Another hospital stay for us….

Seriously, I cannot take much more of this!

I went to my doctor’s appointment yesterday. My doctor is also Parker’s doctor. (It’s hard to find a pediatrician here, they only have “family doctors.”) Anyway, we both got checked out. Doc doubled my blood pressure medicine, since my bp was still elevated. She didn’t seem overly concerned about it, though. She also prescribed a water pill for me. I took one last night and it did NOTHING – except give me a migraine that hurt so badly that I could barely move all night. I’m still extremely swollen, but I will NOT be taking another water pill. No thank you.

She also checked out Parker. She was concerned at how yellow he looked, so she checked his bilirubin levels. Not 5 minutes after I got home, she called me. It’s enough to scare you to death when the DOCTOR calls you – and not her assistant. She said that Parker’s levels were dangerously high for as young as he is and as little. (His level was 20.3 from the office visit.) She instructed me to take him into the hospital immediately and have him put under the bili lights and on a bili blanket. She said that he had breastmilk jaundice and I wouldn’t be able to nurse him the entire time he was on the lights. Luckily, the hospital had a pump so that I could keep the production up while he wasn’t nursing.

We got to the hospital, and they put some shades on him. Isn’t he cute? (And, yes, my hands are still swollen, too.)

We stripped him to his diaper, and they stuck him under the lights, in his special little bed:

After 6 hours on the lights, they checked his levels again. This time, it was 16.4. He didn’t do well on the regular formula, though, so at this point they switched him to soy formula. He didn’t do well on it, either. And, you could tell he didn’t like it. Every time I held him to feed him, he tried his hardest to latch on through my shirt. Poor kid.

Here he is during one of his feedings – I just loved the shades:

At 6am, they checked his levels again: 11 even. Fabulous! At noon, his levels went up a little to 11.8. Doc decided at this point to take him off the lights completely and I could start nursing him again. I don’t know who was happier – me or him! It had been such an awful night.

At 5:30, they checked his levels again, and they had dropped to 10.something. Doc didn’t say, but she was extremely happy and said that we could go home. We then sat there and waited for 2 HOURS for them to get the paperwork ready so we could go home.

We finally left the hospital around 7:45, and we are SO glad to be home. Last night was absolutely awful. Parker likes to be swaddled, so lying in the bed naked drove him crazy. He cried all night long, and I cried just as hard because it was killing me not being able to hold him. But, that’s all over now, and we’re home. We go back tomorrow for one more check, and hopefully all will be good from there on out.

I really hope this is the end of the bad stuff. I just can’t take any more.

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    HUGS to you. Frankie had jaundice and had to spend two days under the lights. I remember crying along with him because I couldn’t comfort him. It was AWFUL.

    You will remain in my prayers…I hope that everything just gets better from here.


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    Jewllori by Lori says:

    awwwww! Poor lil guy! You guys have had a rough time! I feel so terrible that it went like this for you. Hopefully the worst is over and you and Parker can enjoy some good mommy/son bonding time. Love ya and still praying for you!!

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    I’m sorry that had to happen. Poor Parker.

    I’m even more shocked they told you not to breastfeed. Everything I’ve ever read about jaundice and breastfeeding says you should continue to breastfeed through it.

  4. 4

    Many prayers going up for you and Parker right now.
    I think this is the end of it, too.
    Don’t even think twice about the whole breastfeeding thing. This is not the time to be beating yourself up.
    Take care.

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