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July 31st

This evening, Gene had to work really late at work. I didn’t feel like cooking, so I decided we were going to get pizzas and call it a night.

We ran to Dollar General for chips, soda, and junk food, (after all, if we’re having junk, we’re going ALL out!). While we were there, we ran into some very good friends from church.

We get back in the car, and the boys were so excited that they say Josh at the store. Zander told me, “I didn’t know that Josh’s mommy makes him go to the store, too. I guess all mommies make their kids go shopping, even if they don’t want to.”

Good news all the way around!

I *finally* got Firefox to work on my computer. I haven’t been able to use it since we switched over to satellite internet. Well, today, I tried again, and it works GREAT! I love Firefox.

We got GREAT news back about Brother Tim!!!! He went in for his heart cath today, and they’ve discovered that his problem is NOT serious. He just needs to cut out the salt, drink more water, and let his heart and the new arteries take some time to grow and strengthen. They’ll be putting him on some medicine to help those arteries, but that’s really it. He should be doing fine soon. Praise the Lord!!

Also, there is a lady in our church who has been battling cancer for some time. Sweet, sweet lady. They found some spots on her liver about a month ago, and they went in Tuesday to operate. They ended up taking out 75% of her liver, but they were encouraged that the spots hadn’t grown at all since they found them a month ago. She will need a lot of time to heal and recover from this surgery, and it will take time for her liver to grow back, (Did you know that it did that? I had no idea!), but overall, the doctors were really, really encouraged by how good everything looked. Praise the Lord again!!!

Good news all around! Thank you all for your prayers for Brother Tim. They meant so much!!

Baby is kicking up a storm tonight, and I am STARVING, but refuse to eat right before I go to bed. Have to head to a Ford dealership tomorrow so we can get our key code for the Expedition, so I’ve got a VERY early morning ahead of me!

Hope I can figure out what the dog-gone problem is with this blog! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

July 30th

The boys wanted to watch cartoons, so I asked Ashley to change the channel for them while I went and got ready for church. 2 seconds later, Ash comes in my room saying that she did all the right steps, but she couldn’t get the tv to go to the right channel.

I went back into the living room, grabbed the remote, and instantly put the tv box on the right channel. I told her I didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to do.

Zander turns to me and says, “Moms are magic. They’re the only things that are magic because they can do anything.”

A few minutes later, I was getting ready for church, and Jace and Lucy were playing in the (empty) bathtub with marbles. Jace says, “Lucy! You have a boo boo! Do you need me to kiss it?”

Lucy says “Yes” and proceeds to stick her butt in his face.

Jace laughs and says, “I am SO not kissing your butt. I will kiss your boo boo, but put your butt away!”

My day with 6 kids…

I kept Mandy (yes, THE Mandy) and her brother Matthew today. What great kids! They made having 6 kids here SO easy. And, since my boys love Mandy so much, they found ways to entertain her all day long.

I felt horrible, though, because not two minutes after they arrived, the kids decided they wanted to play outside. We get out into the grass, and Matthew gets stung by a bee. OMG. I could have died. I made sure he was fine, got some ice for him, and called his mom to make sure he wasn’t allergic. (He wasn’t, thank goodness!) I was worried that it ruined his whole day and that he would NEVER want to come back to Ms. Angie’s house, but he was fine the rest of the day, and his mom said he had fun. (I really hope he did. I still feel just awful. What were the odds?!)

Since Matthew got stung, we decided to have a movie day. The kids watched one movie, we had lunch, and the rest of the time, the boys either had every single board game we own out, or they were playing with Mandy in their room. They had SUCH a ball today. I can’t even begin to describe how much it meant to them to have Mandy and Matthew here!

So, I survived the day with 6 kids. Maybe I’ll be ok once this baby arrives. And maybe then I can talk hubby into adopting one more down the road! 😉

Edited to add: Please continue to pray for Brother Tim. I spoke with him a moment this evening before handing the phone to Gene. He sounds good, and says he’s feeling pretty well, and that he goes for his hear cath tomorrow. We would all really appreciate your prayers for him.

July 29th

Today was our very special day with Mandy (and her brother Matthew). The boys could not have been more excited.

Mandy and Matthew were due to arrive between 10 and 10:30. Around 9:45, the kids all took turns going to the front door and seeing if they were here yet.

About10:35, Zander turns to me and says, “Mom, are you sure they didn’t get lost? I’ve been waiting for hours for them to get here. If Mandy doesn’t come soon, I think my heart will break into a gazillion pieces.”

Jace interjects, “My heart will break into TWO gabillion pieces, because I like Mandy more than Zander.”

This then started the “I like her more than you” “No, I like her more than YOU” battle between them.

Luckily, Mandy & Matthew’s Grandma brought them just a few short minutes later.

July 28th

This evening, Mandy’s Mom called me. We’ve been planning for a time this week that Mandy and her brother Matthew could come over. Sabrina called to discuss the final details.

As SOON as I got off the phone, all I heard was, “Who was that?” My kids are so nosy. They think every phone call revolves around them.

I told them that it was Mandy’s mom, and that Mandy and Matthew would be coming to our house tomorrow.

Zander got SOOOO excited, he started (literally) bouncing off the walls. He says, “Is she going to live with us forever?!” I told him no, that she would just be spending the day with us. He then responds with, “One whole day? A WHOLE day? That’s more than a minute!”

Mailbox full of prizes, and other ramblings…

I opened my mailbox yeserday, and found that 2 of our recent prize winnings had arrived. Fun, Fun!

The first one I opened was our bib/burp cloth set from Silly Jilly Bean. OH MY GOSH! How incredibly CUTE!!!!!!!!!! The set is just perfect. I can’t believe how soft the bib is. Lucy just loves it and has worn it most of the evening. Here…. look how cute this set is:
Thank you, Jill. I absolutely LOVE this set and can’t wait for Parker to get here to use it!

The next one I opened was from Lori and her contest. The bag is ADORABLE! Although, I think Ashley is going to try and steal it from me. I need to fill it up quickly so that I don’t give her the chance to grab it! 🙂 The nailpolish is perfect for Lulu’s little toes, and I plan to paint them tonight. SO sweet! Here’s the set we won:
Thank you, Lori!! And I have to tell you how much I LOVE your business cards. They were absolutely beautiful. I also got your note, and plan to use it soon! Ash’s birthday is just around the corner!

Now, for more news and ramblings…

I’d like you all to meet Mary Jane. That’s what the kids have named our car. Why? Well, because Mary Jane (from Spiderman) has red hair, of course, and since our truck is red, we *have* to name it Mary Jane. Ah, the logic of a child.

So, here’s Mary Jane….

Pretty little thing, isn’t she? We just love her. It’s SO nice driving down the road and not worrying about not making it up the next hill.

And, my friend, Danielle, tagged me. I’m supposed to post my 5 favorite YouTube vidoes. Here’s the thing, though. I can think of TWO videos that I’ve actually watched on YouTube. One was the song “Safe in my Arms” by Plumb, and the other was one that I saw on Danielle’s blog that had baby ducks swimming in a tub. That’s it. If I see a video on a blog, or on a website, or anywhere, I never, ever play it. Not sure why, I just don’t. Crazy, I know. So, sorry, Danielle,but I’m not a very good participant this time around. Ask me what my 5 most favorite flavors of ice cream are, and it’ll be a totally different story. 🙂

I think that’s it for the updates… for now. The baby is doing somersaults in my belly daily now, and I LOVE it. I like being at this point. If only I knew why I am so swollen! My legs, arms, feet, and hands are so swollen that it feels like it’s been stretched beyond where it should be. Small price I pay, I guess.

Other than that, things are great! 🙂

And, again, nothing that has to do with this pregnancy…

But, I feel the need to post it.

I know many of my readers are Christians, and believe in the power of prayer.

I am asking prayer tonight for our dear friend Brother Tim. (He’s the one who built my amazingly fabulous steps recently.)

Brother Tim has a bad heart. On Friday, he ended up in ICU because of it. They released him Saturday, and he was at church today, but he will be going down to Atlanta (or Gainesville, I’m not exactly sure) to meet with his heart doctor. They will most likely be doing a heart cath and seeing where they go from there.

Brother Tim truly is the most amazing man I have ever met… aside from my husband. Tim has always been an encouragement to Gene and I, and he has helped lead my husband in becoming a better husband, father, and spiritual leader. He has cried with us, laughed with us, and become a very important part of our lives. Our children adore him, and we feel blessed simply to know his family. As of this morning, Tim was voted on as Associate Pastor at our church… with a 100% vote. He’s such a blessing to so many.

So, I’m begging for prayers for Tim over the next few days. Pray that God will heal and restore him so that he might continue to bless people and bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But, pray, most of all, that God’s will be done. He is in complete control, and to Him we give all the honor and praise for whatever His plans are for Tim.

Pray also for Tim’s wife, Carol. I can’t imagine the stress and heartache she is dealing with right now.

And, for their children: Amber and Jacob. Two of the most respectful young people I have ever met. I remember when my Daddy was the one hurting, and my heart goes out to them.

Thank you for your prayers. I know Brother Tim would appreciate them as well.

July 27th

I was in my classroom with the kids that I keep during the morning service at church this morning, and the boys were talking with another little boy their age. They were telling them about our new truck, and how it has a tv, and how they get to sit in the way back, and on and on and on.

The little boy then replied, “Well, my Daddy just got a new truck, but I don’t sit very far back, and it doesn’t have a tv.”

To which Jace responds, “Just have your mommy get mad. That’s how we got one with a tv.”

Thanks, kid! Not sure it really happened like that, though…. or, maybe it did!

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July 26th

My conversation with Zander today….

Z: Mom, I wish I was 60.
Me: Why on earth do you want to be 60?
Z: Because if I was 60, I could go see the Dark Knight, and do whatever I wanted.
Me: Well, honey, when you’re 60, you can do whatever you want.
Z: Like stay in my underwear all day and eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Me: Yep. But only if your wife will let you.
Z: Awwww, man! A WIFE?! Is she going to boss me around like you do Daddy?

No longer a minivan mama!!

We traded in our Honda Odyssey this evening, and purchased an ’03 Ford Expedition. I LOVE it!

With the baby coming soon, and a MIL that I have to drive around, we needed a vehicle that seats 8. Our little minivan just wouldn’t cut it anymore – unless, of course, we wanted to tie MIL to the roof in her rocking chair! 😉

The Expedition is in awesome shape, and is fully loaded… DVD player, 6 cd changer, it even has heated AND air-conditioned seats! Now how cool is that?!

I didn’t want to have to deal with another car payment… I rather liked having my van paid off, but we really have no other options.

I’ll post pictures of our new car soon. She’s too pretty not to share.

A new obsession…

Several weeks ago, on another blog, I stumbled across Bit of Whimsy Dolls. You all know that I’m going through this “nesting” – or whatever it is – of wanting to sew and be more crafty, and when I saw Bit of Whimsy’s etsy shop, I was floored.

She sells the most amazing handmade dolls. As I went through each of her items for sale, I noticed that not only did she sell the dolls, but she also sold the patterns to make the dolls yourself!

It was perfect! I quickly purchased a PDF file, and also selected the free file she sometimes offers, so that I could make my dear friend Natalie’s little girl a present this year. To me, a homemade gift is so much more special than something you can buy at your local super center.

I received the file quickly, and opened it right away. I couldn’t believe how easy the steps were to follow. She provides clear, easy directions on how to create each adorable little doll that she offers – and pictures to boot! Let me tell you, I am one who learn by watching, and the pictures made a world of difference to me in following the directions.

Swing by and check out her shop today. She just added a new elephant to her collection, and it is just the sweetest thing! She also offers a pack of PDF files, so if you can’t choose between her adorable creations, you can get a bunch without breaking the bank!

You won’t be disappointed in all that she offers, and her customer service is the best! I highly recommend her, and will definitely be back to her shop again soon! She’s got a bunch more patterns that I can’t wait to try!

July 25th

We were in the kitchen this morning, and the boys were talking. Here’s their conversation:

Z: Jace, who are you today?
JJ (who was rather grouchy) : No one. I am no one. Just Jace.
Z: Boy, you are NO fun today!
JJ: Yeah? So who are you today?
Z: I’m not telling you, because you’re crabby. Maybe if you straighten up I’ll tell you who I am today.

Every day, the boys “are” someone new. It might be Peter Pan, it might be Batman, heck, it’s even been Cat Woman. Guess Jace just didn’t want to participate this morning. (And, for the record, about 2 hours later, he was happily playing the part of Robin from Batman & Robin.)

Update on JJ….and a pregnancy update, too

I called the emergency department at the local hospital at 11 am, just like they told me to. I sat on hold for a few minutes, and then a lady from the lab picked up the line. She told me that they were still running a battery of tests and that the doctor we saw Wed. night wanted to speak with me directly. She said they were testing at that moment to see what the sample is sensitive to. Ok… whatever that means.

I cannot tell you all of the thoughts that went through my mind over the next 4 1/2 hours while I waited for his call back.

About 3:40, my phone rang. It was the doctor that we had seen the other night. He asked how Jace was doing, and I told him that things were the same as Wednesday, no better, but no worse, either.

He said that they ran more tests on his culture than he could even count, and they still aren’t sure what it is. He said the good news is that it’s not strep or a staph infection, but the bad news is that they don’t know if the antibiotics will kill it. He said to keep Jace on the meds, and if he’s not better by Monday, than we either need to get him in with his doctor’s office (which will be impossible!), or we need to take him to the local dermatologist. His hope (and mine, as well,) is that the meds just haven’t had enough time to kick in yet, and that by Monday, Jace will be doing much better. He apologized that this has him stumped so badly, but he’s certain it’s nothing serious. He said that if it had been serious, Jace would have had a lot of other symptoms on top of the blisters on his bottom. He also said that if I had an problems between now and Monday to call the ER and they would get a hold of him, and he would call me back directly. I’m telling you, he is the nicest ER doctor ever.

So, it’s nothing serious. Praise the Lord and Hallelujah! Now, here’s hoping he’s better by Monday so that we don’t have to deal with any more doctors.

In other news, my doctor’s office called me today. My sugar test came back just fine, so I don’t have to give up the ice cream… although I should probably tone it down a bit! 😉

AND, for the first time this pregnancy, my belly moved!! This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy… where you can see the baby move inside you, because your entire belly moves. Love, love, love it.

I think that’s enough for now. Thank heavens it’s Friday and we have NO plans this weekend!

99 more days to go!

Or maybe I should start singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall”… since that’s been stuck in my head most of the day.

I finally made it out of the triple digits in this pregnancy! We are down to 99 days to go! Woohoo!! Let the countdown begin!

Had a heck of a day today. I finished up Lauren’s gift, got that all packaged up and mailed off, I hit the pharmacy, hit the grocery store, actually remembered my appointment at the health department, and then came home to do a mess of laundry and work on a website. I AM POOPED.

Tomorrow, I plan to lie in bed, worrying about Jace’s test results until I can call – sometime around 11am. (Yeah, right, like my kids will let me stay in bed until 11!)

I really am worried about his test results. I made the mistake of sitting here tonight and googling “Staph Infection.” OY. The internet is so bittersweet. It can be a wealth of GOOD information, or it can be a wealth of “Scare the poop out of you” information. My googling results tonight were the latter. I remember doing the same thing when Lucy was diagnosed with SUA. All the horror stories I read and heard. Did nothing to calm me down, just made things a million times worse.

I really pray this is nothing, and that he’s going to be just fine. I am sitting here on pins and needles, though, scared out of my mind.

I thought this pregnancy was long, but 11 o’clock tomorrow morning feels like an eternity away.

Praying for good results tomorrow. Praying SO hard…..

July 24th

I made the mistake of leaving my sewing machine on a table where Lucy could reach it. She didn’t know to push the foot pedal, but she discovered that if she pushed a certain button, the needed would go up and down.

I sat and watched her for a minute, without her noticing, and she just laughed every time the needle moved.

Jace came bouncing into the room and saw Lucy touching my sewing machine. He ran over to her, slammed up the cover on the sewing machine, and said, “Lucy! You are NOT a mommy, and you may NOT touch this. When you have babies of your own, you can make them things with this,but you may NOT do it now.” He took her by the arm, and led her to a pile of books. Then he told her, “You need to stay here, and I’m going to stand right here and make sure you don’t touch that sewning machine again!”

It’s amazing what they learn without us even saying a word, isn’t it?! 🙂

Another trip to the ER with Jace. (graphic)

I’m telling you, this child is going to be the one to send me to the looney bin. I feel like we live at the ER with him sometimes.

Last week, Jace and Lucy both had a bug. I was changing diapers and wiping butts every 15 minutes between the two of them. The bug lasted from Tuesday until Friday.

On Sunday, Jace started complaining that his butt hurt. I looked, and he had several little tiny blisters all around his butthole. I put butt paste on it over the next few days, but it didn’t help at all… it just seemed to keep getting worse.

Tonight, we had a revival instead of a regular church service. It was outdoors in this gorgeous pavillion. The entire time we were there, Jace was whining and crying because he couldn’t even sit down, his butt hurt so bad.

I took him to the bathroom at one point to check him, and the blisters were pussy and there were dozens of them.

Toward the end of the service, I told Gene we needed to leave so that I could get Jace to the ER.

We went home, changed clothes, and Jace and I headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital, went through triage, registered, and then got put in a room. A few minutes later, the NICEST doctor I have ever met in an ER came in. I explained what was going on, and he took a look at Jace’s bottom.

As he’s looking, I commented that I’ve worked with thousands of kids over the last 20 years, and I have never seen anything like this. The doctor was silent for a moment, sat back, and said, “I’ve been a doctor for 28 years, and *I* have never seen anything like this.”

Just what you want to hear from the doctor, right? No. I wanted to hear, “This is what it is, and this is how you treat it.” No such luck.

The doctor left for a few minutes to do some research, and came back a few minutes later. He said that Jace either has a strep infection or a staph infection, so he’s treating him with antibiotics for both. I’m supposed to call on Friday morning and get the results of the sample they’re testing.

Go figure. It can’t be something easy that a magic cream would fix. It has to be something that has even the doctors stumped.

I guess we’ll find out on Friday what’s going on. I just hope these antibiotics kick in and actually help until then!

I am completely and utterly exhausted. I need ONE DAY of quiet and rest. I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

July 23rd

Jace left a stuffed animal in the car this evening, and I jokingly told him that his animal was going to be sad because he just left him in the car.

Jace tilts his head to the side and says, “Mom. He can’t be sad. He doesn’t have any way for tears to come out. You are just so silly.”

Doctor appointment today.

Today was the super fun Sugar test. It really doesn’t bother me to drink the super-sweet syrup, so I didn’t care much.

My appointment was for 9:45am. But, when Jessica called me yesterday to remind me of my appointment, she told me I could come in any time before that to drink the stuff.

I showed up at 8:45 this morning. I figured I’d get there, drink the stuff, sit there for an hour, get my blood drawn, and then see the doctor. Well, that’s what I figured, anyway! I went up to the desk, signed in, and told the idiot lady behind the desk that I was there early so I could drink my drink for my sugar test. She proceeded to look at me like I was an absolute moron. She looks at the sign in sheet and says, “You’re an hour early for your appointment. You’re not scheduled until 9:45.”

Oh.My.Gosh. DUH! So, I explained to her that Jessica said I could come in early and drink the stuff so that I wouldn’t have to fast for most of the day.

Idiot Woman She turns to the other lady behind the checkout desk and says, “She says she’s here for her sugar test and that she was allowed to come in early and drink it. Are we allowed to do that?”

So, at 9:15, I FINALLY got my sugar drink. So much for getting there early! SIGH. I drank the drink, and the nurse did all of the pre-visit stuff: urine sample, blood check, weight check, etc. Everything looked good. I gained 6 pounds this month, so I gasped a little at that. Apparently, I’ve finally found my appetite this pregnancy. Guess I need to lay off the ice cream a little bit! BUT, the good news is that this is the first 5 pounds I’ve gained with this pregnancy, so I’m doing FAR better than I have with any of my other pregnancies. Losing so much of it early in the pregnancy helped.

Ifinally saw the doctor around 10:15. She listened to the baby’s heartbeat, reviewed my kick count chart, and we talked for a long time about how little the baby moves. She was SO sweet and said that if I ever have a feeling like something is wrong, to call her immediately. Even if there’s no justifiable reason, and I’m just being a worry wart, I should call her. I love my doctor.

I mentioned all the contractions, and she said that she’s still not putting me on bedrest. (Do you know how NICE it is to hear this?!) She said that she’ll most likely start doing cervical length ultrasounds to make sure my cervix is still nice and long. She’ll also do the Fetal Fibronectin test every so often to make sure it comes up negative. She’s not going to send me to the hospital every time, and I have NO worries about her giving me mag sulfate…. my very own source of kryptonite!

All in all, things went well. Parker’s heartbeat was in the 150’s, and is just the sweetest sound. Especially with him not moving so much.

My uterus is measuring a little over 26 weeks, so it looks like we’ll be having another big baby! 🙂

I go back in 3 weeks, and then it’s every 2 weeks after that! Maybe now this pregnancy will start flying by!