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September 20th

This morning, while the kids were at Grandma & Joe’s, Gene and I went to pick up the moving truck. Later on, I went to pick up the kids and bring them home. A few minutes after we got home, Gene arrived with the big yellow truck after picking some things up at the old house.

Jace flew to the window and yelled, “YAY!! Now we can move our house to Georgia.”

Zander got a nervous look on his face and said, “But, Mom, are we going to be able to fit *all* of our toys on that truck?”

Poor kid was so worried that he’d have to leave all of his toys behind!

As a side note – I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back online. I’ll keep a daily log, though, of the things the kids say, and will update once I’m able to get back online!

September 19th

While we were packing, Jace found a guitar that we had bought him last year for his birthday along with a cowboy hat. He picked up the guitar, put on the hat, and climbed into the bottom of the entertainment center. He started strumming his guitar, singing, “I need to go potty, you need to go potty, we all need to go potty, so let’s go potty. I need to go potty, I need to go potty…”

So, I told him that if he needed to go potty, to get up and go.

He looks at me and says, “No, Mom, I’m just singing the potty song!”

September 18th

Happy FIRST Birthday, Lulu!! We love you!!!

Jace ran into the bathroom to go potty. Lucy crawled quickly behind him and followed him right into the bathroom. While Jace was sitting on the potty, Lucy reached over to grab his stool. (Not poop – his step stool. Get your mind out of the gutter!) As she reached for it, he said, “Do you see my stool, Lucy? We got it at Toys R Us.” I corrected him and said, “No, honey. We found it at Babies R Us.” He rolled his eyes, looked at me and said, “No, Mom, not Babies R Us, BOYS R Us. I’m not a baby.” It was said as if they would change the name of the store just for him! 😉

September 17th

This afternoon, I was packing up a bunch of things in my office, and Jace was here “helping” me. He found an old proof book from my first maternity session. He picked it up and looked at it. On the inside cover was my logo. He asked what it was and why it was in the book. I explained that it had my name on it and it was so people would know who took the pictures. He replied, “Oh! It has your name? That’s sweet!”

As he flipped through a few more pages, he paused and said, “Ya know, I have no idea who is in this picture. She has a baby in her belly, but I don’t know who that baby is!”

A few minutes later, he gave up on the photo album and moved on to something else. He found a HUGE family Bible that my parents always had lying on our coffee table. He starts to flip through and he found all of the pictures. “Hey! Wow! This is a cool picture! Mom, look! There are faeries in this book! But why does this man have a sword? The fairy is yelling at him!”

The precious mind of a 3 year old. I love it!

September 16th

On the way home from church tonight, Zander was telling us about a boy in his class who had a headache. Here’s exactly what Zander said:

“Mom, this kid in my class had a headache. Do you know how he got a headache? He got a headache cuz I was talkin’ to him too much. That’s what he told me. Can you believe it?”

Yes, honey, I do believe it. – was all I could think……

September 15th

We had Lucy’s birthday party today, and they boys were more wound up that usual. I told Jace to stop doing something, and he immediately replied, “But, Mom….” After hearing “But, Mom” all day, I had finally had enough. I said to him, “Jace, my first name is not ‘But‘!” All of a sudden, Zander pipes up, “But Ashley’s is….. her name is ‘Butt head‘!”


September 14th

Jace ran with me to go pick up dinner tonight. On our way home, I could see him trying so hard not to fall asleep in his carseat. I asked him if he was ok, and he said, “Yeah, I’m ok. But when can I take a nap? I am just so tired.” I told him that he could eat dinner and then he could go to bed if he wanted. He replied, “But, Mom, if I eat dinner, then my belly will be movin’ and I won’t be able to lay in my bed!”

September 13th

The boys were fighting…… um, I mean playing in the living room while I finished up the dishes, and all of a sudden I hear Zander yell, “Mooooooooooooooooom!” Jace comes flying into the kitchen before I could even get out there to find out what the problem was, and he says, “But, Mom, he *made* me hit him. He was being nasty!”

Right now every other sentence out of Jace’s mouth starts with, “But, Mom…” I’m in for it with this kid!

September 12th

This morning, the boys and I were flipping through the channels on the tv before we went outside to play. We came across “Pleasantville” on E! and I paused for a minute. Tobey McGuire was on there, and my boys are total Spiderman freaks, so they recognized him immediately. In the movie, someone called Tobey’s character “Bud” and Tobey replied, “My name’s not Bud, it’s David.” Jace turned to me and said, “Hey! His name is not David! David is on The Upside Down Show! His name is Peter Parker!” He paused for a moment and then asked, “How do you forget your own name?!”

September 11th

Tonight at prayer time, Jace prayed for Zander to quit whining again. This made Zander extremely angry, so he prayed that Jace would lose his “little attitude.” When Zander had finished praying, Jace said, “Hey! I don’t have a little attitude!” And, I chimed in with, “Oh? So you have a big attitude?”

Jace then told me, “I don’t have attitudes. I only have a pee-pee, a butt, and underwear.”

Oh, lord, please help me now…..

September 10th

This evening, I had to take Lucy to the park to take some photographs. Zander was in trouble, so he couldn’t go to Uncle Chris’ house with Jace & Ashley, so he had to come with me.

While we were at the park shooting pictures, we stopped near a tree. Zander asked me if the berries on there were cherries, and I told him no, they were crabapples.

A few minutes later, we moved on to another part of the park. By this time, Zander was getting bored, so he asked, “Mom, when can I go feed the crabs?” My response was, “What crabs, honey?” To which he replied, “The crabs in the water. I have their food in my hand, we just need to go by the water so that I can give it to them.” When I asked to see what he had in his hand, he proudly opened it to reveal several crabapples just waiting to be eaten by the unseen crabs!

I guess if there are crabapples around, there must be crabs nearby!

September 9th

We were eating dinner and Zander finished what he had on his plate. He lifts his plate up, moves it my direction, and says, “Mom! I need more pie-yo-gies!” (We had pirogies with dinner – he loves ’em!)

September 8th

I needed to ask Jace a question, but he didn’t want to answer. He took off running through the kitchen, and ended up downstairs, hiding behind Gene’s mom. Gene went to the top of the steps and yelled down, “Jace Matthew, get up here now. Mommy needs you.”

Jace poked his head out from behind Juanita’s legs and said, “You didn’t say please. I can’t come up until you tell me please.”

September 7th

Jace’s prayer tonight:

“Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Thank you for the nice day that we had, even though I had to get a shot at the doctor. And thank you for baby Ghosty, I love him. Help the missionaries to tell more about Jesus, and keep them safe. And please help Zander to quit whining. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

September 6th

Jace came running down the hallway this afternoon yelling, “Mommy, Mommy!” When he met me in the kitchen, he jumped into my arms and buried his head in my shoulder. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “I hurt my feelin’s.” I asked him how he did that and he replied, “I was runnin’ so fast, it hurted them!”

September 5th

It’s been an absolutely horrible day around here… and it ended with us needing to stay in a hotel for the night. (So much fun with 4 kids!)

After we checked into the hotel, we went up to the room and explained to the boys that this is not like home. You have to be quiet because there are other people in the hotel who want to rest and don’t want to hear little boys making lots of noise.

I went into the bathroom for a second and when I came back out, Jace was jumping from bed to bed. I whispered harshly, “Jace! What are you doing?!” To which he replied, “I am a superhero! You said that people don’t want to hear little boys make noise, but they’ll be ok with it if they know it’s just Batman coming to the rescue!”

September 4th

This afternoon, the boys and I were playing in the house. I ran into the living room and pretended to “die” on the couch. Jace ran over to me, kissed me square on the lips and said, “Oh, Princess, you just have to be ok. I am the hero and I have come to wake you up!”

September 3rdT

This evening, we went over to Papa Joe & Grandma Ida’s house for a bar-b-que. After dinner, we had cupcakes and ice cream. Jace was dying to play outside, so he swallowed his cupcake, took 2 bites of ice cream and announced that he was done and he needed to go outside. I told him that he needed to wait until Ashley & Zander finished so they could go out with him. He put his elbow on the table, placed his chin in his hand, and sighed, “But they are taking for long, and I am going to be waiting forever!”

Once they finally got outside, some of the other kids caught a frog in the creek. All of a sudden, I heard Jace scream bloody murder, so I ran outside to see what had happened. Apparently, they were showing Jace the frog and it jumped out of the girl’s hand and smacked right into Jace’s chest. Jace freaked out! I came outside and the tears were just pouring down his cheeks. “Mom,” he said, “You need to squish that frog! It scareded me to death!”

September 2nd

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning at church, they gave Jace a small smiley face coin-holder as a birthday gift. When Gene went to pick Jace up from his class, Jace ran over to him, as excited as could be, and hollered, “Dad! I got a PURSE for my birthday!!!!!!!!!” Boy, Gene was thrilled with that one!

Part Two
We were sitting down eating dinner, and I promised the kids that we would have Jace’s birthday cake as soon as we were done eating.

Zander finished before everyone else, and sat quietly at the table while we all finished up. It took awhile because I had to feed Lucy anHe couldn’t stand it after about 15 minutes, and he said, “Mom. I’m going to get much more hungry and need TWO pieces of cake if you don’t hurry up with your food!”

September 1st

This morning, the boys and I ran to pick up Jace’s birthday cake from the bakery. On the way home, we stopped at the gas station. When I got back into the car, Jace said, “Mom! I wanted to get my cake from *that* store!” There’s a Giant Eagle (grocery store) kitty-corner from the BP, so I asked him if that’s where he meant.

“No!” he replied. “The one right there – with the red letters on it!” He said as he pointed to the “Speedway” gas station right across the street.