April 15th

Happy Tax Day!

The kids and I stopped at the grocery store this afternoon to stock back up on food. We’ve decided to cut all Red Dye #40 out of our diets, so I was even more picky than usual when deciding what to put in the cart. (If you want to know why we’re cutting it out, email me and let me know!)

We came to the jello aisle. My kids LOVE those little jello cups, and “red” just happens to be a favorite of them all. When I explained to Z that we couldn’t get the red jello this time, he folded his arms and declared, “When I am a grown up, I am going to eat ONLY things that are red. And you won’t be able to tell me not to.”

JJ looked at him and said, “But will you be married?”

Not sure if he was implying that Z’s wife may not let him have only red things or not, but it was quite funny the way that he asked!

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    Danielle says:

    I didn’t know, but I googled and found out when I read this post. Interesting stuff.

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