August 8th

This evening, the kids were being exceptionally bad. I decided it was time to stop and time for them to go to bed. Jace didn’t take this well and was downright angry with me as we all gathered together to say our prayers. Zander said the prayer tonight, making sure to pray for Jace’s arm to feel better. (Lately if we don’t pray for his arm, he gets mad and demands we start the prayer all over again and include his arm.) After Zander said Amen, Jace turned to Gene, tears in his eyes, and says, “But he didn’t pray for my feelin’s. Mommy hurted my feelin’s, and he needs to pray that they feel better.”

A little while later, I went in to check on the boys and give them another kiss. Jace was still awake, and he put his arms out for me to hug him. I gave him a big hug, and he said, “Did you come in here just to hug and kiss me?” I told him, “I sure did. I have to make sure I hug you and Zander before I go to bed.” I then asked him if he was still upset with me. He said no, and I told him I didn’t like it when he was angry at me. He looked right at me and said, “Well, if you wouldn’t hurt my feelin’s then I wouldn’t get angry at you.”

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