Birthday Party Bash Game (Review)

Mom Central recently sent me a copy of the Birthday Party Bash Game to try out on our wii. Since we’re in the middle of “birthday season” here in the Vinez household, I figured this would be tons of fun for the kids to try out, and a great way to keep them all entertained.

First, some facts about the Birthday Party Bash Game:

  • The birthday boy/girl chooses the party theme, anything from pirates to princesses. (There are 10 themes available.) They even get to create their own virtual character, as well as characters for all of their guests!
  • Up to 12 party guests can join in on playing the Wii games.
  • When it’s time to serve the cake, “Happy Birthday” will play karaoke-style while a virtual cake appears on screen.
  • The game is rated E for Everyone

Our Review of the Birthday Party Bash Game:
My kids had a ball with the Birthday Party Bash Game. Because it was recently Zander’s birthday, we let him go first at choosing the party theme, inviting guests, and setting everything up. It was so easy that he was able to do it all by himself. I just sat back and watched.

He picked the pirate theme. After each game, a new decoration would be revealed in the party room. At the very end, they lit up the cake and everyone sings happy birthday! Talk about fun!

The games were easy enough for my 5 & 6 year olds, but still fun for my 12 year old (and me!). They take party games that we’ve all played for years ( like Hot Potato, Red Light, Green Light, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey) and give them a fun, virtual spin.

Ashley liked the Birthday Party Bash Game so much that she asked if she could use the enclosed invitations (Yep! It comes with invitations!) to invite some of her friends from church over for her birthday party next month. She can’t wait!

The Birthday Party Bash Game not only comes with 12 invitations, it also comes with a “Buy One Get One Free” coupon for Duncan Hines Products! Now kids can have a virtual cake and a real cake, and mom won’t go broke! 🙂

The Birthday Party Bash Game also comes with a guide book that explains how to set everything up and even gives you tons of party tips for making a successful party. Because only 4 kids can play at a time, it gives you ideas on what to do during the down time for the kids who are waiting their turn. It’s a fantastic guide to have on hand for any kind of party.

The Birthday Party Bash Game is a hit around our house. My kids have really enjoyed it, and they play it all the time. Jace jumps and gets really into the game every time it’s his turn. Lucy *loves* the Princess theme, and has to have a Princess Party every time it’s her turn! (Yes, even a 2 year old can play the game – she just needs a little help.)

The best part of it all? My kids actually get along when they play this game. Everyone cheers each other on, helps each other, and gets excited when the other one wins. No fighting over who won what game, who got to go first, nothing. That part right there is enough to make me want to buy several copies to have on hand. 🙂 Now, I know that there’s no such thing as magic, but this game comes pretty darn close in my book!

All in all, this has been an excellent addition to our wii game collection, and one that we’ll enjoy for years to come!

Don’t forget to check out to learn more. Just be ready to sing along as soon as the site loads!

And many thanks to Mom Central for allowing us to try out the game!

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