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August 31st

Jace wanted to say tonight’s bedtime prayer, but Zander had to keep butting in to help him.

Here’s how the combination prayer went:

Jace: “Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Help us to sleep good, and help the missionaries learn more about you…(pause)”
Zander: “And help Mom not to strangle us.”
Jace: “And help Mom not to strangle us. And help us to obey all of the time so we don’t have to sit on our beds anymore.”
Zander: “And help Mom to be nice.”
Jace: “Hey! She is nice!”
Back to the prayer… Jace: “And help Zander to just behave. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”

August 30th

Tonight we put the boys to bed around 8pm like we always do. And, as usual, an hour later, they still weren’t even close to being asleep.

At 9pm, Gene and I always watch “Who Wants to be a SuperHero?” Well, about 20 minutes into it, I hear this loud sobbing coming from the hallway. I look back to see Zander standing there, just bawling his little eyes out.

I went over to him, asked him what was wrong, and he said, “Do you know why I am sad? I cannot believe that you are not letting me watch this. You know I love this show.”

Poor kid.

August 29th

This afternoon, we had to take MIL to the doctor. At the doctor’s office they have this huge playroom that’s perfect for the kids. While she was meeting with the doctor, the kids and I were playing in the playroom.

Jace found a baby doll, and went over to the kids’ sized rocking chair in the room. He proceeded to rock his baby, feed her a bottle, and was just so gentle with her. All of a sudden, he gasps, and says, “My baby just said her first word!!!” I asked him what her first word was, and he said, “It was JJ!!” He then told me that the baby’s name was Lucy, and she loved to be rocked. So sweet.

Part Two
On our way home from church this evening, Zander somehow got us on the topic of heaven. He kept talking about it, asking questions, wanting to know where it was… etc. The boys had received balloons tonight at church, and Jace was hitting Ashley with his, and just being a pain. I told him that I was going to “let his balloon go to heaven if he didn’t quit” and Zander replied, “But Mom, balloons can’t go to Georgia!”

He’s so right…. Georgia really is a little piece of heaven! 🙂

August 28th

While on our way home from PawPaw’s house this evening, Jace fell asleep. It put him in THE grumpiest mood ever. He was so grouchy all night, that he drove all of us crazy. So crazy, that here’s what Zander prayed this evening:

“Dear Jesus. Thank you for today. Thank you for the super fun time we had at PawPaws house and for all the ice cream and candy he let us eat. Please help Jace’s attitude to go away so that he can be nice again, and help the missionaries to tell people about you and keep them safe. Thank you for bringing Daddy home safely from Uncle Chris’ house. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

August 27th

I called the boys around 9 o’clock tonight to check on them and see what they were up to. Jace had absolutely no desire to talk to me. Not sure if he was tired or what, but he just screamed when FIL tried to hand him the phone. Zander, however, was Mr. Chatterbox. I asked him how his day was, what they did, and what he was doing right now. He got all excited and said, “Mom, I’m eating ice cream. And PawPaw lets me stay up late and do whatever I want! Can you even believe it?!”

I have a feeling they are NOT going to like coming home tomorrow.

August 26th

The boys are spending some time with Paw-Paw. I asked them to promise to call me before they went to bed, and they both agreed. I got on the phone with Zander, and in the background, I could hear Jace in the background telling Paw-Paw that he wanted his sleeping bag turned into a chair. (They have the ready-beds that have air mattresses inside them.) After talking for a few seconds, Zander says, “Mom, Jace wants his sleeping bag turned into a chair, but I just want mine a bed. I’m really tired.”

Paw-Paw must have worn him out today! 🙂

August 24th

Tonight as I was tucking the boys into bed, Jace had a stuffed Superman in bed with him, and Zander had a stuffed dog. Jace started crying, and I asked him what was wrong. His response was, “Superman is making me sick!”

Apparently, he wanted the dog that Zander had. Luckily, Zander was more than happy to trade.

August 23rd

For some reason, today, Zander has been obsessed with his muscles. He kept asking me to refill his glass of milk because “When I look in the tv (at his reflection), I can’t see any muscles!”

So, as he was praying before bed tonight, it was no wonder that he prayed,

“Dear Jesus,
Thank you for today. Thank you that it stopped raining. Please help Daddy’s head to feel better. And, please let me get big muscles. Keep the missionaries safe as they tell people about you.
In Jesus’ name I pray,

August 22nd

Gene took Jace back to the Pediatric Orthopedist today to do a final check of his arm. Jace really wanted Zander to come with them, because he wanted to show Zander the skeleton that stands by the drinking fountain.

While they were driving on the highway, they got off at the exit where the hospital is. Zander says to Gene, “Hey, Dad! That’s the store where we got Lucy out of Mommy’s belly!”

August 21st

We were sitting on the couch this evening, watching American Gladiators. At one point, Gene leaned over and kissed me (not a mushy kiss, just a kiss), and Jace was sitting right beside me. All of a sudden, I hear him go, “Ewwwww.” I look over and Jace has his nose all scrunched up. He then said, “Mom, you are not supposed to let Dad kiss you while I’m sitting right here!”

First time ever that one of my kids has “ewwwed” us. I have a feeling with this little guy, it won’t be the last time!

August 20th

Tonight’s entry is a sweet one…. not a very funny one.

The boys didn’t want to obey at all today. I was completely stressed out because our basement flooded, and I’ve got a bazillion other things going wrong right now.

As I was tucking Zander and Jace into bed, I told them both how sad it makes me when they won’t listen. About half-way through my “talk,” Zander sat up and kissed my cheek. After I finished talking, I kissed Jace and tucked him in, and then I bent over and kissed Zander to tuck him in. As I bent down to kiss him, he asked, “Mom, do you know why I kissed your cheek?” I asked him why, and he responded, “So you will never be sad again.” What a sweet boy I have.

August 19th

This afternoon, we were discussing the fact that JJ’s birthday is in 2 weeks. He got all excited, and he said, “That means you can sing me the monkey birthday song!!” (Because, of course, he is my little monkey!)

Zander took that as an open invitation to start singing the monkey song, only he had to change it up a bit so that it wasn’t exactly like his…. Here’s how he changed it:

“Happy Birthday to you!
You live in a zoo!
You look like a monkey,
and you poop like one, too.”

Oy. I fear the road I have ahead of me with these two…..

August 18th

Gene was cooking dinner (yes, I’m a lucky woman…), and Ashley was getting the drinks ready and the table set. She grabbed a cup out of the cupboard and started rinsing it out. Here’s the conversation I then overheard between Ashley & Gene:

Gene: Whose cup is that?
Ash: I got it out of the cupboard.
Gene: Is it your cup?
Ash: No. I got it out of the cupboard.
Gene: But whose cup is it?
Ash: No one’s. I got it from the cupboard.
Gene: Ash, whose drink is going to go into that cup?
Ash: Mine.

Oh, man….. School starts in 4 days. She better get her brain functioning again by then.

August 17th

This evening, the boys were goofing around, and Zander split one of his toenails and it started bleeding. He and I were sitting on the kitchen floor cleaning his toe and bandaging him up. Jace stood over Zander, rubbed his arm, and said, “Oh, Zander, I am just so sorry. I am so sorry that you are hurting so bad. I’m so sorry.” He wasn’t apologizing for hurting Zander (he didn’t hurt him – Zander hit it on the coffee table), but he was genuinely sorry that Zander was hurt. It was, by far, the sweetest display of affection that I have seen between these two.

And, on the funny note for the day: The boys have been just terrible about going down for naps or bed. I told them this afternoon that if they didn’t obey and go to sleep, I was going to give them each three spankings. Zander pipes up with, “But I don’t want 3! I want 14 because that’s how high I can count!” SIGH…..

August 16th

This morning, Jace was in quite the mood. He wanted to play and wrestle, but Gene had just gone to bed, and I didn’t want them to wake him up.

Here’s our conversation:
Jace: “Mom, I want Ashley to beat me up!”
Me: “Honey, Daddy is sleeping, we need to be quiet for a little while.”
Jace: “No! I want her to beat me up quietly!”

Later this afternoon, I was helping Jace in the bathroom. As he hopped off the potty, I told him, “JJ! You are MY super boy! Do you know that?!” He smiled and said, “No, mom, I am not super nothin’, but YOU are my SuperMom!”

August 15th

The boys were not being well behave this evening, so they got the “talk” before bed. I warned them that if I had to come in their room, I would spank them. After half an hour, and no sign of them wanting to obey, I went in. As I was talking to Zander, I asked him, “Zander, why are you having such a hard time listening today? You and Jace both have not obeyed all day, and it hurts Mommy. What did I tell you that I was going to have to do if you didn’t obey at bed time?” He put out his bottom lip and said, “You would spank my hard really butt.” It took him a second to catch what he had said…..

We all giggled over that one, and no spankin’s were given. Zander immediately went to sleep….. but I can still hear Jace through the monitor! SIGH.

August 14th

This morning, we spent some time with a friend of mine and her kids. By the time we had to leave, the boys absolutely did not want to go. I promised both boys that we would come back and spend more time with them before we move to Georgia. Well, as soon as we pulled into the driveway at home, Jace says, “Mom! We’re home now. It’s time to go back to Luke’s house and play some more! Let’s go!”

August 13th

As I was tucking the boys in for their nap, Zander asked me, “Mom? Can I just pretend?” I leaned over and whispered in his ear that once Jace was asleep, he could get up. After about 20 minutes, Zander comes bouncing out of their room. He jumped up on the couch beside me and said, “Man. I didn’t think he was ever going to fall asleep! I thought I was going to have to pretend forever!”

August 12th

This morning at church, Zander’s class received a big school supply box filled with lots of goodies – paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue stick…. you know, things every kid needs before starting preschool or kindergarten. As we’re on the way home, he says to me, “Mom, I love my school box. It’s green, and it’s filled with all of the things I need for school!” After another minute passed, he then asked, “Mom? Am I 5 now? Because I really need to be 5 and I need to get to school so that I can use my school box.”

He was just so excited over the silly thing. Imagine his excitement when we got home and I taught him how (and when!!) to use the scissors and let him draw on some of the paper he’d gotten. He told me, “I need you to be my teacher at school, because you’re the best teacher there is!”

Makes my heart melt every day. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful kids!


Also, this evening, on the way home from church, Jace got angry at Zander, and shouted, “I don’t love you!” I immediately piped up and said, “Jace! You don’t ever tell someone you don’t love them – especially your brother. That is not nice, and I absolutely do not want to hear it again.” Jace put on the poochie lip, and after a few minutes asked, “Mom? Do I have to love everybody?” I said, “Yes, honey. The Bible says we are supposed to love everyone. Even when they make us angry or drive us crazy.” Zander then butted in and told Jace, “That’s why Mommy loves us so much — cuz we drive her really crazy.”

August 11th

We were driving to go pick Gene up at the airport, and all of a sudden, Jace yelled, “MOM!” Trying not to slam on my brakes and panic, I asked him what was wrong.

His response was, “You forgot to spike my hair!”