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May 31st

Gene and I finally got a “date night” tonight. First one in a long time. Well, the boys overheard us talking about the new Narnia movie, and the fact that we would be seeing it.

Jace and Zander did NOT like the fact that we were going to see it without them. Zander went into my jewelry box, grabbed a ring, and put it on his finger. He then said, “Mom, now I’m married to you. You HAVE to take me on your date night tonight!”

May 30th

We were at MawMaw’s this morning, and she asked Jace what he wanted to be when he grew up.

He thought for a minute, then replied, “I’m going to be a basketball player. So, I need to hurry up and have a whole bunch of birthdays right now so that I can be bigger and reach the hoop!”

If he only knew how fast he’s already growing up…….

Later, after we had found out the sex of our baby-to-be, we asked Jace what he wanted Mommy to have. He replied, “Mommy needs to have puppies. Daisy is driving me crazy!”

Oy, vey!

Never, EVER doubt a Momma!

Because we are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just knew it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The appointment with the high risk OB went really well. We got there at 2pm for a 2:30 appt, and were finally called back at almost 10 after 3. Oh, well!

The u/s tech asked if this was our first. (I love when they ask that, because I LOVE the reaction that, “Oh, no! This is our FIFTH” brings!) She immediately started the ultrasound and asked if we knew what we were having. I said that I KNEW we were having a boy, but it had yet to be confirmed. She scrolled down to the “parts” and we found THIS:

So, yeah.. there he is, in all his glory! ๐Ÿ˜‰ None of my boys have ever been shy. Maybe that’s why they all still like to run around in their underwear all day.

Anyway, baby looks PERFECT. His cord is a strong, healthy 3 vessel cord! None of the worries that we had with Lucy and her 2 vessel cord. I did order the kick counter, so if we have a knot in the cord later in the pregnancy, we’ll have a better chance of finding out. But, as of right now, the blood is flowing through the cord just perfectly. I’m SO relieved.

Baby weighs about 8 ounces right now, so he’s still just a tiny peanut. But, he’s right on track where he should be. My weight loss hasn’t affected his growth at all.

She switched to a 3D/4D u/s at the end, and we got to see him in so much detail. He looks like a little alien, since he doesn’t have any fat on him now, but I still think he’s pretty cute!

After she was finished, the high risk OB came in to talk to us. He said that everything looks GREAT and we couldn’t ask for a more healthy baby. He has no concerns at all. He also said that if the pregnancy continues to go well, he may not have to see me again. Wouldn’t that be nice?! He did say the spotting was from me being too active. I need to learn when to take it easy. I’m working on that!

So, Praise the Lord! And thank you ALL for your prayers!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

Ok, here’s our precious little Baby Boo…..

Isn’t he precious? ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for thinking of us today!!! We couldn’t have asked for better news!!

Awful, awful day….

I’ve spotted most of today. I KNOW it’s because I’ve overdone it with VBS. This has been a very exhausting week. And, while I’ve had a TON of fun, I’m glad tomorrow is the last night.

I called the doctor and told her about the spotting. She told me to get into bed and stay put until my u/s tomorrow, but I told her I couldn’t. I had too many people and too many kids depending on my being there tonight. (What I didn’t know was that I should have stayed home. I had the worst night tonight.)

She told me I could go, but no playing games, no lifting anything, nothing. She’s not sure if the spotting is still from the tear in my uterine wall, or if there’s another problem. She was going to call down to the high risk doctors office to have them check during the u/s tomorrow.

I’m SO glad I get to see this sweet little guy tomorrow. I need it SO badly after tonight. Seeing his little heartbeat and watching him move on screen will make everything that happened today disappear – I hope!

So, pray for me as I drive to Gainesville tomorrow for the u/s. I’ve never driven to Gainesville, and I have to go over “Blood Mountain” to get there, so I’m VERY, VERY nervous. Just pray for my safety and that all is just fine with “Baby Boo.”

I’ll update as soon as I’m home from VBS tomorrow night. I won’t be home before then.

May 29th

On the way home from VBS tonight, and Jace told me that there was a basketball hoop and he had played basketball.

Z turned to him and asked, “Did you make a hoop?”

Jace replied, “No, but I tried. Really hard. A whole bunch of times!”

Z responded, “Well, that’s ok. It happens sometimes when you’re little. I bet if you keep trying that you’ll get it sometime.”

My son, the motivator. Gotta love him!

May 28th

Tonight, the boys were already talking about what they would be having for breakfast tomorrow morning. I gave them their choices: scrambled eggs and toast, cereal, or pop tarts with jokes written on them.

Zander got all excited and said, “What happens when you eat the jokes? Do you turn into them?!”

Today’s doctor appointment

Went pretty well. Pretty basic stuff. I lost 2 pounds, so I’m happy, as long as baby is growing ok. ๐Ÿ™‚ Doc said she would like to see me gain a bit over the next month, though.

Did the urine test, the iron test, blood pressure, etc. Everything was just fine.

Doc came in, and we talked for a bit. She thought I sounded miserable, so she checked me out. Apparently, I have a very severe sinus infection on top of allergies. My throat was all gunked up, and my sinuses are swollen. She prescribed me Claritin and Zythromax, and I’m hoping they kick in soon. Still nothing they can do about the back, though. I just suffer through, or find a chiropractor who will take on a pregnant patient.

We listened to the heartbeat, and the baby was kicking like a soccer champ the entire time she held the doppler on my stomach. I couldn’t feel it, but we sure could hear it! Heartrate was perfect – in the 150’s. Uterus is measuring just fine, too. No concerns with baby right now at all.

I also told her that I’ll be getting baptized on Sunday, and wanted to make sure she didn’t have any concerns about that. She’s so sweet, she got SO excited, and said, “Nope! No restrictions! The Lord will take care of you!” So, we’re on for Sunday…. someone psych me up for it!

On the way out, she called the high risk OB that I’ll be seeing. She wanted to set up the initial u/s with him, and rather than waiting until 20 weeks, they said they wanted to do it asap. They said they’d rather check the cord and everything now, so they’re a little more prepared if they (we) have to deal with the unexpected. So, YAY!!! We’ll get to see our little peanut in TWO DAYS!! And, I can finally prove to you all that I know what I’m talking about, and this is indeed a boy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, I’ll have another update – and more pictures, I hope! – very soon!! Can’t wait until Friday!!

May 27th

After VBS tonight, we had to run to Walmart. (Note: one does NOT just “run” to Walmart down here. The closest Wally World is a good 45 minutes from our house.)

On the way to Walmart, we were listening to a very old kids’ tape that Disney had put out about a million years ago. On this tape was the song, “It ain’t gonna rain no more.”

As they’re singing this song, (“It ain’t gonna rain no more, no more. It ain’t gonna rain no more. How in the heck can I wash my neck, if it ain’t gonna rain no more?”), Zander shouts from the backseat, “Holy Moses! This guy only washes his neck when it rains? Can I do that too?”

Vacation Bible School this week….

along with a bazillion other things. I MUST remember my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. If I don’t, I don’t want to have to wait to schedule my appt with the high risk doctor or *the* ultrasound! I’ve set my phone to remind me an hour beforehand, so hopefully I’ll remember!

As I mentioned above, I am teaching Vacation Bible School this week at church. It started with the kick off on Saturday, and teaching actually began last night. It will run through Friday, so I just know by Friday night, I will be completely and utterly exhausted.

I’m teaching the 6 year olds class. I have some of the absolute sweetest kids in that class. They all listen so well, and two of them have become completely attached to my hips. I’d forgotten how much I adore working with this age. I always wanted to be a first grade teacher, and tonight I remembered why! ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the little girls has become super protective of me and my baby belly. During game time, she’d tell me to take it easy, and if someone even came close to my belly, she was in their face. It cracked me up. Almost like I had my own little mother hen watching over me. So, have no fear, my belly is being taken care of quite well by little Kortney.

I’m still having issues with my back, but at least I can put my skirt on without crying. And, walking the stairs haven’t hurt as bad as they usually do, so I think Someone is taking care of me. I’m hoping the rest of the week goes well, and that it just continues to get better!

In other news, we STILL have not gotten our stimulus payment. It should have been here before the 23rd, but nothing yet. So, that means I STILL have no washer, and I still haven’t scheduled the 3D/4D u/s. I am going CRAZY washing clothes in the bathtub every day. LOL!

Also, I will be getting baptized on Sunday. In a creek. In a cold, dirty creek. So, I’m scared out of my mind. Half the church has told me that I look like I’ll just float away, so this could get very interesting. Hubby will be on hand with the camera, so if I don’t look like Shamu, I’ll post some pictures.

I’ll update on the doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Someone just remind me I need to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

May 26th

We are having Vacation Bible School at our church this week. Both of the boys are in my Uncle Richard & Aunt Linda’s class. At the end of each night, they get a sucker. As I was walking out of my class, Jace met me in the hallway and excitedly told me, “MOM! I got a caffeine sucker!!!!”

Now, let me explain. My kids are NOT allowed to have any caffeine. They all know this. Well, when Jace got a “root beer” sucker tonight, he figured it had caffeine in it, and I couldn’t do anything to stop him from having it!

May 25th

This evening, Jace and I were sitting beside each other on the couch. I accidentally bumped him in the knee, right where he had scraped it up pretty badly the other day.

I immediately apologized, and told him I was SO sorry, and said it was an accident.

He smiled, and said, “That’s ok. But if you had done it on curpuss, it wouldn’t have been very nice!”

May 24th

I was studying my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow, and Jace came over to tell me that he had eaten every bite of his dinner. Zander was sitting on the floor, reading a book, and Gene was on the couch. Gene told me that Zander also ate every single bite of his food. (This is RARE for Zander!) I called Zander’s name, and the first thing out of his mouth was, “I didn’t do it! Whatever he said, it wasn’t me! I didn’t do anything!”

He was quite relieved to see that he was only getting a hug for doing something GOOD! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am officially getting old.

And I’m not doing very well with accepting that.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am terrified of turning 30 this July. I don’t know why, but the thought of turning 30 literally makes me sick to my stomach. Because of this, I have convinced my 4 year old that I am 25, and will be turning 25 again on my birthday. My dear, sweet son will fight tooth and nail whenever Gene or Ashley tries to tell him that I will be 30. I just love my son.

But, my age is taking its toll on me. I threw my back out yesterday, and I’m still trying to recover from it. I had been sitting on the floor making bows for a bow swap that I’m in, and when I tried to get up, I could barely move. Everytime I moved, it brought me to tears. I called the doctor, and guess what? There’s nothing you can do when you’re pregnant. I can’t go see a Chiropractor. I can’t get x-rayed. So, I got the “put ice then heat on it” and gave a sarcastic “thank you very much” in response.

I know that it’s just because I’m pregnant (again), and my joints are limber, but am I really going to have to suffer for the next 6 months? Is this really what it feels like to get old?

My husband is 3 years younger than me. (Jerk) He teases me relentlessly about this being what he has to look forward to when he gets old. I know he’s just kidding, but, man, does it tick me off. I don’t think he understands how badly this is affecting me. To him, age is just a number. No big deal. I’d love to see it like that, but I know when I see my cake with a big 3-0 on it, I’m going to lose it.

They say that we’re only as old as we feel. Today I feel about 85, so turning 30 should be no big deal, right? I wish!

Someone please tell me 30 isn’t that bad. Please!

May 23rd

As I was driving the kids to school, Ashley was complaining about the fact that she has 9 bruises on her legs from Field Day.(My daughter is SUCH a girl.) Anyway, she was persistant that these 9 bruises were a HUGE deal, so I held up my hands, rubbed my first two fingers and my thumb together and said, “Here, let me play my tiny violin for you!”

As soon as I said that, Zander yells from the backseat, “NO, Mom! Don’t do that! It will hurt our ears!”

My son, the music critic.

May 22nd

Happy Birthday, Grandma! ๐Ÿ™‚

I told Jace this afternoon that we would be heading to Grandma’s later in the evening to have birthday cake. He was quite excited about this, and asked, “If Grandma lets me blow out the candles, then will I be 4?!”

Poor kid is just dying to be 4!

I am just not feeling well today!

I tell you what, being sick when you’re not pregnant is miserable. BUT, when you’re not pregnant, you can take any form of medication you choose and not feel as miserable as you would otherwise.

However, when you are pregnant, that all changes. You can’t grab your miracle drug of choice, (for me, it’s Motrin or Excedrin Migraine), and you are stuck taking Tylenol which does absolutely nothing.

So, here I sit. Sneezing, and coughing, and my head just throbbing. Gene took the kids to church, so at least it’s quiet, but I want some relief.

Ok, ok. I know many of the readers here have kids of their own, and you don’t want to hear my whining, but I had to get it out somewhere. I’ll stop now. And, I’ll just remember, “This too shall pass.”

May 21st

I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup and fixing my hair, when I heard Jace scream. This wasn’t a little scream, this was a top-of-the-lungs-someone-just-ripped-my-arm-off scream. As I’m walking (running) out to the living room, he yells, “IT FELL OFF!!!!!!”

Now, not knowing what “it” is, I head out to the living room and see Jace with his face buried in his hands, just crying his little heart out.

I asked him what was wrong, and he held out his hand. In his hand was the Spiderman watch he had found yesterday. The face had fallen off of it. Poor kid. I snapped the face back on, put the watch back on his wrist and kissed his cheek.

He looks up at me and says, “Is it all better now? Can I still keep it?”

I told him yes, and explained that it’s probably going to break again. If it happens, at least he’ll know that I can fix it again.

May 20th

Jace found a Spiderman watch in the toy bins in their room this morning. He was so excited to put it on and poudly showed it off everywhere we went.

We stopped by my MIL’s house for a visit, and he told her about his watch. She asked him if Z had the same watch, and he told her yes. She then asked him how he knew it was his watch and not Z’s. His response? “Because I found it!”

Duh, MawMaw! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Crazy, crazy dream…

So, I woke up this morning and didn’t know what to think of my dream.

In my dream, the baby was born. Brand new, just home from the hospital. Only, the baby would switch from being a boy to a girl. I kept looking around, trying to figure out where the “other baby” went, but I realized it was the same baby the entire time, it was just switching back and forth. We gave the baby two names… a boy name and a girl name, and would call it by whichever gender it happened to be.

Gene ticked me off in my dream, too…. I asked him to watch the baby long enough for me to take a shower, and he got all huffy about it. Like he couldn’t believe that I would DARE to ask him to watch the baby. At one point, I thought he was going to drop the baby because he just didn’t want to deal with it! It’s crazy, because that couldn’t be more opposite of Gene. He’s always so great about helping me out with the kids. He’s never once complained.

So, I have no idea what the dream could mean. I have always wanted boy/girl twins, but I think it’d be creepy to have them be the same baby! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I didn’t eat before bed. Didn’t even drink anything except water. Dinner was nothing out of the ordinary and was at 6pm. Not even close to when I went to bed. So, I don’t think any of that had anything to do with it.

Any dream interpreters out there? This one was a doozy!

May 19th

We were watching American Gladiators this evening, and Jace was out on the couch with us. They introduced “Toa” and Jace got the most confused look on his face. He turned to me and said, “His name is Toe-a? Like my toes? That’s a weird name!”