Almost Time for Surgery

Tomorrow, Jace will go in for surgery. He will have his tonsils and his adenoids removed.

I know this is the best thing for him. He gets strep throat all the time, and he is always sick and miserable. Having his tonsils out will make a world of difference. He’s a little anxious about the surgery, but I am a wreck. Every time I think about the surgery, I get sick to my stomach, I shake, and I just can’t focus. As I type this, I can barely form the words to say because it’s got me so upset. Now, don’t worry. Jace has no idea that I’m so scared.

This is a routine surgery. I know that. Kids are having this done all the time, and there are rarely any complications. So why am I so scared?

He goes in tomorrow morning at 6:30. They said that we can expect to be there for at least 8 hours and then he’ll get to go home.

I’d love any tips you have on calming my nerves, keeping Jace calm, and helping us both survive this surgery. Please?

Tomorrow I’ll be updating my status on twitter and on Facebook if you want to keep tabs on how everything is going. Any prayers you can spare would be fantastic!

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    I don't know how to make you feel better because i am scared for Blaze to go through it too. But I do know God is there and He will help you. Everything will be ok.

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    Jace is in my prayers. You are scared because they are cutting your baby. Take it easy.

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    The Stevens Family says:

    You both will be in my prayers, sweet mama. I went through this surgery when I was 10 years old, and it was one of the best things that could have happened in the long run. Keep reminding yourself that you're doing the right thing. God bless you and Jace!

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    I was looking at your website designs and came across this. I know I just asked you what Jace was having surgery for. Prayers said!

    Be strong Momma, knowing in your heart your doing the best thing and having faith will get you through it. Bring music to listen to, nice calming music.

    My daughter was about 8 when she had the same exact operation. Everything went fine. It was very routine when I look back now.

    The only advice I will offer, but I won't tell you to go against what the doctors tell you…….

    ..give him the ice pops and ice cream! He will love you for it. And nothing wet and soft has ever hurt someones throat. You will know what I mean if the doctors tell you not to do this.

    God Bless, everything will be fine.

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