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I normally post the funny things my kids say over on the other blog, but since this one is all about me and Ashley, I figured I’d post it here for your enjoyment. I’ve already got another funny for today on the other blog, courtesy of Jace.

Ashley left her journal sitting on the kitchen table, and I picked it up. There was nothing written on any of the pages, and I asked her why it was empty. She told me that she uses it to write letters to her friends and then rips the pages out. I asked her if she understood the point of a journal, and she said she did, but she wasn’t going to write anything in there for fear that I might read it. (Smart girl! 😉 )

A few minutes later, she asked me about my first diary, and if my mom and dad read through mine. I said I didn’t know if they ever did or not, but if they had, on every page, they would have found the exact same thing:

Davy Jones!

Yes, I was obsessed. Even from a young age. I’d watch the old Monkees episodes religiously, and just thought Davy Jones was the cutest thing ever. (Remember the old Brady Bunch episode where Marcia was obsessed? I was even more so…)

Ashley looked at me and asked, “Who is Davy Jones?”

Without thinking, I replied, “He was a Monkee – and definitely the cutest of the bunch” and left it at that.

I looked up, and her face made me laugh out loud. She then asks, “You were in love with a monkey?? Like Magilla Gorilla?!”

Yes, honey, my love for monkeys stems from my early childhood.

I did explain that the Monkees were a singing group, but I’m kinda wishing I hadn’t. It may have been funnier to let that stew for awhile.

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    LOL At first I thought, why would she be in love with a monkey? Duh that’s an old band. LOL

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    Now that is funny!

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