A time of Jubilee!

All this week we’ve had Jubilee at our church. It has been amazing.

It started Sunday night and runs through tonight. On Monday and Tuesday, we also had services during the day. On Monday, I left the older kids with Juanita during the day, but on Tuesday I took them all with me. Last night we had our Watch Night service and didn’t even get home until after 1am. Gene was at work, so it was just me and the kids – and my MIL.

I have quite a few people ask me why I would spend so much time at church, especially with 5 kids.

Yes, it’s overwhelming, but I firmly believe that you should be in church when the doors are open, unless there is something beyond your control that is preventing you from being able to go. It’s how I was raised, and it’s how I will raise my kids.

That, and if you had been in each of the services, you would understand why I keep going back, and why I leave each day and night feeling refreshed and full of the Spirit.

God has been in the meetings this week. There is no doubt about it. People have gotten saved, others have rededicated their lives to the Lord. The altar has been filled with tears, prayers, and more love than I have ever seen. I’ve seen people run the aisles, climb on furniture, scream praises to God at the top of their lungs. You could just feel the Spirit coming off of those people. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. I like going to an old-fashioned singing, shouting church that’s not afraid to praise the Lord for what He’s done for us. I wish He’d give *me* some of that shouting ability. Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever even raised my hand in church because of the churches I went to when I was younger.

I spent most of my years in a stuffy, strict Baptist church. They once told my dad not to raise his hands while he sang because it was distracting. What do you think that pastor would do if he set foot in our little country church down here? He’d probably get up and walk out.

But, I have news for that preacher, and for those who think you must be quiet and reserved to praise the Lord: There’s going to be shouting in heaven! Ps. 32:11 says, “Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.” In Revelation, the phrase “Loud Voice” is used 12 times. Yes, my friends, there will be shouting in Heaven, and I can’t wait!

I don’t know about you, but when I get to heaven, I want to fall at Jesus feet, shouting praise to Him for what He’s done for me. Don’t you think He deserves it?

A time of Jubilee – here on earth, and in heaven. I have been so blessed this week. I have seen God move through so many people. May this time of Jubilee not end this week when the meetings end. May we live each day shouting our praise to the Lord for what He has done.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog. Thank you for your friendship, your support, and your love. I’m not the most prolific writer, and there are days when what I say is trivial, but I appreciate those of you who continue to stop by. May God bless each one of you this year.

Angie Vinez (2894 Posts)

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    Good for you! Seems like today’s just been an all around great day for a lot of people. Hope it’s a precursor to how the year will go. I didn’t know you were in a Spirit-Filled church. They are fun!
    Happy New Year

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    A little piece of 7th heaven says:

    I love your blog and look forward each day to reading it..It sounds as if you go to a great church. Sometimes I wish I could go to a church like that..One where the praise is so LOUD(that type of faith is deafening). I think it is so good for the children to be a witness to that..Happy New Year..
    PS.MY neice Halainah will be coming home SOON..can’t wait.

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