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Last month, I posted about a fantastic new show that CBS is premiering called Accidentally on Purpose. The new series starts this Monday at 8:30pm, and I can’t wait.

To catch you up to speed, here’s how the CBS website details the show:

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE is a comedy starring Golden Globe Award winner Jenna Elfman as Billie, a single woman who finds herself “accidentally” pregnant after a one-night stand with a much younger guy, and decides to keep the baby… and the guy. A newspaper film critic, Billie is barely surviving a humiliating breakup with her charming boss, James (Grant Show), who’s still trying to resume their relationship. Suddenly expecting a child with her “boy toy,” Zack (Jon Foster), Billie and Zack make an arrangement: to live together platonically. Billie’s party girl best friend Olivia (Ashley Jensen), and Abby (Lennon Parham), her conventional, younger married sister, eagerly look forward to the new addition and offer their own brands of advice and encouragement. But when Zack and his freeloading friends, including Davis (Nicolas Wright), start to turn her place into a frat house, Billie isn’t sure if she’s living with a boyfriend, a roommate, or if she just has another child to raise. Lloyd Braun, Gail Berman, Gene Stein and Claudia Lonow are the executive producers for CBS Television Studios. Pamela Fryman directed the pilot.

Well, not only did lucky little me get to view the premier episode early, I also got to sit in on a conference call with Jenna Elfman, Claudia Lonow, and Mary Pols. A huge thank you to Bonny & Beth from for allowing me to join in the fun!

I can’t even begin to tell you what a great time I had sitting in on that conversation! I learned so much – about the show, the cast, the book, everything.

I honestly didn’t know that the show was based on the book by Mary F. Pols. After listening to Mary on the phone, though, I had to hurry over to Amazon and grab a copy. Her story sounds amazing! The sitcom isn’t exactly like the book, but rather inspired by Mary and her life story. Mary said that she has just let go of it and is letting the writers, producers, and the cast make the show their own.

Jenna Elfman is hysterical. She really is! She went on and on about great Mary is and how cool it was to have her on set. She said that she couldn’t stop following her around the entire time and just wanted to absorb everything that she could from her in their time together. Jenna also went on to talk about how great the cast gets along. In their short time together, they’ve already become one big happy family. There’s respect, admiration, trust, and it’s just a safe environment for everyone.

Claudia Lonow, a producer and writer on the show said that we can expect the pregnancy in the show to progress like a normal pregnancy. Billie will have the baby in the finale this season. On of the callers commented that in the book there are a lot of “life issues” and wondered how the show will handle that, or if they will at all. Claudia said that under the comedy there will be some real issues, and they will deal with those issues while maintaining the form of a comedy.

Mary Pols blew me away with her charm and personality. She is the one living the life that’s being portrayed on tv, “kind of” – as she says. She said that she loves how Claudia has taken her book and put her own spin on everything.

The show really looks like it’s going to be a hit. Be sure to tune into CBS on Monday, September 21st and 8:30 and catch the premier of Accidentally on Purpose. And to read my review of the show, just click here.

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