A few websites to share….

Another friend sent me a link to http://www.wrybaby.com. They’ve got tons of super cute “Snapsuits” that are just too funny… and some of the products are absolutely hysterical. If you need a funny gag gift for that pregnant friend, this is the way to go – especially if it’s their first!

I also came across http://www.mom4life.com/ – and they are officially my new favorite website for moms. I made a registry just so I can remember to go back and purchase certain items. I think my absolute FAVORITE item on there is the kickTrak Kick Counter. After Jace had a knot in his cord, and with us almost losing him, doing kick counts is VERY important to me. This seems like a much easier way to track the kicks and know when to notify the doctor of a problem. I’ll definitely be ordering it soon, as well as many other items! Thanks to mom4life.com for offering awesome products at reasonable prices!!!

Another site I’ll be ordering from is http://www.babysafeus.com. We had something similar with both Jace and Lucy, but gave it to some dear Missionary friends. I love the fact that this monitor has TWO sensory pads instead of the one we had before. Definitely a worthwhile investment, IMO.

I also love http://www.ambybaby.com/ – but I doubt we could ever afford to purchase one of their hammocks. It’s a great idea, but oh, so pricey. But, maybe it will help someone else reading the blog!

I hope these sites help you out. I sure love ’em!

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