Can you even believe it?

I thought for sure that my pregnancy blog with Lucy would be my last. Little did I know that God had VERY different plans!

My cycles are never different. Every 24 – 26 days, I know exactly what to expect. My next cycle was due to start February 10th, 11th, or 12th. When I still hadn’t started on the 13th, I knew something was off. I bought a pregnancy test, and the next morning, as soon as I woke up, I took the test. Negative. Hmmmm….. I’m never late. Not unless I’m pregnant. So, I waited 3 more days. Sunday morning (the 17th), I tested again – first thing. This time, I got a VERY faint + sign. Hubby still wasn’t convinced, so he made me go out and buy another 2 pack of tests. That same afternoon, I took another test and got another faint +. Still not convinced, he wanted me to wait 3 more days and take the other test. On Wednesday the 20th, I took the last test and it was still just a faint +. Hubby still wasn’t believing it, so on Thursday, I made an appointment with a doctor. They did a test and I got another faint +. But, it was enough of a + sign that they gave me written proof to show hubby that I am indeed pregnant.

The only thing I can figure is that this last cycle was WAY off and was going to be way longer than normal. My guess is that the faint + signs meant that I was just testing too early and that my cycle wasn’t due to start for a few more days.

Anyway, it’s been almost a month and my belly has popped (the joy of having 4 previous pregnancies), and I am throwing up every day. I have no doubt that there will be a baby arriving sometime in October.

First doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. I’ll let you know what happens!!

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