Bumkins Blog Tour: My Review

I have been a fan of Dr. Seuss for as long as I can remember. His books were some of the first that I learned to read, as well as some of the first that I’ve helped my own children learn to read.

So, when I was contacted and asked to do a review of Bumkins new Dr. Seuss line, I gave an enthusiastic “Yes!”

They sent me the Dr. Seuss Footed Sleeper. I absolutely love it! I tried it on Parker, and while it’s still a little big, it’s definitely something he can grow into. It is made of super soft cotton, and has Thing One and Thing Two all over it. It snaps closed, and the snaps actually stay together! I’ve had so many outfits in the past where I’d get it snapped, pick up the baby, and 3 snaps would come undone! Not with this outfit, though. It really stays put!

Here’s Parker in his new little sleeper:

Like I said, it’s still a bit big, but not really – even with as tiny as Parker is. Because he’s so long and skinny, I have a hard time finding clothes that fit him. This is long enough and still has room for him to grow into it. It’s not something he’ll wear once and then grow out of!

Right now Bumkins is offering a free gift AND a chance to win! With any Bumkins Dr. Seuss Purchase receive a Free Grinch Superbib and automatically be entered to win a four pack of Dr.Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornaments! Just enter grinch08 at checkout to receive your complimentary bib.

Bumkins also sent me a bib and an ornament along with the sleeper. The bib is adorable. It’s nice and big, waterproof, and features a great little pocket crumb catcher on the front. Plus, it has a nice long soft velcro strip so it will fit kids of different sizes. AND, there’s no way anything could soak through the bib and ruin the clothes underneath. Definitely looking forward to using this bib next Christmas when Parker’s eating food. It will certainly come in handy!

My husband went crazy over the ornament. We’re big fans of The Grinch, and the ornament is super high quality. My two year old decided it was a “ball” and threw it across the room. (SIGH) You’d never even know it, though, to look at the ornament. It didn’t harm it a bit. Toddler proof ornaments – just what our household needs!! The bib and the ornament both feature characters from the Grinch and are in the signature green color. Absolutely adorable! Here’s Parker in his sleeper with the bib and the ornament:

Head over to Bumkins today and check out all of their products. They are high quality, a great value, and absolutely adorable! PLUS, you get a free bib and a chance to win 4 super cool ornaments!

Oh, and now I must have twins just so I can get them these. Now to convince my husband…. 😉

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    Angie, I know Parker is still tiny, but boy can I see him filling out! Look at the little cheeks he’s getting on him! Those milkshakes must be workin’ 😉 I’ll be very interested to see how much he’s grown at his next check up. Cute stuff, too! I think I shall now have to call you the Freebie Queen! LOL!

  2. 2

    Parker is so cute, I can’t wait to meet my new little one!

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    cbdkndmom aka Mama J to certain folks. says:

    Oh my Angie. Parker looks more and more like your other two boys every day!

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