A few funnies…

The other day, we were at church and Zander was looking out the window. Brother Tim and his family pulled up in their van right outside the window, and Zander started waving like crazy. Brother Tim never saw him, though.

I told Zander that he should tell Brother Tim that he’s blind.

Zander replied, “Yeah, blind of hearing! I was knocking on the window and he didn’t even know it!”


We bought the kids an old Disney CD full of funny songs. One of the songs is “Lou, Lou, Skip to my Lou.” The first time Lucy heard this song she said, “Lulu? That’s ME! This is my song, oh, it’s all about me!”

Lord help us.


Lucy’s newest phrase is “Oh my good, good, goodness!” She says it all.the.time. It’s really quite cute.

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  1. 1
    Mommy24cs says:

    LOL, I love things that kids say!

  2. 2
    PinkNote says:

    your kids are very funny without them being aware of it..hihi

    btw, i've got you a couple of awards in my blog.=) hope you can grab it soon.^^

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