Baby Silk by MD Moms (Review)

Earlier this week, MD Moms sent me an amazing box of goodies from their new Baby Silk line. Before I get to my review of their products, I want to tell you a little bit about MD Moms.

Diane Truong, MD, FAAP and JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP are board-certified pediatricians and moms. They were inspired by the needs of their patients (and their own children!) to create the first pediatrician-developed personal care line for babies. The line is called Baby Silk, and they carry everything from diaper rash cream to sunscreen towelettes.

My Review of MD Moms
I had the opportunity to test out each of the products in the Baby Silk line, and I was thoroughly impressed! I’ll break down each product and give you my thoughts:

  • Baby Silk Gentle All Over Clean – This hair and body wash is wonderful. Parker does not like bath time. At all. So it is wonderful for me that this pump is easily used with one hand. I can hold on to Parker with one hand and get just the right amount of hair and body wash with the other. It glides on, rinses clean, (and quickly!!), and leaves him smelling so fresh. And, it’s tear free, which is great, since bath time seems to bring on the tears anyway. When I’m rinsing him clean, I don’t have to worry about it getting in his eyes and irritating them. When he got out of the tub and his hair dried, I couldn’t believe how silky and clean his hair was! Awesome! Makes me want to avoid the haircut that hubby had me schedule for Parker. I love how soft this makes his hair.
  • Baby Silk Daily Skin Protection – This moisturizing balm goes on silky smooth. It doesn’t have a slimy texture, and it glides on easily. No sticky residue, either, which is a wonderful plus! And the smell is heavenly. All babies should smell as good as Parker does after I rub him down with the daily skin protection. We’ve used it after his bath each night, and it leaves him smelling wonderful and his skin is silky soft.
  • Baby Silk Delicate Skin Comfort – This silky liquid powder is my new “must have” baby product. Because we live in the South, and the weather gets hot, this powder is wonderful for keeping the folds and fat rolls that Parker has silky smooth and chafe free! I love the feel of his skin after applying this. It feels so incredibly soft, and I know that we’re protecting all those precious little parts when he’s wearing it. I let Ashley put this on Parker yesterday, and she fell in love with it, too. She wanted it for herself! I think I’m going to have to hide this bottle from her!
  • Baby Silk Gentle Scalp Rub – This exfoliating cleanser for cradle cap is awesome. I wish I had it back when Parker was first born and we were having so many problems with cradle cap. I’ve actually been using this on Lucy. For some reason, Lucy has developed patches of what look like cradle cap on her scalp. After using this on her head for the last few days, I’ve seen a significant change. Her hair is silky soft, and her scalp is clean and moisturized so much better than it’s been with any other product I have used. I’m putting this on my list for the next newborn in the family.
  • Baby Silk Soothing Bottom Relief – We deal with diaper rash more than I’d even like to admit, and I will tell you that I was skeptical that this diaper rash cream would be different than any of the other diaper rash creams I’ve tried. Boy, did I have to eat my words! Parker had one of those rashes with the awful red bumps that just wouldn’t go away. After one use of this diaper rash cream, I noticed a real change. After a full day of using the cream, the spots were gone! Spots that I have tried for weeks to get rid of, and after 24 hours of this diaper rash cream, were gone. I love that it goes on silky and not greasy like other diaper rash creams. And just a little bit goes a long way!
  • Baby Silk Gentle All Over Clean Towlettes – Ok, so I just admitted that we deal with diaper rash way too much in this house. One of the major problems I have had with all of my kids is finding wipes that won’t cause them pain with each diaper change. It is so hard to find alcohol free wipes! Even the sensitive wipes in the store aren’t alcohol free and they hurt when the kids have diaper rash. However, these wipes don’t hurt! No longer do I have to dirty up a washrag at every diaper changing. These wipes are as gentle as a washcloth and they’re the only wipes that don’t cause Parker and Lucy to scream when they have diaper rash. At less than 17 cents a wipe, these are one investment that I’m going to make to keep my kids smiling.
  • Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes – These are an absolute must have item for any mom. This is my new favorite product, and one that I want to have on hand all the time! These SPF 30+ uva/uvb protection sunscreen towlettes are the coolest new baby product on the market. As a mom of 5, I am always looking for ways to cover my kids in sunscreen quickly and easily. Any mom knows that just isn’t possible. The spray on cans leave that sticky residue, and my kids are instantly covered with sand the moment they step on the beach. However, these wipes don’t leave a sticky residue! Simply wipe on the exposed areas, and the kids are ready to go! I used them on the boys the other day before they went outside to play. After I wiped Jace down, he asked, “How long do I have to stand here before this dries?” He was pleasantly surprised when we discovered that it was already dry and he could head outside to play! They are quick and ultra convenient. I can throw the pack in my purse or the diaper bag, and I’ve always got them on hand. I’m prepared for any situation that may arise, and I know that my kids are protected from the sun’s harmful rays with a single wipe. Every mom needs to get their hands on these sunscreen towelettes. Especially if you are a busy mom with kids who don’t like to wait.

As you can see, I was really impressed by the entire line of Baby Silk. And because these products were created by pediatricians, I know that they are safe, gentle, and effective. I don’t have to worry about using these products on any of my kids.

Be sure to stop by MD Moms and check out the new Baby Silk line. Also, be sure to follow MD Moms on Twitter.

To Buy:
You can purchase directly through the MD Moms Website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MD Moms is offering a promotion right now. If you order six or more of an MD Mom Baby Silk product and enter the promo code, LOVEYOU at checkout, you receive 25 percent off your entire order. (Perfect for the Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes and the Cleansing Towelettes!)

Also, now through the end of August, the MD Moms Travel Set and Sunscreen Towelette Single Three-Pack are available for the first time together for $17.75 (a $35.50 value) through QVC, while supplies last!

Thank you to MD Moms for allowing me to test out these products and share them with my readers.

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