A Mini Minion, and A Whole Bunch of Talent #CreativeKids

My oldest son, Zander, loves to create. 99% of the time, you can find him “doing” something creative. He’s either drawing, writing a story, (comics are his favorite), reading, or – his newest fetish – creating with playdoh.

This afternoon, he brought me a “mini” minion that he had made, and I’m going to use it to take the opportunity and brag on my boy a little.

We had a fun little photo shoot with his little creation today. Here are the results:

Zander's Minion

Zander's Minion

Zander's Minion

I absolutely love it. He just blows me away with the things he comes up with.

And since I’m already bragging on him, here are a few more pictures of things he has made for me lately:

A True Hero

Zander's Donald Duck

Zander playdoh creations

Zander captain america rock

Zander's legos

Yep, I’m pretty proud. He is so incredibly talented, and I love that he loves to create so much. If my Daddy were still alive, I know the two of them would get along quite well. My Daddy had an amazing ability too, and it definitely skipped a generation. Luckily, Zander got some of it and he is running with it!

Do you have a creative child? If you’ve posted some things your child has done, I’d love if you’d share your link with me in the comments. It’s good for us to brag on our kids. 🙂

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    He’s a very talented child with a great imagination! I especially love that picture he drew of Jesus with the superheroes.

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