"All Join In" by Kenny Loggins (Review)

One2One Network sent me a copy of Kenny Loggins‘ newest album called All Join In. This CD has quickly become my new favorite. Sure, I had heard of Kenny Loggins before. After all, his Return to Pooh Corner album is still the best selling children’s album of the last 20 years. I knew I was going to like this album, but I had no idea how much the kids and I would love listening to it! Or how much we would listen to it!

This is the first CD in a long time that the kids want to play all the time. And the first CD (probably ever) that I’m totally ok with hearing all the time! I’m not a fan of leaving the tv on all day, and my kids love noise. So, we’ve been playing this CD over and over and over. The kids will dance and sing along with it. Then, the CD goes into the car whenever it’s time to go somewhere.

The All Join In album is great for kids, and even grownups will love it! I recognized quite a few of the songs right away. My best friend in Junior High/High School was obsessed with the Beatles, so it made me smile and think of her as I sang along with a couple John Lennon/Paul McCartney songs that Kenny sings on this album. And, there’s a song from Toy Story. The first time Jace heard the album and that song came on, his eyes lit up. “MOM! It’s Buzz & Woody’s song!!” And when it was over, “Skip it back, Mom! I have to hear it again! Skip it back!” HUGE hit with him, and with the rest of my kids as Toy Story is one of the most-watched videos in our house.

The entire album is fantastic and so much fun to listen to. My kids and I have really, really enjoyed this CD.

A Few Facts About All Join In
Songs on the Album Include:

  1. Underneath the Same Sky (from Tigger & Pooh and Musical Too – such an adorable song.)
  2. All Together Now (written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney for the movie Yellow Submarine.)
  3. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (from Toy Story – definitely a favorite song for my kids!)
  4. Two of Us (written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney – this is Ashley’s favorite song on the album, and one that I used to sing along to way back in the day!)
  5. Come Go With Me (This song brought back so many memories. If we listened to anything that wasn’t Southern Gospel music in our car, it was oldies. I can still remember listening to this song many, many times as kid and my Daddy singing along at the top of his lungs. Now I find myself doing the same thing with my kids!)
  6. There Is a Mountain (originally performed by Donavan in 1967, features Kenny’s youngest daughter, Hana, as his “special guest” vocalist. This song gets stuck in my head every time. I even caught myself singing it while walking through Walmart the other day!)
  7. The Puppy Song (Kenny shares the spotlight with his eldest daughter, Bella on this adorable little song.)
  8. You Can All Join In (The title song for the album, and Kenny is joined by the song’s writer, Dave Mason.
  9. Gandhi/Buddha (Kenny calls this a “gift” for the parents, as it beautiful portrays how blessed parents feel to have been given their children. Truly a beautiful song.)
  10. Long Tailed Cat (Written by Kenny, and his sons Cody and Luke join in and start “singin’ along.”)
  11. Your Lollipop (This song is based heavily upon the 2007 hit song, “Lollipop” by Mika. It is sung on this album by Kenny and a nine year old boy named Matthew Schaeman. Such a fun little song!)
  12. Moose ‘n Me (This is such a sweet song. Written by Kenny Loggins and Scott Bernard, Kenny sings about his very first dog of his own, Moose. Kenny’s eldest son, Crosby, scats some solo work throughout the vamp. Zander immediately wanted to buy a dog and name it Moose after hearing this song the first time. I’m still not sure I’ve convinced him we’re not getting a dog any time soon.)
  13. 1234 (Such a fun song! And Kenny’s daughter, Hana, actually sings while jumping rope. Way to go, girl!)

The album hasn’t gotten an official release date yet, (although 12/28/2009 is what Walmart is saying), but you can still go listen to the album here. And, you can click here to buy the single There is a Mountain.

Kenny Loggins and his musical partner Jim Messina embarked on a national tour August 20. You can click here for more info.

For the latest news, tour dates and info check out KennyLoggins.com, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks, One2One Network, for the opportunity to preview this album!

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    I was able to review it as well and it was fantastic! We all loved it! You've done an excellent review of this album.

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