Apps for Healthy Kids (Vote for Break Pal!) {Guest Post}

It’s no secret that kids (and adults) need more exercise these days. With the economy so bad, many schools are being forced to cut Physical Education and that’s not helping.

Did you know that because of the childhood obesity epidemic, it is predicted that today’s children will be the first generation with a shorter lifespan than their parents? Not only is reduced physical activity affecting children’s health, but it also affects their learning ability. They just don’t learn well unless they are getting exercise. The body and the brain work together.

Teachers know that when the kids don’t get the physical release of energy from exercise, they struggle at learning. There’s a lot of scientific evidence to back this.

However, there may be an answer and with 90 seconds of your time, you can help!

A new fitness app, Break Pal has been tested in the classroom and it’s helping. Short Micro-workouts are delivered right to the classroom and kids take a quick break to exercise. It’s working great. But it’s hard to get the word out.

Right now that app is a finalist in First Lady Michelle Obama’s “apps forhealthy kids” contest. This contest has been highly publicized and is being promoted by the White House and the USDA. If Break Pal wins, the First Lady will help us spread Break Pal to classrooms across the country. We can literally helps millions of children and people who work at desks.

This is Where You Come In…
The folks at Break Pal have decided to give out a premium version to anyone who votes for them. Just vote and then tell them you voted and they’ll give you a premium Break Pal account that you can use to stay fit while you work. No catch. A free premium account and a thank you for voting.

It takes less than 90 seconds to vote.

Easy voting instructions (this really will take less than 90 seconds):

1) The fastest way to vote is to go directly to the registration page first.

2) You’ll then need to confirm your email address (don’t worry, they won’t spam you)

3) Go directly to the Break Pal app and click vote

4) Bonus – Share on facebook and twitter.

5) Contact Break Pal and tell them. Just say “I voted” and they’ll know what to do.

That’s it!!!

They produced a video on how this can help. If you’d like to view it, go here:

Let’s work together and show the world how awesome bloggers are. Let’s help Break Pal win, and in the process millions of children (and grown-ups!) will win as well.

Disclaimer: This post was written by the owners of Break Pal. I was in no way compensated for this post, however, I will receive a premium account with Break Pal, just like anyone else who votes for them. The opinions stated in this post are that of Break Pal’s. I agree with their statements, though, and will gladly support this company in any way that I can. Go Break Pal!

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