32 Week Doctor Visit & a Bonus

Today, I had my 32 week doctor visit with my obgyn. Overall, it went really well. I haven’t gained any weight in the past 2 weeks, but I haven’t lost any either. Doc said that if I’m not going to gain, at least it’s best that I’m not losing either. Blood pressure was good. Baby’s heart rate was good. He didn’t even check to see if I was dilating because I was “so closed” last time that he’s convinced I’m not going to dilate on my own. (Just like I’ve been telling every other doctor for the last several pregnancies!)

So, what’s the bonus? I have strep throat! (And so do Jace and Lucy, but I’ll get to that.) I started having horrible ear pain yesterday. By 5pm, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I dropped hubby and the kids off, and Ashley went with my to the emergency room. They got me back right away, and the doc checked my ears. Said they both looked fine. Then, he checked my throat. He said that it appears I’ve had strep for quite awhile, and it’s now working its way up my ear canal. (I didn’t know strep did that, and my throat never hurt!) He did a rapid strep test just to make sure, and it came back positive immediately. He put me on antibiotics as well as a pain medicine for the ear pain. My obgyn looked at my throat today, and he said that they put me on all the right meds, and I should be feeling much better in a couple of days.

Last night around midnight, I heard barking coming from the boys’ room. No, we didn’t get a dog. It was Jace. And it was croup. I hate croup. So, Jace and I spent the next 3 hours using the nebulizer and breathing in the steam from a hot shower before he finally fell back to sleep. He continued to bark all night.

Lucy woke up this morning with absolutely no voice, and tears streaming down her face because her throat hurt. It was heartbreaking.

My first phone call this morning was to the school to call Jace off for the day, and the second was to get Jace and Lucy into the doctor. We finally got in at 3 this afternoon, and guess what? Strep throat for them, too. SIGH. I’m praying that it stays between the 3 of us, but the doc isn’t hopeful. He did say that if any of the other kids start showing any signs of a sore throat, they would just call in an Rx for them as well.

It has been quite the 24 hours around here. I’m hoping we all get over this quickly and that no one else gets it.

Being sick and pregnant is just no fun, but being sick, pregnant, and dealing with 2 sick kids while trying to keep the other 3 kids from getting it is really no fun.

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    Oh man, it’s an epidemic! I’m so so sorry for you all, hope you can get some rest and someone can take care of you ALL while you’re feeling awful! And yes, being sick with this on top of being pregnant… ugh. Take care of yourself, Angie!

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