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The Trouble with Kids…

is that memories of your own childhood come back to bite you in the butt.

Jace, my adorable, sweet, loving little boy, has recently started acting out. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of attention, if it’s middle child syndrome, or if it’s payback for the horrible child I was. Whatever it is, I need to figure out how to fix it.

Jace is 4. When I was 4, I went to a Christian preschool. I was in trouble I kid you not. We had these black chairs in the hallway that we had to sit in before we got spanked. (Yes, our school allowed spankings.) I spent every day in those black chairs. Sometimes, I was in them several times a day. I was bad. I had no respect for authority and wanted to do whatever I darn well pleased. I once got in trouble for duct-taping a little girl into one of those play kitchen sets while the teacher was out of the room. I can still remember the name of the little girl, too. The memory haunts me to this day. The little girl and I went to school together from preschool through 5th grade, and we were actually friends the entire time. Apparently I was angry at her that day and duct taping her into a kitchen set was the only way I could show her just how angry I was. It’s no wonder that Jace acts the way that he does. Thank GOD I home school.

Here’s the kicker: If I got spanked at school, I got spanked at home. Only, I didn’t care. I have no idea why but no form of punishment ever worked on me.

Now I’m dealing with the exact same thing with Jace. Nothing works on him. Time outs, spankings, sitting in his room, loss of toys… nothing works. I’ve taken every single toy out of the boys’ room as a punishment, and Jace doesn’t care. My gosh. How did my parents ever survive this?!

The good news is that once I started first grade, I decided I wasn’t going to get into trouble any more. At least not at school. At home, I was still a nightmare, but at school, I had all the teachers fooled that I was this sweet kid who could do no wrong. I remember in 1st grade, I actually cried the first time I got my name written on the board. (For talking, of course.) I rarely got in trouble in school, at least until high school when I was kicked out. (That’s another post for another day. Or maybe not.)

When my Daddy was sick with cancer, I actually had people tell me that it was my fault he was sick. And then when he died, they had the nerve to tell me that if I had just been a better kid, God wouldn’t have taken my Daddy from me. Now, I’m not stupid. I know that it’s not true. God had a purpose and a plan to my Daddy’s illness and his death. If he was still living, I never would have met my husband, and I wouldn’t have my 5 wonderful little monkeys. But that is honestly what people told me.

So what do I do with this child? What did my parents do with me? Well, I got spanked. A lot. I was grounded. A lot. Nothing ever really helped. I was just a bad kid. And now this grown-up bad kid is going through the exact same things with HER kids.

I can’t ask my mom for advice. She’d just laugh at me and call it payback. So, I’m coming to all of you. Any advice on what I should try?

And please don’t hold my past against me. LOL! I’m really a nice person…. now. I promise.

I got a giggle this morning!

I hadn’t looked in awhile, so I decided to check my google analytics keywords and see how people are finding this blog. Take a look at some of the searches I found:
Ok, so some of them made me laugh out loud – freecoloringpage of obama? Sorry. I can guarantee you won’t find that on here!

How about “how to cut little girls hair looks like mullet”? So funny, and I’m guessing it stemmed from this post.

Or “i have the worlds worst kid” – oh heavens. I feel like that some days. MANY days. Especially with what I’m going through with Jace right now.

And, I’m guessing the “i’ve got a secret” came from this post.

Well, however ya’all are finding me, thanks for stopping by! You’ve made my day!

And don’t forget to enter the Coach Purse Giveaway – it ends tomorrow!!

I’ve found a great way to get rid of cradle cap!

I have dealt with cradle cap on every single one of my kids. Ashley was my first experience. I had never seen cradle cap before, so when those ugly scales started showing up all over her head, I freaked out! I called the doctor in a panic. Being the very kind, patient doctor that she was, she brought us in and took a look at Ashley’s head. She prescribed Denorex shampoo, 3 times a week until it was gone. It cleared up pretty quickly – thank heavens!

Zander also had cradle cap, but it wasn’t too bad. It only lasted a few weeks, and regular old baby shampoo and baby oil worked on treating his.

Jace, however, had the worst case of cradle cap that I had ever seen. It was all over the top of his head, all over his eyebrows, and even on the tops of his ears and behind his ears. It was gross. We tried everything to get rid of it. The doctor would give me things to try, and absolutely none of them worked. Jace was almost 5 months old before the cradle cap went away. I don’t think I ever took him anywhere without a hat. It was just awful.

Lucy also had cradle cap, but like Zander, it wasn’t too bad. She had quite a bit of hair, and she always had a great big bow on her head, so no one could ever even see the cradle cap. After a couple of treatments with baby oil, her cradle cap cleared up.

Parker has cradle cap now. It started right before his 2 month check up. I asked the doctor what to do about it, and she said to use the Selsun Blue shampoo (the one with the red cap) a couple of times a week during his bath. Well, I did that, and the cradle cap got worse. It moved down to his eyebrows and my husband nicknamed him “Leopard head.” I started looking online for ways to treat cradle cap, and I came across an article that said to put vegetable oil on the baby’s head, let it soak for 15 minutes, then scrape it off with a soft brush. (I don’t remember where I saw the article – I looked at so many! Sorry!) Anyway, I tried it tonight. Only, I don’t cook with vegetable oil, I use canola oil. I rubbed some on his head, left it there for 15 minutes, used the brush to scrape off the flakes. Then, I rinsed his head, put on regular baby shampoo, rubbed it in with the brush, and rinsed it again.

I absolutely cannot believe the difference! After *one* treatment, the cradle cap is almost gone! His head looks amazing! I think after one more treatment, it will be completely gone. I am quite impressed and wish I had known about this trick a couple of kids ago! 😉

So, there’s my parenting tip for the day. Use vegetable oil (or canola oil) to get rid of cradle cap!

Fireproof and the Love Dare Challenge

Yesterday, I had a very productive morning. I was up and at Walmart before 9am. Anyone who knows me knows what an accomplishment this is. I am *not* a morning person, and never even shower before 10 am. Walmart is 45 minutes away, so to be there before 9 is doing really well for myself. 🙂

Anyway, while at Walmart, I stopped in their book section at the front of the store. They had a big display for Fireproof. Hubby and I saw the movie when it was in the theater and loved it. (Thank you again, Holly!) I grabbed a copy of the movie and saw the Love Dare Book right next to it. It was available at a great price, so I went ahead and grabbed it, too.

With all of the post partum depression and everything else hubby and I have dealt with for the last few months, I’ve decided that I want to do the Love Dare Challenge. Only, I’m not going to tell hubby that I’m doing it. I want to see if he notices a change.

Now, a question for you. Would others of you like to join in and also do the Love Dare Challenge for your husband or wife? (If you don’t know what the Love Dare challenge is about, Click here for more information.)

If a bunch of us would like to do this together, we can pick a specific date and start then. And, if you’re also interested in blogging about your own Love Dare challenge, I can create a separate blog and make those interested authors on that blog. That way, we could follow each other’s stories and see how the Love Dare Challenge works for each of us.

Please leave a comment on this post and let me know if you’re interested. Or, if you’d like to remain anonymous and don’t want to post a comment here, email me at angie (at) 5vinezmonkeys (dot) com. I can have the blog set up in no time, so just let me know if that sounds appealing to you.

Either way, I will be blogging about my own Love Dare Challenge experiences – either here or on a separate blog.

I want to hear your thoughts!

I did something silly….

I signed up to be a contestant on Atlanta’s Biggest Loser.

Now, the odds of my being chosen are slim to none. First, I don’t live in Atlanta. I live in Hickville the mountains, 3.5 hours north of Atlanta. Second, I recently gave birth and am still breastfeeding. That alone is probably enough to disqualify me. (Although, I did read the rules VERY closely, and never saw anything about breastfeeding moms being disqualified.)

I am really struggling with the fact that I’m stuck at a particular weight.

What most of you don’t know is that for almost 15 years, I struggled with an eating disorder. I’d flip flop back and forth from anorexia to bulimia. It got really bad. When I met Gene, I was at my lowest weight. At 5’9″, I weighed less than a hundred pounds. Size 0 clothes hung on me. It was bad. I had a choice: Fix the problem, or be hospitalized and fed through a tube. With Gene’s help, I fought. I fought hard. It was a long, hard battle, and I relapsed a lot. But, by the grace of God, I finally overcame it after Lucy was born. (Note: February is National Eating Disorder Awareness Month. I plan to post my entire story on February 1st.)

Now, here I am, at over 200 pounds. It makes me sick to look in a mirror. My maternity clothes have become my regular clothes, and I am disgusted with myself. I hate everything about the way I look. In all honestly, I am thankful that Parker is exclusively nursing. I could easily fall back into old habits. I fight myself every day, forcing myself to eat good, wholesome food so that Parker can get the nourishment that he needs. I have always been able to “flip the switch” on the eating disorder when it came to my kids. When Zander was a baby, I purged once and I felt so guilty about it that I never purged again while nursing. (I never purged while pregnant. Ever.)

So, I guess my problem is, how does a breastfeeding mom lose weight? Everything I’ve read says that a nursing mother must take in an extra 500 calories. But, everything also says that breastfeeding is a great way to lose weight. Apparently not after your fifth baby.

Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, and all of those won’t allow me to join because a) I’ve had an eating disorder and b) I’m breastfeeding. We live on a mountain (literally) and don’t have sidewalks. There’s no where I can walk without packing all 5 kids in the car and driving 20 minutes to the local park.

What is a breastfeeding mother supposed to do? How can I safely lose weight without hurting myself or depriving Parker from the nutrition he needs? How can I be so vain – even after all these years?

I’m a mom. I have battle wounds – stretch marks out the wazoo. I’m ok with that. I know that after 5 pregnancies, my body isn’t going to look the same. But the weight really bothers me. Why is that? Why can’t I look at my body and say, “I’ve given birth to 5 children. I have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of”? Why on earth is that so hard? How do I overcome this?

Today is CPSIA Blogging Day

Save Handmade!!

Today is CPSIA Blogging Day. Another big push to get the laws changed and prevent thousands of small business owners — artists and crafters making beautiful handmade items for children — from going under. Bloggers across the country are posting today about this important issue.

So, what can we do?

First, learn everything you can about the CPSIA. Here and Here are really good places to start. (Please take a moment to check both of those links. They are certainly worth your time!)

Next, make your voice heard! There is an ACTION KIT made by the etsy administration that contains sample letters you can use to contact all the pertinent representatives. Do not be afraid to contact your representatives. They must become aware of the impact the CPSIA could have on thousands, if not millions, of mom-run businesses.

Then, help spread the word! Put up a post today about CPSIA Blogging Day. Send an email to all of your friends. Tell your best friend or your sister when they call. Shoot a text message to the moms in your local playgroup. Tweet your heart out about it.

Over at Buy By Mom, they love to feature and support WAHMs. Most of these businesses will be affected by this new law. In most of the cases, the testing fees required will put these small businesses and WAHMs in bankruptcy and/or force them to close their doors forever.

I don’t want to imagine a world without etsy, ebay, or WAHMs who use their amazing talents to make wonderful items for children. I want to be able to continue to support *all* WAHMs and their businesses. I want to be able to continue to nuy handmade products for my children.

Please help spread the word about the CPSIA. Every day I am shocked at the number of people who don’t know about the CPSIA or don’t think it’s any big deal. This is a big deal. Something must be done to change this law. Take a moment to read up about it, and then do something. It won’t take but a moment. Let’s unite together and make our voices be heard!

Wordless Wednesday: The Littlest Mechanic

That’s Lulu telling her Daddy and my Uncle Richard how to fix the car. Don’t know where she gets her bossiness from! 😉

For more Wordless Wednesday fun, check out 5M4M and MomDot!

I’m an idiot when it comes to twitter.

I use twitter. I usually use it to alert followers of a new post, a giveaway, or sometimes I’ll just post random things. I’ve heard nothing but good things about twitter and how it can improve your business, blah, blah, blah.

While on twitter, I’ve seen the twits (twitters? tweets? LOL!) with the # tag at the end. Tonight, I not only jumped into my first one, I decided to join TWO. Talk about asking for trouble!

Now, granted, I did find this wonderful link to Tweet Grid. I was able to open 4 separate grids and follow both # parties.

However, it took less than 2 minutes for me to feel like a complete and utter idiot! I couldn’t keep up. Topics were all over the place. I honestly started to get a migraine just trying to focus long enough to figure out what the heck I was supposed to say.

Please tell me I’m not the only one out there like this. Are all the # parties like this? I’m trying to build up my twitter base, but I feel like I completely failed tonight!

If ya’all have any tips on using twitter and getting good results, I’d love to hear them!

Maybe I won’t look like such an idiot at the next # party. Maybe.

Getting him to bottle feed…

I’m trying not to panic. At least not yet.

I am shooting a wedding on February 28th. That gives me about a month to get Parker to take a bottle. As of tonight, it hasn’t happened yet.

I had a wonderful friend send me a bunch of Playtex bottles and nipples before Parker was born. I tried them with Parker, and he absolutely will not use them. So, we bought other bottles. We bought every single bottle on the market, including the ones that are “just like breast feeding.” Yeah. The kid won’t take a single one of them.

Today, I tried basically *forcing* Parker to take nothing but a bottle. That lasted about 4 hours, and I couldn’t take the crying any more. He nursed no problem, but the child will not take a bottle. I don’t know what to do.

I have tried everything. I’ve had hubby try to feed him, I’ve had Ashley try to feed him. He screams and cries even harder for them. I’m not feeding him formula, it’s breast milk, but he won’t touch it.

What am I going to do next month while I’m shooting this wedding? Invest in a really good sling so that I can just pop my boob in his mouth while I’m shooting? I think not. Get the family posed and then say, “Ok, hold it right there. I’m going to nurse the baby, and I’ll be right back.” SIGH.

Anyone have any tips? I’ve got a month to figure out how to make this work. That’s really not much time.

Help! Please!

Parker’s Baby Dedication

After Parker was born and I finally got to go back to church, we started talking to our preacher about dedicating Parker. Apparently, this isn’t something they do at this church. Why? I have no idea. But, after speaking with Pastor about it, and having him support us 100%, we decided that we would do the baby dedication service this morning.

It truly was an amazing service. Our preacher did such a great job of getting the point across of what we were doing, and he did it in the most beautiful way. Our entire family was up on stage with us, as well as all of the deacons. Pastor explained the purpose of the baby dedication, and then asked Gene and I some questions. He asked if we understood that Parker was a gift from God and should always be treated as such. He asked if we were promising God and the church that we would raise Parker in church. He asked if we would promise God that we would raise him under the Gospel and in a home where Christ is the Head. He then asked the deacons if they would promise to keep the church a Bible-Believing, Gospel preaching church.

He said a prayer, and then our friends sang the song, “A Goodly Heritage.” It truly couldn’t have been any more perfect. Ms. Sabrina took pictures for me, and as soon as I’m able, I’ll share them with you.

For those who haven’t ever heard of baby dedication, I’d like to explain. Baby dedication does not mean that Parker will automatically go to heaven. He will have to make that choice himself one day. What it means is that Gene and I are giving Parker back to God, promising to raise (rear) him under the Word of God and in a household of faith. We promise to be faithful in bringing him to church and teaching him about our Savior throughout his entire life. While they call it “baby dedication,” it’s really more a public profession of the parents dedicating their lives to raising their child in the way of the Lord.

The best example of baby dedication in the Bible is that of Hannah in 1 Samuel chapter 1. Hannah wanted a son more than anything. She prayed and prayed for this son, and promised God that if He would bless her with a son, she would give him back to the Lord. Her prayer was answered. Hannah got her son, and when he was weaned, she took him back to the temple and gave him back to the Lord. Samuel ended up becoming a prophet of our Lord.

Now, I can’t predict what will happen in Parker’s life. I would like to say that he will grow up and accept Christ as his Savior. Maybe he’ll become a preacher. I don’t know. But I can promise that Gene and I will keep Christ as the center of our household and raise all of our children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Eph. 6:4)

All of our children have been dedicated to the Lord, and each service was different. All were special in their own way, but this was by far the most personal, most spiritual dedication I have ever attended or been a part of. I am so thankful for our church and for a Pastor who would do such a beautiful service for our son.

A pet peeve of mine…

is mixing up your and you’re.

I have been blog hopping tonight, and I cannot even begin to tell you the number of times I have come across this mistake. I’m not naming names. I’m not that kind of person. Most of the blogs I hopped on tonight aren’t blogs I usually read, but quite a few of them had the same common theme: they used your when they needed to use you’re.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. I mess up all the time. But, if I happen to read my post and see an error, I go back and edit it. I have to. I’m weird like that. I’m certain there are dozens of mistakes on this blog. If I find them, I will edit them. If you feel the need to point them out to me after this post, I will still go back and edit them. Grammar is a *huge* deal to me. Just ask my husband. He hates it when I correct his grammar.

Anyway – back to the point at hand. Your and You’re have two very different meanings.

~ Your shows ownership: That is your sweater. This is your lucky penny. Your house is beautiful.

~ You’re is the way to say you are: You’re going to get a headache from all that noise. You’re my favorite blogger! Don’t touch that or you’re going to be sorry!

See? It’s really not that hard.

Please know that I’m not coming down on anyone in particular. I see this mistake all over the internet. I’m sure I’ve probably made this mistake myself and didn’t catch it. This is just a pet peeve of mine and I felt the need to give an English lesson tonight. Flame me if you must, but I had to get it off my chest.

I feel so much better now.

Do you watch the news?

I’m just curious… do you watch the news, or are you like me and don’t really pay attention?

I used to watch the news all the time. When I lived in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, I used to LOVE WGN’s morning show. Watched it every day while I got ready for work. Then, we moved back to Ohio, and the morning shows there were boring. The evening news was just depressing. For awhile I held out long enough for the 5 day forecast, but now I get that right on my google homepage. It’s pretty accurate, too.

I get my news online – mostly from bloggers and friends. If it’s important enough, I’ll find out about it somehow. If my evening programs are interrupted for messages from the president, or breaking news, the tv is flipped off and I do other stuff. It’s just not how I want to spend my “veg” time.

The internet is just so much more convenient, and I don’t have to deal with all the other “fluff” – or wait half an hour just to hear the weather.

Tell me I’m not the only one like this. How do you get your news?

The Case of the Missing Cell Phone: Mystery Solved

On Tuesday night, I made the mistake of leaving my almost dead cell phone on the coffee table and forgetting about it.

On Wednesday morning, I went to make a phone call and couldn’t find my phone. We searched high and low. Since our cell phones are our only phones, not knowing where mine is isn’t a good thing. I used hubby’s phone to make the call, and spent the rest of the day looking for my phone. I *knew* that Lulu was the culprit. She has a terrible tendency of walking off with my stuff any time I leave it within her reach. I’ve found my keys in the toy box, in the kitchen cupboards, and even in the refrigerator. I checked all of her usual hiding places, and while I found other items that had gone missing, (my favorite bracelet, the missing earring, my crappy digital camera), I still couldn’t find my phone. (And I did realize that I need to be a *lot* better about putting my stuff away!) I tried calling it, but it never rang – probably because the battery was dead the night before it went missing and I never put it on the charger. I was out of luck.

I went to bed last night, hoping and praying I’d find my phone this morning.

A few minutes ago. Lulu found my phone. I was taking absolutely everything out of my kitchen cupboards when I heard, “Mama! Phone! Phone, Mama!”

Yes, Lulu found the phone. It was tucked ever so neatly into the glove of the boys Spiderman chair. The one place I didn’t look.

Take a look for yourself in our re-enactment photos:

So, there you have it. Mystery Solved. Hopefully now I’ll be a little more careful about where I leave my cell phone and other trinkets! The phone is back on the charger, well out of the reach of little fingers. At least for today.

Wordless Wednesday: Pink Flamingos

This was taken on our last trip to the zoo before we moved to Georgia.

Southerners crack me up!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I live in the South, but I’m a transplant. A Yankee, if you will. I have spent 29 of my 30 (and a half) years living in North East Ohio and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. In September, 2007, we uprooted our lives and moved to the North Georgia Mountains.

Don’t get me wrong. This was the best move we ever made. We love it down here. I love getting in my car and seeing mountains all around me whenever I go anywhere. It’s beautiful!

But, there are some things about the South that I’m still adjusting to. For example, it has been colder than usual down here the last few days. These Southerners just can’t handle the cold. And snow? Well, last night it started snowing. Our whole area went into panic mode. No one leaves the house, and they called off school for the next day. The next day. Because of a few flakes. Geez. When I was in school, it took a category 4 blizzard before we got the day off school. They see a flake down here and school gets canceled.

On Sunday morning, the boys Sunday school teacher couldn’t make it to church because they got 2 inches of snow. 2 inches. Can you imagine? It must have been a mess. LOL. I’m sorry, but 2 inches? 12 inches might be panic worthy, but 2 inches?

I suppose after living in IL and Ohio, and dealing with tons and tons of snow every single winter, I just find it so funny how quick they are to panic down here.

What do you think? When do you start panicking when the snow starts falling?

January 19th

Ok, so I didn’t make the “blog 365” again this year. Sorry I’ve missed a few days. I think today’s funny will make up for it, though.

This afternoon, Lucy and Parker both fell asleep and the boys were coloring pictures. I left Ash in charge and hopped in the shower. When I came out, I asked her where Jace was. She said he was in his room playing. I went in his room, but I didn’t see him. Panic set in, and Ash and I started searching the house. We couldn’t find him anywhere. I asked her how she *lost* her brother, and the look on her face was sheer terror. She knew she was in BIG trouble, and she didn’t know how to talk herself out of it. We live in the world’s smallest house. How does a kid just disappear?

I went into Jace’s room and said, “Jace Matthew. If you are hiding, you need to come out right now.”

All of a sudden, I hear the closet in the living room creak. Out comes Jace. “I was right here all the time, Mommy.”

This child will be the death of me. I’m sure of it!

I *Heart* My Readers: COACH PURSE GIVEAWAY (Ends 2/1)

Yes, you read that right! I am giving one of my readers a COACH Purse.

You all have been so faithful in reading, commenting, and spreading the love, that I want to give something back to you!

The Coach purse is authentic and has never been used. I have the registration card, the protective bag, and the original tags are still on the purse, as well as the protective plastic around the leather handles.

This purse is gorgeous. It’s black, (which totally goes with everything!), and it measures 18 inches wide x 13 inches tall. The inside is super roomy. There’s a large zipper pocket inside, as well as a small cell phone pouch, and another pouch that’s perfect for lipstick, keys, or other small items.

So, want to win your very own COACH purse? Here’s how to enter:
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For the extra entries, simply leave one additional comment for each extra entry that you complete. So, even if you do post a blog with pictures or a video and qualify for 25 extra bonus points, just leave one comment for that extra entry. I’ll make sure you get your 25 entries before I pick the random number. I promise.

Contest ends February 1st, and winner will be picked using and will be announced on February 2nd.

Good luck to all who enter! And thanks for being the best readers a girl could ask for!

Had an AWESOME day yesterday.

I needed yesterday so much.

On Sunday morning, the weather was pretty bad for this area. Some spots on the road were slick, but way better than we “yankees” are used to. The whole way to church, we were praying that we weren’t going to arrive and find a note on the door saying that services were canceled.

Luckily, we arrived and service was on. I was *so* glad, because yesterday morning, we got to hear a young man’s very first sermon.

Jacob, the son of our dear friend Brother Tim, and the reason that Parker’s middle name is Jacob, has been called to preach. He announced it at the last Youth Night a week ago this past Saturday. Our Pastor asked him to preach his first message yesterday.

When Jacob got up there, you could tell how nervous he was, but after just a few minutes, you could just feel God’s presence, and see Him inhabiting Jacob. He didn’t preach long, but for the few moments that he did preach, it was certainly powerful.

We are so blessed to be in a church where there are kids like Jacob who can be a good role model and a good influence on my kids. The majority of the kids in our church have such good hearts. They’re not perfect, but you can see that they’re trying.

I am so proud of Jacob and his desire to spread the Word of the Lord. I pray that God will bless him in everything he does and that through him, many might come to know the Lord as their Savior.

I’ll be adding the *big* giveaway tomorrow morning, and doing a few other things on here. I hope you’ll stick around and participate! 🙂

Thanks for putting up with me the past few days. I’m trying to take every day one step at a time.

Still caught in this web of emotions

I am going crazy. Suddenly I have turned into little Ms. Emotional. I cry at everything. Ashley made a comment (in jest) and I burst into tears. I know she was kidding, but I lost it. I’m going to call the doctor on Monday and see if she can increase the Zoloft or do something. Now not only am I mean one minute, but I’m bawling the next. It’s been *loads* of fun around my house the last few days.

I know that this is just hormones, and I know that it will eventually go away, but geez. Cut me a break, will ya?

Hubby has to work all weekend, (gotta love inventory time!), and that is not helping my stress level at all. Not to mention the fact that Parker is *still* up every night screaming from 1am – 2:30am. Nothing I do calms him down. And, believe me, I have tried absolutely everything. And then there’s Jace. My dear, sweet son has turned into this horribly MEAN child. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I yell so much lately, but I wish I knew what to do with him without pulling out my hair.

Ok, sorry to make this post all about me. Obviously you can tell that I never got to the giveaway this week. I’m still planning on doing it, but it’ll probably be Monday or Tuesday before I can get it up.

If I don’t run away before then! 😉

Some kind of funk.

I don’t know if this is just a funk, a bad day, or if this is the PPD starting to show its true colors. All I know, is it is bad.

I now feel like I did after I had Lucy. Not mean, but not wanting to do anything. No motivation, no will to do anything. The kids have destroyed the house, and I haven’t done a thing.

The more I think about it, I really think that the meanness is a side effect of the stupid birth control shot that I got. I have almost every single one of the side effects listed: headaches, back aches, severe mood swings, hot flashes, hair loss…. So, what the doctor diagnosed as PPD doesn’t appear to be that way at all.

But today, for some reason, I have no “get up and go.” Normally, I have no problems keeping things organized: homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, WAHM stuff – it all gets done. Not today. Today I don’t want to do a darn thing. Luckily, hubby is home today, so he’s taken care of almost everything… including homeschooling the kids. I’m lucky to have him.

I am still taking the Zoloft. When I found out about all the side effects to the BC shot, I decided to stop taking it. The withdraw was so bad, though, that I had to go back to taking it. So, if this is PPD, the Zoloft should help, right?

I don’t know. All I know is that I am in some kind of funk and I *need* to pull out of it. I’m praying this is just a bad day, and tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling more like myself.