Back to School with Office Max (Review)

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all the talk about the blogcast lots of us attended thanks to Office Max and Peter Walsh. Well, to go along with that blogcast, Office Max sent me a big box of back-to-school goodies to test out.

The supplies come from their Schoolio Von Hoolio back-to-school product line. (Isn’t that name awesome? So catchy!) The line is only available in-store right now, which is actually good news considering they’re having one heck of a back-to-school sale! Those deals are only available in-store, so find your closest Office Max and get there! (Be sure to check the weekly ad for dates these prices are valid.) Oh, and this Sunday, August 9th, Teachers get an extra 15% off. Love that!

I opened the box, and everything that Office Max sent was purple. Ashley loves the color purple, so as I was picking up each item, she would grab it and start oooooohing and aaaaaaaaahing over everything.

Here are the supplies we got:

  • 7-pocket Expanding File
  • Owl & Cupcake Binders
  • Purple Heart Clipboard & Mini Notebook
  • Drawstring Backsack
  • Cupcake Notebook
  • Cupcake 2-Pocket Folder
  • Birds & Leaves Composition Books
  • Pencil Set & Box

So much stuff! Ashley’s eyes were as big as saucers as she went through everything, and she said, “Mom! Now we can color code everything! I can have purple, and we’ll find a different color for Zander.” She is so smart. And can you tell that she’s been listening to what I’ve been saying? I got that tip from Peter Walsh, and as a homeschooling family, color coding everything will definitely help us be much more organized this year! I’m looking forward to implementing it.

As I was looking through all of the items, I was surprised at the prices. The prices of the entire Schoolio Von Hoolio back-to-school product line range from 99 cents to just $5.99. That’s it! No outrageous prices, and you get high quality products. I love Office Max. I really do. I love that they take the time to research their products, have moms (like me!) test them out, and price them so that even the most frugal mom doesn’t have a problem buying them. I would recommend Office Max to anyone who wants fun, trendy school supplies for their kids this year.

Thank you, Office Max, for the chance to review these products. I love them so much that we’ll be heading down there soon to get some more supplies for Zander. After all, we’ve got to color-code, and Zander loves red. 🙂

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    cbdkndmom says:

    ooh, and extra 15% off. I wonder if that works with my MaxPerks teacher card. Hmmmm. Thanks for the heads up Angie!

  2. 2
    karenmed409 says:

    I think my girls will love these styles. thanks for the review.

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