Awful, awful day….

I’ve spotted most of today. I KNOW it’s because I’ve overdone it with VBS. This has been a very exhausting week. And, while I’ve had a TON of fun, I’m glad tomorrow is the last night.

I called the doctor and told her about the spotting. She told me to get into bed and stay put until my u/s tomorrow, but I told her I couldn’t. I had too many people and too many kids depending on my being there tonight. (What I didn’t know was that I should have stayed home. I had the worst night tonight.)

She told me I could go, but no playing games, no lifting anything, nothing. She’s not sure if the spotting is still from the tear in my uterine wall, or if there’s another problem. She was going to call down to the high risk doctors office to have them check during the u/s tomorrow.

I’m SO glad I get to see this sweet little guy tomorrow. I need it SO badly after tonight. Seeing his little heartbeat and watching him move on screen will make everything that happened today disappear – I hope!

So, pray for me as I drive to Gainesville tomorrow for the u/s. I’ve never driven to Gainesville, and I have to go over “Blood Mountain” to get there, so I’m VERY, VERY nervous. Just pray for my safety and that all is just fine with “Baby Boo.”

I’ll update as soon as I’m home from VBS tomorrow night. I won’t be home before then.

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