Baby’s first ultrasound!

Had the ultrasound today. That was interesting.

They told me to drink 36 ounces of water an hour beforehand. Well, I did that, and by the time I got to Grandma’s office to drop of JJ & Lulu, I had to pee. So, I did. I went across the street to the hospital, and by the time I got checked in, I had to pee again! They finally took me back, and she started the ultrasound. She pushed and pushed on my stomach for 10 minutes, but couldn’t find the baby, and couldn’t find my right ovary. The entire time, she’s telling me how full my bladder is. (Duh! I drank a LOT of water.) So, she has me go empty my bladder and she decides to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound. (Is that what they’re called? I’ve never had one before.) Anyway, she gets the wand in place and says, “Ummm…. your bladder is still completely full!” SIGH. So, I get up, empty again, and come back. STILL FULL!! We did this 5 times before I finally got empty enough for her to see anything!!!

After that whole ordeal, she was finally able to see the baby AND find my right ovary. LOL.

Baby is measuring small…. which is exactly what I expected. I knew I had ovulated late, and that’s why I was getting the faint + pregnancy tests. Baby is officially measuring 6 weeks and 6 days, which puts my due date at October 31st.

We were able to see the heartbeat which has to be one of the sweetest sights in the world.

She didn’t tell me much, but I assume all is well. If not, I’ll find out about it at my next doctor’s appointment on April 2nd.

Here’s “Baby Boo”:

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    Awww congrats Angie!!!

    So tickled for you 🙂

    Love ya, Lib

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