A pet peeve of mine…

is mixing up your and you’re.

I have been blog hopping tonight, and I cannot even begin to tell you the number of times I have come across this mistake. I’m not naming names. I’m not that kind of person. Most of the blogs I hopped on tonight aren’t blogs I usually read, but quite a few of them had the same common theme: they used your when they needed to use you’re.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. I mess up all the time. But, if I happen to read my post and see an error, I go back and edit it. I have to. I’m weird like that. I’m certain there are dozens of mistakes on this blog. If I find them, I will edit them. If you feel the need to point them out to me after this post, I will still go back and edit them. Grammar is a *huge* deal to me. Just ask my husband. He hates it when I correct his grammar.

Anyway – back to the point at hand. Your and You’re have two very different meanings.

~ Your shows ownership: That is your sweater. This is your lucky penny. Your house is beautiful.

~ You’re is the way to say you are: You’re going to get a headache from all that noise. You’re my favorite blogger! Don’t touch that or you’re going to be sorry!

See? It’s really not that hard.

Please know that I’m not coming down on anyone in particular. I see this mistake all over the internet. I’m sure I’ve probably made this mistake myself and didn’t catch it. This is just a pet peeve of mine and I felt the need to give an English lesson tonight. Flame me if you must, but I had to get it off my chest.

I feel so much better now.

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    Bugs me, too! I know there are others, I just can’t think of them at the moment. I read and reread my posts all the time. I’m probably borderline OCD. LOL! Oh, I thought of another example…how about when people don’t capitalize or punctuate? Drives me bonkers! I know it’s the internet, and a lot of it is informal writing, but I don’t want to read run-on sentences and try to figure out where the punctuation was supposed to go and what they were trying to say. I see it all the time on message boards. It makes me take them less seriously, too.

    No flames from me!

  2. 2

    That’s why I stopped going on cafemom. The blunders were almost laughable. The paragraph-long run-on sentences were a rant all their own. None are perfect, but some of them are just so outright, that it’s hard not to be frustrated.

  3. 3
    Regina Bertrand says:

    This is so true. However, the wonderful thing about blogging you can do whatever you choose. I read something somewhere, “blog like no one is reading.” I think I will review my blog and correct the necessary errors. 🙂

    Happy Blogging-


  4. 4
    A little piece of 7th heaven says:

    Your so right…oh, I am sorry I meant you’re right..lol…Certain things do bug me also like when people want to say ‘lose’. Like I will ‘lose’ all my money if I gamble and they spell it ‘loose’..like my pants are ‘loose’.(which mine never are) I read and reread my posts and like you I edit them if there are mistakes. But, Lord knows if I need to nurse or cook or do something else..this blogger needs to take a backseat because if I did not do that this could become a full time job for me….too bad it does not PAY!lol..Have a Blessed Sunday!

  5. 5
    Suzi Homemaker says:

    Another one I see confused a lot is “their” and “they’re.” Then there is “then” and “than.” One time I saw someone write “walla” instead of “voila.” “To” and “too” are often confused as are “our” and “are.” I could go on and on…I’m the same way you are, Angie! I used to be an editor for a newspaper and I wince every time I see misspellings or grammatical errors–interrupts the flow of the article or post and becomes a big stumbling block for me. I make mistakes, too–it kills me when I do–and, just like you, I correct it right away and pray no one else noticed it (or at least no one as anal as I am!)! And you better believe I read this comment over and over before I hit the “publish” button!

  6. 6
    Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    I can guarantee I’m one of those people. lol sometimes I type faster than I think. If you ever happen to come upon a typo, leave me a comment, I’d rather my mistake be pointed out and fixed that look like an idiot.

  7. 7
    cbdkndmom says:

    Right there with ya. Besides that one, my biggest one is the ‘s when it should be simply s to make something plural. Folks, ‘s shows possession or is a contraction for let us. I can’t tell you how many times I see things like “Support our troop’s!” That should NOT have an apostrophe! Ugh. But, no flames from me.

  8. 8
    Blessed*with*Seven says:

    Sorry 🙁 pretty sure that I’am a big offender. Typically I’am typing with baby in hand so I try to type as quick as I can. I will have to start proof reading before I post 🙂

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