August 12th

This morning at church, Zander’s class received a big school supply box filled with lots of goodies – paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue stick…. you know, things every kid needs before starting preschool or kindergarten. As we’re on the way home, he says to me, “Mom, I love my school box. It’s green, and it’s filled with all of the things I need for school!” After another minute passed, he then asked, “Mom? Am I 5 now? Because I really need to be 5 and I need to get to school so that I can use my school box.”

He was just so excited over the silly thing. Imagine his excitement when we got home and I taught him how (and when!!) to use the scissors and let him draw on some of the paper he’d gotten. He told me, “I need you to be my teacher at school, because you’re the best teacher there is!”

Makes my heart melt every day. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful kids!


Also, this evening, on the way home from church, Jace got angry at Zander, and shouted, “I don’t love you!” I immediately piped up and said, “Jace! You don’t ever tell someone you don’t love them – especially your brother. That is not nice, and I absolutely do not want to hear it again.” Jace put on the poochie lip, and after a few minutes asked, “Mom? Do I have to love everybody?” I said, “Yes, honey. The Bible says we are supposed to love everyone. Even when they make us angry or drive us crazy.” Zander then butted in and told Jace, “That’s why Mommy loves us so much — cuz we drive her really crazy.”

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