the bite, he said, “Mom. I love that! Do you know how bestest that is? It is THIS best!” (Picture his arms open as wide as can be.)

Silly boys. The never fail to make me smile, and I am always excited to hear what they come up with next!

July 26th

I had been sitting on the couch beside Zander this morning, and I had to get up to use the rest room. As I did, I asked Ashley to hold Lucy for me. Zander asked, “Mom, can I hold Lucy while you’re in the potty?” I told him that he was still just a little too young to hold her while I’m out of the room.

He got the saddest look on his face and said, “But, Mom, I’m a four year old now. You know that four year olds can do anything!”

July 25th

This morning, I took the boys and Lucy up to the park. (Ashley was spending the day with Paw-Paw.)

While we were driving up there, Jace was looking at an Oriental Trading Company magazine that I had gotten in the mail. Before I continue, you should know that Zander is ALWAYS looking through this magazine. Well, as Jace is flipping through it, he says, “This magazine is MINE.”

All of a sudden, Zander fires back: “I don’t know why you think everything is yours!”

Says the kid who actually thinks everything on earth is HIS.

July 24th

Today Jace had to go back to the pediatric orthopedist to get more x-rays and see how his elbow is healing. (It’s still not healed yet – one more week in the cast, and he should be good to go.)

Beside the drinking fountain in the waiting room, there’s a small skeleton. It’s about the same size as Jace, but it looks like they took an adult skeleton and squished it. But, with it being right at Jace’s level, he took quite and interest in it. He’d run over to it, and run back and tell me something new about the skeleton. Here are a few of the comments he had:

“That poor guy is all white.”

“He has no hair at all!”

“His eyes are all white, too.”

And, my favorite: “He has a hole in his belly. If he drinks out of the drinking fountain, it’s going to look like he peed on the floor!”

July 23rd

Jace was having a blast playing with Zander’s “Lightning McQueen” car this morning. As he was rolling it all over the floor, he kept saying, “I am Litenin’ da keen, and I’m comin’ to the rescue!”

SO cute….. I just love his little accent! I’m sure it’ll be even better once we’re in Georgia! 🙂

July 22nd

This afternoon after church, we drove Ashley over to Paw-Paw’s house. On the way there, we took the back roads. On one of the roads, you go around several curves and you’re completely surrounded by trees.

As we’re driving through, Zander says, “Mom! We’re in a forest! Are there wild animals in here?”

Before I could even answer, Jace piped in with, “Yep! There are monkeys in here – OooOooOoo-EE!”

He didn’t know how right he was! 😉

July 21st

I was busy with laundry and cleaning today, so that meant lots of running up and downstairs to and from the basement. Every time I would go downstairs, Jace would have to come with me.

As we were walking down the stairs, if I happened to be in front of him, he would stop, and declare quite loudly, “I want to be in the fwont.” I’d stop, let him pass, and then he’d continue on his way.

After doing this about 15 times, when he reached the bottom of the stairs, he waited for me, grabbed my hand and said, “Mom, you are wearin’ me out. We need to take a break and eat popsicles.”

July 20th

This morning, the kids & I had to run to JoAnn Fabrics to get a few items that I needed. While we were walking through the store, Jace was having a blast pointing out all the cool pictures on the fabrics, and other things he was finding around the store.

One of the items on my list was a pin cushion. When we got to the aisle they were in, Jace ran over to them (there weren’t many, but the apparently caught his eye), and he shouted, “Mom! Look! This store grows purple potatoes!”

The pin cushion was purple, it was just tomato shaped – not potato.

July 19th

This afternoon as we were driving home from running some errands, it started raining. Zander asked me, “Mom, are we only allowed to play outside in the rain at Grandma Ida’s house?” I then asked him, “Who let you play outside at Grandma Ida’s?” He thought for a second and then said, “God or Jesus or Grandma Ida… it was one of them!”

A few minutes later, as we got closer to home, I could see that the rain was letting up. The boys and I started singing, “Rain, Rain, Go Away.” After we sang it the second time, Zander said, “Mom! I think they’re listening to us! Sing louder!!” By the time we were finished singing it the third time, the rain had stopped completely. Zander got the biggest grin on his face and proudly proclaimed, “I just knew they were listening to me!”

July 18th

This evening, we were sitting together watching American Gladiators as we do most evenings. Aside from Powerball, one of Jace’s favorite events is the final one, “The Eliminator.” As they were announcing the event, Jace got all excited and started jumping up and down shouting, “The Lemonader is coming! The Lemonader is coming!!”

July 17th

Today, Zander had his 4 year check-up. During the exam, the doctor drew a circle and a plus sign on the paper on the table. He told Zander, “This is a circle, and this is a plus sign.” Zander told him, “I know, silly. My mommy taught me that!”

Tonight, as I was putting the boys to bed, we said our prayers, and I tucked each one into bed. I hugged and kissed Jace, and went over to Zander’s bed. As I leaned over, he said, “Mom, tonight I need 3 hugs and kisses. I have three shots on my leg, and the only thing that will make them better are 3 hugs and kisses from you.”

Isn’t he a sweetheart?

July 16th

The boys were crazier than normal today. Maybe it was because they knew I had a migraine the size of Texas all day, or maybe it was just them being them. I’m not sure.

I tried to have dinner ready before Gene had to leave for work tonight. (I hate this shift.) Of course, it didn’t work out, so I told him there were leftovers in the fridge that he could warm up. After he left, ours was ready, so I served it to the boys and my MIL. As I placed Zander’s plate in front of him, he crinkled up his nose and said, “This is not what I wanted. I really wanted leftabergers like Daddy.”

July 15th

This evening after church, the boys, Lucy, and I had to drive Ashley down to camp. We got there, got her registered, walked her to her cabin, met her counselor, and walked her over to the field where kids were starting to arrive to play games. After a few minutes, we said our goodbyes, and we headed back to the van. The boys kept asking where Ashley was. I told them that we were leaving her. We often joke about leaving someone somewhere, so I’m guessing that they boys thought this was no different than any other joke. Well, we got in the car, and started to drive off. Zander says, “Mom. We are just pretending to leave Ashley. We want to scare her.” I tried to explain to him, “No, honey, we’re really leaving her. She gets to spend this week at camp with her friends from church.”

About 10 minutes later, Jace says, “Ok, Mom. Enough pretending. It’s time to go back to get Ashley now.”

When I wouldn’t do it, he was heartbroken. He couldn’t understand why Ashley would want to stay at a camp and not come home with him.

Zander turns to him and says, “Well, when I’m 25, I’m driving myself to camp to get away from you, too.”

(Zander thinks when you’re 25, you can do anything. After all, Mommy’s been 25 for 4 years now!)

July 14th

Gene & Ashley were watching tv while I was at the store. Apparently, a commercial for the sleep number bed came on. As they are “interviewing” real-life customers, they display that person’s sleep number beside them. All of a sudden, Ash says, “Wow! He’s 65? He sure doesn’t look that old!”

Oy vey. Lord, help this child! Please!

July 13th

Here’s how Zander ended his bedtime prayer this evening:

“… and please help Lucy to forget about putting her paci in my mouth. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

July 12th

This evening, we were sitting around talking, and Jace wasn’t in his usual spot, which is right next to me on the couch. I get up to find him, and there he is, sitting in Lucy’s swing, rocking it as hard as he can. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied, “Just swingin’. My legs needed to move.”