beginning… Products from Maclaren (Review & Giveaway – 12/17)

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body. The stretching, the aches and pains, it can be tough. But, it can also be the most rewarding time of your life. You endure 9 months of weight gain, stretch marks, and pain to receive the ultimate reward: a new little one to love.

Maclaren, (the makers of the fabulous Volo stroller that I raved about recently), has introduced a new line of products made just for mom and baby. It’s called the beginning… line, and I’ve been using them for several weeks now.

I love their tag line: “Purity, Nurturing, and Connection…. from the beginning.

Before I get to my review of the beginning… products, let me share a bit more about them with you:

beginning holistic personal care products have been carefully created to meet the emotional and physical needs of mothers and babies during this important life stage. We select natural and organic ingredients, as well as 100% pure essential oils to restore harmony and stir the senses, in proportions that are safe for use during pregnancy and infancy.

My Review of beginning…
I received a sample of each product that Maclaren offers in their beginning… line for both mother and baby. While baby Gage isn’t here yet to test out these products on, I have used quite a few of them on Parker. My favorite products for baby are the Calming Bath Milk, the Comforting Room Mist, and the Protecting Nappy Change Balm. Parker loves each of these items as well.

The older boys call the Comforting Room Mist “Monster Spray.” Apparently, it doesn’t just give baby a sense of familiarity and calm, but it also scares monsters away. Who knew?

The Nappy Change Balm is awesome. Parker has the most sensitive of bottoms, and he hates getting his diaper changed. Since we started using this, I have seen a 180* turn around in the way he acts each time he gets changed. He’s not near as sensitive or as sore anymore, and I’m quite certain it’s due to the Nappy Change Balm. You can bet I’ll be using this from now on, and I’ll definitely be using it on Gage when he arrives.

The calming bath milk smells heavenly. I’ve only used it a handful of times with Parker because I really want to save it for Gage. The combined scents of lavender, geranium, and mandarin essential oils calm me down after a long day, and I’m hoping they’ll do the same for Gage.

Those aren’t the only items from the baby line that I received, I also have the Cocooning Massage Oil, Absorbing Dusting Powder, and the Soothing Delicate Soap. Every item smells so wonderful, and I can’t wait to use all of them on my new baby soon.

I also received many items from the beginning… line for mother. Let me tell you, each one of these items has now become a part of my daily routine. My absolute favorite item is the Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir. I love the way it smells, and it leaves my skin feeling silky soft. While it’s fabulous for pregnancy, I plan to continue using it after the baby is born… I love it that much.

Another fabulous product that I could not live without is the Balancing Facial Mist. This has become my “chill pill” so to speak. I have been so stressed lately, but one spritz of this calms my nerves and allows me to go on with my day. Does it take away all my problems? Nope. I wish it did. I’d purchase stock in it. 🙂 But, it does allow me to breathe deeply, calm down, and carry on.

The Supporting Belly Balm and the Alleviating Leg Lotion are two other items that I use every single day. While I’m already covered with stretch marks after 5 previous pregnancies, the belly balm feels so good on my skin that I use it every day after my shower. At the end of the day, it’s become a ritual that my hubby will rub my legs with the Alleviating Leg Lotion. It feels so good after running around all day long!

I find myself using the Connecting Massage Oil quite often as well. Gage isn’t much of a mover and a shaker, but I always seem to get some kind of reaction when I run the massage oil on my belly. It’s so comforting to me to feel him moving around, and I really feel that it’s the start of a special bond between us.

Another item that gets used daily is the Hand Sanitizer with Organic Lavender. It’s in my purse, and it gets applied to all the kids’ hands, as well as my own, whenever we’re out and about. I love the fresh scent and the fact that it kills germs. This is one staple that I will continue to keep with me from now on.

Along with all the fabulous products mentioned above, I also received quite a few candles. After all the kids have finally fallen asleep, and hubby has crashed on the couch after a long day of work, you can often find me sitting in the dark in my glider, taking in the scent of one of the candles and enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s my favorite way to end the day.

Overall, I am definitely impressed with the entire beginning… line from Maclaren. So many of these products are items that I will continue to use now and down the road. I love that they are free of synthetic perfumes, contain no artificial colors or animal ingredients, and are never tested on animals. This is a line that I would be proud to recommend to any mom – whether she’s having her first baby or her 15th.

Want to try Maclaren’s beginning… Products for Yourself?
To Buy: You can find the beginning… products online at and They are reasonably priced and would make the perfect gift for any new mom or mom to bed.

You Can Win! I have a Travel Kit for Mother and a Travel Kit for Baby to give away to one lucky winner! Now you can sample each of the items mentioned above for yourself! (Valued at $24 each. Both items pictured above.)

To Enter
Mandatory: Head to the Maclaren Baby website and then come back here and tell me one product you’d love to own. (It can be from any of the Maclaren lines.) 
*Mandatory. If this is not done, you cannot win.

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of STC Associates on behalf of Maclaren. I was sent the necessary products to facilitate my honest and thorough review. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated in any other way for this post.

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