Baby Won’t Take A Cup

Life as a parent is full of challenges. One day, your baby will only eat bananas. The next day, you go to feed him a banana, and he’ll look at you like you just tried to feed him garbage. It’s frustrating – to say the least.

One challenge we have had with Gage is that he refuses to drink from a cup. In fact, before we went to his one year well visit, I could only get him to drink formula from a bottle. After he passed the one year mark, I started weaning him off the formula and onto milk. We did it gradually, and in a few weeks, he was drinking milk from the bottle.

But when I tried to give him anything in a cup, he would refuse it. He’d push it away, scream, and turn his head. I tried every cup the sell at our local grocery store, too. Not a single one of them appealed to him.

A couple of weeks ago, he got the flu. I couldn’t get him to eat or drink anything – from a bottle or a cup. I was so afraid we were going to have to admit him for dehydration. The doctor put him on antibiotics, and I started pushing any kind of fluids I could get in him. Italian ice, popsicles, jello – whatever he would eat. Eventually, I was able to get him to drink Gatorade from a bottle –  but not from a cup.

At this point, I was incredibly frustrated. He’s over a year old, so I want to wean him from the bottle and get him on a cup. BUT, I actually needed to get him drinking from a cup.

Then, last night, I held my cup up to his mouth – no lid, nothing. He drank it like a pro. So, all this time, I should have been trying a cup with no lid! Not 20 minutes later, I caught him drinking from Lucy’s princess cup that has a straw.

It took him long enough – and me long enough to figure out why he wouldn’t drink from a cup. Apparently, he just wanted to do it like the big kids.

It’s a little messier having him drink from a regular cup or a cup with a straw, but if that’s what it takes to keep him from getting dehydrated, that’s what we’ll do.

If your baby won’t take a cup, try using a regular cup or a cup with a straw. It may take several days, but don’t give up. Keep trying!

Did you struggle with a baby that won’t take a cup? If so, what did you do to finally get him or her to stop drinking from a bottle and use a cup?


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    ColleenMarie82 says:

    My daughter just turned 1 in March. She will drink from a cup but not a much as she will drink out of a bottle. I have started splitting the amount she drinks in half. Giving her half in the bottle and the other half in a sippy cup. That seems to be working for now, but like you said tomorow who knows.

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