August 5th…

We were all sitting on the couch this evening, ready to say bedtime prayers and put the boys to bed. Our boys have decided that they’re going to sleep in their underwear like Tarzans from now on. (SIGH) Well, Gene made a comment that it was funny how Jace’s underwear fit him so well, but Zander’s always seem so baggy. I told him that it was because Zander has no butt. Jace thought this was interesting, so he turns to Ash and says, “Do you have a butt?” Ash looked at me, not sure what to say, and I said, “Nope. She’s got no butt.” So, Jace turns back to her and says, “You just have a butt crack and no butt! Do you know how funny that is?!” After which he proceeded to laugh hysterically for the next 10 minutes….

I wish I knew where he picked this stuff up. Some days I just have no idea!

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