Backyard Safari Outfitters – Gear Up For Adventure! (Review)

Summer is here, and the one place my kids love to be most is outside. Living in the middle of nowhere, and on the side of a mountain, we’ve got more wildlife, birds, and bugs than this city girl has ever experienced before.

Thanks to Team Mom, I had the opportunity to receive several items from the Backyard Safari Outfitters to test out and review with my kids. Zander was definitely up for the challenge, and I can’t wait to tell you his reaction.

Before I do that, though, here’s some need-to-know info about Backyard Safari Outfitters:

Backyard Safari Outfitters equips young explorers with all the essential gear they could possibly need for scoping out local “wildlife” from insects in the grass to birds flying overhead to frogs in a pond – and even more! The possibilities are endless when you’ve got the right gear.

Kids can choose from a vast array of fun gear and tools, including the practical and very snazzy Cargo Vest, the super cool Bug Vacuum, the Mega View Periscope – and dozens of other must-have items.

Included in each Backyard Safari Outfitters kit is a detailed Pop-Up Field Guide. It’s small enough to fit into almost any pocket, and the guide if full of rich illustrations, information on nature, bugs, fossils, the solar system – almost anything related to being outdoors.

Not only does the gear encourage kids to get up and get out, it also heightens adventure and peaks kids’ interest in science. Learn while having fun!

Our Review of Backyard Safari Outfitters
When the box arrived in the mail, I knew my kids were going to flip! Zander still loves to pretend and dress up in costume, so the Cargo Vest was an instant hit. He put it on right away, and he still asks me every single day if he can wear it. He has even decided to leave the cardboard cut-outs of other products attached to the vest until we can buy the real ones. (In his words, the cardboard ones look cool, and you have to have them on the vest or the vest won’t work right.)

I got him all geared up, and he, Jace, and I headed outside to see what we could see with the Mega View Periscope and grab with the Bug Vacuum.

Now, I must confess: I don’t like bugs. At all. And neither does Zander. So, I was kind of curious to see how he would do with the Bug Vacuum. But, he really surprised me. He was all for sucking up bugs and looking at them. He found a bunch of really big black ants, and immediately sucked one up. He then had to run back into the house, (with me shouting “Don’t let the bug out in the house!” behind him), to show his Daddy what he had caught. They spent some time looking at the bug through the built-in magnifying glass and talking about how big the ant was. I’m happy to report that no bugs were released into my living room. The boys then spent an hour taking turns sucking up bugs, looking them over, and then releasing them back into “the wild.”

After taking lots of time with the Bug Vacuum, they wanted to try out the Mega View Periscope. Because our house is surrounded by a cow pasture, the grass doesn’t get mowed often enough around our side of the fence. That gives us some really tall grass that was perfect for testing out the periscope. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. Our goal was to lie down in the grass and peek above it with the periscope, but we couldn’t get the periscope to stay expanded all the way up. When we went down into the grass, the periscope came down with us. I wish there were some kind of locking mechanism to keep the periscope extended.

The kids have had a ball with the Backyard Safari Outfitters gear, and they’ve used it almost every day that we’ve had it. They’ve taken it to Maw-Maw’s house and used it there, and all of their friends at the apartment complex just had to test it out too.

I am super impressed with the quality of the products, and how much my kids love them. It’s so great to see them outside playing and actually sharing. The Backyard Safari Outfitters collection of toys is an instant hit in my book!

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Want to Try Backyard Safari Outfitters for yourself?
To Buy: You can find Backyard Safari Outfitters products at Toys R Us, Wal-mart, Barnes and Noble, Target, on the Summit Toys website. and on on Amazon.

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Disclaimer: I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour with Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters. I received the items necessary to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

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