Can you believe it?

I didn’t get any packages today! Not one! LOL! I’ve been spoiled so much over the past few days, though, so I can’t complain!

I’ll use this post to showcase some more of the items that came in the big box from Kim.

First, a whole bunch of MAM bottles. Before Kim’s contest, I honestly had NO idea that MAM even made bottles! We’ve always used their pacifiers. In fact, MAM pacifiers were the only pacis that Zander, Jace, and Lucy would take. Parker’s not crazy about pacis, but if I do get him to take one, it’s a mam. These bottles are AWESOME. The nipples are the softest silicone I’ve ever felt, and because they’re just like the pacis, Parker doesn’t have a problem taking them. Hallelujah! Finally, a bottle that this child will take! Oh, and the colors rock, too. I’m in love with the orange!

2 little toys from Sassy. These will be perfect for Parker very soon. I plan to use them as stocking stuffers! Adorable!

A teethifier. Now, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? What a great way for kids to chew on something while cutting those back teeth! I love it!!

An OnTray container from Let’s Go Strolling. I am really looking forward to testing this baby out at the grocery store the next time I go. It’ll be a nice way to keep Lucy occupied!

Smart Mom Jewelry. I LOVE this idea!! I wish I had had this with all of my kids! The kids can actually chew on this jewelry and not hurt it – it’s made for them to chew on!! Looking forward to using this when Parker starts teething!

A bath luve. I used this during Parker’s bath tonight, and he really loved it. The warm luve on his belly calmed him down instantly, and he took a nice long soak tonight. Perfect! And, it’s a duck! Love that! 🙂

BUTTPASTE!!! We love buttpaste in our house. It works so great on the nastiest diaper rash. Love, love, love this stuff!

Soft blocks from Sister Sue. She makes some really cool stuff. Go check out her etsy store. The blocks are AWESOME. I love the fabrics! They are perfect for Parker!

I also got a 6 month trial of Baby Insights and Baby Say Cheese from BabbleSoft. I’ve already played around with it and I love it. I’ve discovered that Parker does indeed have his days and nights mixed up, and that in the early morning he tends to nibble rather than really eat a lot. You can learn SO much from this amazing site. It’s so cool!

Again, thank you to all of these sponsors! These gifts are truly amazing!!

There are still a few more things that came in the box from Kim. I’ll get to those tomorrow! 🙂

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    You are one lucky mamma! I’ll admit I’m insanely jealous. LOL But I’m so happy for you!

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