99 more days to go!

Or maybe I should start singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall”… since that’s been stuck in my head most of the day.

I finally made it out of the triple digits in this pregnancy! We are down to 99 days to go! Woohoo!! Let the countdown begin!

Had a heck of a day today. I finished up Lauren’s gift, got that all packaged up and mailed off, I hit the pharmacy, hit the grocery store, actually remembered my appointment at the health department, and then came home to do a mess of laundry and work on a website. I AM POOPED.

Tomorrow, I plan to lie in bed, worrying about Jace’s test results until I can call – sometime around 11am. (Yeah, right, like my kids will let me stay in bed until 11!)

I really am worried about his test results. I made the mistake of sitting here tonight and googling “Staph Infection.” OY. The internet is so bittersweet. It can be a wealth of GOOD information, or it can be a wealth of “Scare the poop out of you” information. My googling results tonight were the latter. I remember doing the same thing when Lucy was diagnosed with SUA. All the horror stories I read and heard. Did nothing to calm me down, just made things a million times worse.

I really pray this is nothing, and that he’s going to be just fine. I am sitting here on pins and needles, though, scared out of my mind.

I thought this pregnancy was long, but 11 o’clock tomorrow morning feels like an eternity away.

Praying for good results tomorrow. Praying SO hard…..

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    Danielle says:

    Yes, we are all praying for Jace and his little bum.
    Take it from a pro- do NOT google things like that. It WILL freak you out.
    When I was pregnant, I googled however many weeks I was with the word “preemie” just to see what would happen if I went into labor that day. BAD IDEA!!! When I was 30 weeks, I read something from a woman that stated she gave birth at 30 weeks because of suffering from “PUBS rash”. There was no info about this rash on google, and then I found out that it was really “PUPPP” rash.
    Then, when my dd was an infant, and RSV was going around, I found all these moms online talking about “The RSVP virus”. (Like you’d see on an invitation.) That was cafemom actually. That was when I stopped googling things. It became way too insane.

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