A funny for the day…

We were sitting in church last night, and we had a special preacher. EXCELLENT message, and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Anyway, in his sermon, he was talking about the teenage boys at his church (ok, ALL teenage boys) and how they are obsessed with girls. He was frustrated, because these boys only seemed interested in the girls with the “Coke Bottle figures.” He got so frustrated, in fact, that he told these boys, “You’re so interested in these girls with the coke bottle figures. Well, let me tell you….. after 2 or 3 babies, that coke bottle figure will look more like a 2-liter!”

I leaned over to Gene and said, “Man. If that’s what 2 or 3 babies will do, I must look like a gallon jug!”

Last night was the first night I’ve ever heard my husband snort when he laughed.

It’s true, though. I went from a size 0 days before our wedding to a size JUMBO. At least I have 4 (almost 5!) beautiful little excuses for looking like a jug of milk. 🙂

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    Courtney Fisk says:

    you are hilarious! I laughed out loud!

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    LOL! You are funny!

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