Another Appointment

On Wednesday (April 2nd), I had another appointment. This was the “fun” appointment, so I really had no desire to post about it. Sorry!

The doc did tell me that the ultrasound a few weeks ago showed that I had a small tear in my uterus. Apparently when the baby attached to the side of the uterine wall, it tore a bit. It’s nothing of concern at all, but it does account for the slight bleeding I had a few weeks ago. She’s confident that it will heal itself with no problem. She did also say that the baby looks perfect. Nothing of concern there yet at all!

She did the other normal stuff…. pap smear, std tests, all the fun things they’re required to do.

That’s it. I go back on April 30th. Sorry there’s nothing exciting to report, but sometimes no news is good news!

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