A sewer, I am not!

But I sure wish I was!

So, I’ve been in a MAJOR craft mode the past few days. I’m not sure where it came from, but I’ve decided that I want to make gifts for people instead of buying something from the store.

A while ago, I had seen a post on Mandi’s blog about a cute new pattern she had found. I immediately fell in love with the pattern, and *finally* purchased it the other day. (I can’t tell you what the pattern is, only because my *goal* is to make one for a good friend/reader’s little girl who is having her 2nd birthday party soon!)

I have now made 2 items from this pattern. I gave Lulu the first, and she loves it. Drags it around everywhere. I’ve already had to restitch it a bit in several places. (Which, is good – now I know which areas to stich a little heavier beforehand.) After I finished the first one, Jace decided that he wanted one. We found some scraps of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fabric and made him one. (A little more little-boyish than the girly fabric I used on the first one!) He is in LOVE with his as well, and proudly took it to church tonight to show it off.

While it’s great that my kids love them, I just don’t think they’re gift-worthy yet. I don’t want to send someone a gift, have them open it, and be like, “Wow. What the heck kind of fugly gift is this?!” Ya know?

I can’t seem to get everything attached right, and it’s driving me insane. I’ve tried 2 different ways, and I’m just not happy with either. I’m thinking I’ll try again tomorrow and see if *maybe* I can get something semi-decent out of it.

Just so frustrating. All this pent-up craft desire, yet total suckage when I actually attempt to do something.

I did make 2 fancified travel wipes cases yesterday, and those are cute, but they’re easy. I paid a lot of $$ for my sewing machine. I’d like to put it to good use!

Wish me luck. Oh! Nat, I may be sending you a gift fit for REX instead of one for Lauren very soon! 😉

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  1. 1
    drama queens mum says:

    I’ve been feeling kind of crafty lately too. I’m gonna start scrapbooking. I’m not a real crafty person, but would like to be.

  2. 2
    Danielle says:

    It might be some form of nesting.

    Sewing takes a LOT of practice!

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