August 29th

This afternoon, we had to take MIL to the doctor. At the doctor’s office they have this huge playroom that’s perfect for the kids. While she was meeting with the doctor, the kids and I were playing in the playroom.

Jace found a baby doll, and went over to the kids’ sized rocking chair in the room. He proceeded to rock his baby, feed her a bottle, and was just so gentle with her. All of a sudden, he gasps, and says, “My baby just said her first word!!!” I asked him what her first word was, and he said, “It was JJ!!” He then told me that the baby’s name was Lucy, and she loved to be rocked. So sweet.

Part Two
On our way home from church this evening, Zander somehow got us on the topic of heaven. He kept talking about it, asking questions, wanting to know where it was… etc. The boys had received balloons tonight at church, and Jace was hitting Ashley with his, and just being a pain. I told him that I was going to “let his balloon go to heaven if he didn’t quit” and Zander replied, “But Mom, balloons can’t go to Georgia!”

He’s so right…. Georgia really is a little piece of heaven! 🙂

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