A Day at the Circus (Review)

Part of me wondered if we were ever even going to make it to the circus. All day long, the threat of snow coming into the area caused the Southern natives to panic. Grocery stores were wiped clean of their bread and milk supply. Kids were let out of school, and not even a flake had fallen.

Because I know how people in the South are, I called the Philips Arena to see what the likelihood that the show would be canceled. After all, I’ve lived in Chicago and Ohio. I’m not afraid of a little snow, and nothing was going to keep me from taking my kids to the circus!

I talked to a very frazzled operator. (I am certain the poor dear had been fielding phone calls like mine all morning.) She told me that the show would most likely go on, but to keep calling to see if that was still true later in the day. Great. I’m about to drive 2+ hours. In the snow. In the South. And you want me to keep calling to see if it’s been canceled?

Luckily, my FFA Coordinator from Mom Central, Elizabeth, was wonderful. She promised to call me immediately if they did cancel the show. So, we set off. It was already snowing at this point, but the roads weren’t too bad until we got closer to Atlanta. It took us almost 3 hours to get down where we were going, but we got there in plenty of time for the pre-show.

We found our seats, and then walked right out into the center of the action. The kids were just in awe of everything going on. There were clowns, acrobats, and members of the circus all around, just waiting to say hello! We walked from attraction to attraction, the kids more excited to watch than to actually participate. Finally, one clown was able to convince Jace to come up on stage. He got up there and spun a plate like a pro. He was so proud of himself. Lucy met one of the girls in the circus, and was star struck. She put a tattoo on Lucy’s hand, and Lucy beamed, showing her new tattoo off in every single picture from that point on.

About 20 minutes before the show was to start, things started getting really crowded on the circus floor. We headed back to our seats, took a potty break, and then sent Daddy and Ashley off to get some snacks. When the lights went down, we were all ready and as excited as could be.

The show was non-stop action from beginning to end. Even the intermission was filled with fun from some of the clowns. The kids were all mesmerized by everything going on around them – and above them! The high-wire act was Ashley’s favorite. I don’t think she breathed the entire time they were up there. Zander loved that they had Zebras in the show. Made his entire night to watch them dance and run around right in front of him. Lucy loved the guy and the girl that walked on the ceiling. (It was really cool! How do they do that?!) She has now decided that she wants to learn how to walk on the ceiling, too. Parker loved the animals – the dogs, the elephants, the horses, the tigers…. he’d clap and cheer the entire time there was any kind of animal within his line of vision. And Jace, well, he has changed his mind. Prior to the show, he was convinced that he wanted to go to clown school. And while he loved the clowns, and their antics, he has now decided that he wants to be a tiger tamer. He sat on the edge of his seat when the tigers were out, and now he wants to grow up and do that. (Great. I’m not going to have to worry about him at all!)

Hubby and I both enjoyed the show as well. It was geared toward little kids, I have to admit that, but there were several parts when I gasped. And I caught hubby’s eye a few times and we both mouthed, “How do that do that?” But even more than that, watching our kids and seeing their faces light up, and the smiles that it all brought – it made for a night of good, clean, family fun that none of us will soon forget. I am so grateful to Mom Central for the tickets, and to Feld Entertainment for putting on such a fantastic show!

If Zing! Zang! Zoom! or any other of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows are coming to your area, consider taking your family. It will be an experience that will leave your kids breathless, and you’ll actually be able to afford it with help from Mom Central. Check this link for discount codes you can get for upcoming shows.

Even though our trip home was a real nightmare, I wouldn’t have traded that night in for the world. I had such a ball, and my kids are still talking about it. Lucy wakes up every morning and asks me if we can go back to the circus again. It made a real impression on her, and I love that she loved it so much.

Disclaimer: Mom Central gave my family tickets to see the show as a thanks for promoting the show on my blog, facebook, twitter, and offline as a Feld Family Activator.

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    Fun! Your three boys are starting to look like triplets. I think I remember seeing that elephant line dance when I was little and getting scared out of my mind, lol.

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