August 11th

Zander was coloring a paper for his phonics class today, and he had to color a picture of an elephant. He started to color the elephant red, and I asked him why he picked that color. His response was, “The elephant is hot. Really hot. Not hot like Daddy says you are when you wear that black dress, but hot like he’s on fire.”

I think my face turned as red as the crayon he was using to color the elephant.


Later in the evening, I was taking some product photos for a client. Zander was supposed to do it, but he wasn’t feeling well, so Jace stepped in to take his place. The article was personalized with Zander’s name on it, but Jace didn’t seem to mind. As I was putting the item (an art smock) on him, he asked me, “Does this have to tie?” I told him it did and he said, “I figured it did, because it has tie-ers on it.” After we got it on and tied the sides, he said, “Well, I know I’m not Zander, but I think I look pretty darn cute in this. Don’t you?”

And that he did. “Pretty darn cute.”

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