Busytown Mysteries! (Review)

If you were a kid – or had a kid – any time in the last 40 years, chances are good that you’ve heard of Richard Scarry and Busytown. Did you know that over the last 40 years, the Scarry books have sold over 150 million copies, and have been translated into 30 different languages? Apparently, I’m not the only one who loved these books as a child. 🙂

I grew up reading all about the characters of Busytown. And now, I get to share them with my children in a whole new way.

One2One Network recently sent me an episode of the new Busytown Mysteries series that airs on CBS. They also recommended that I get the kids to try out the website, BusytownMysteries.com.

Before I get to my review, here are a few must-know facts about the Busytown Mysteries tv series and BusytownMysteries.com:

The BusytownMysteries series follows the lives of the most beloved Scarrycharacters, lead by Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm, as they solve the manyevery day mysteries of Busytown.  Where is Mr. Frumble’s pickle car?  The Busytown kids will find out!  How can they help a lost parrot find its owner?  Leave it to Huckle and friends to solve the case!  BusytownMysteries engages children with fun storylines and lovable characters,while introducing them to deductive reasoning skills. Who? What? When?Where? Why?

The half-hour program is made up of two 11-minute stories per episode,You can watch Busytown Mysteries on CBS weekend mornings in the Cookie Jar TV block of children’s programming..  Go to http://bit.ly/busytownsched to check when the series is airing in your area.

Busytown also entertains andeducates fans at home with the fun, interactive websiteBusytownMysteries.com where kids can explore different neighborhoods inBusytown, interact with the Busytowncharacters and play 14 games and activities designed for preschoolers,including interactive games, a Fan Club and “My First Email,” whichlets little ones email their progress to pre-approved friends andfamily addresses.

My Review of Busytown Mysteries

I couldn’t wait to see the new Busytown Mysteries series on tv, so I didn’t! We headed to the Cookie Jar TV schedule to find out when the series would be airing in our area. In our area, it airs really early on Saturday morning (7am) and on Sunday Mornings while we’re at church (11am). It didn’t really matter, though, because we were driving home on Sunday morning. I asked hubby to set up the DVR and record the episodes that we would miss. On Monday, we found the episodes in the DVR schedule and snuggled in to watch them. Within minutes, the kids were hooked! They wanted more! So, after we finished those episodes, we popped in the DVD from One2One Network. They watched it over and over and over. The boys loved Huckle Cat, and Lucy’s favorite was Sally Cat. Even Parker and Ashley were glued to the tv the entire time.

Not only are the cartoons fun, but they teach a lesson at the same time. And it introduces the kids to deductive reasoning skills by answering the questions Who? What? When? Where? Why? (Oh, and I must confess that we are all now hopelessly addicted to the song Who? What? Why? How? It’s great!)

After watching the episodes of Busytown Mysteries a few times, we headed over to the computer and logged onto BusytownMysteries.com. Jace went first. His character was the boy bear and had a shoe car. He loved it. Then, the map popped up and he could head anywhere in Busytown that he wanted. He headed to the Countryside first, and went inside the Recycling center. He had a lot of fun playing the recycling game, and I had fun watching him and Zander work together to get the items in the proper bins.

After the Recycling Center, Jace headed over to the farm. On the farm, he planted a garden. He decided to plant all daisies, because he knows that his Mommy loves daisies! Then, he clicked on the envelope, and mailed the daisies to me. (We had already set up a bunch of contacts for him to email things to. He thought it was hysterical that the picture that represented Ashley was a silly old lady goat!)

BusytownMysteries.com and the Busytown Mysteries tv series are both fantastic, and I love that I can share the world of Richard Scarry with my kids. I love watching their eyes light up with glee whenever they talk about the things they saw or did. And I love that the website fosters independence. My 5 year old had absolutely no trouble doing anything on the website. Instructions were given before each game or project, and he caught on quickly how to do everything he wanted to do. And the best part is, the website is absolutely 100% free to use. There’s no cost to spend all day traveling all over Busytown and making new friends.

Thank you, One2One Network, for telling me about the Busytown Mysteries tv series and BusytownMysteries.com. They are fantastic resources for my kids! Readers, head over to the Cookie Jar schedule and find out when the Busytown Mysteries series will air in your town. Then, log into BusytownMysteries.com and have FUN with your kids!

Disclaimer: One2One Network sent me a DVD that contained 2 eleven minute stories. I was in no way compensated for this post. I was, however, entered into a giveaway for a gift card by posting my review in their aloted amount of time.

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