Carefree – Protection & a Fresh Start (Blog Tour)

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expectant parent, a busy mom, or just a woman on the go – sometimes, we all have our reasons for needing a little extra sense of protection.

To help us get through our busiest days without being caught off guard, the makers of Carefree give us a solution with new Ultra Protection liners, which absorb ten times more than Carefree Original Liners. The new liners offer the protection of a pad with the comfort and thinness of a liner, perfect for Moms as we chase the kids around, head out for summer activities, and run errands. You can read more about their fantastic new liners here.

I will tell you that I have been using Carefree liners from the time I was 13. I was always terrified that my period was going to start and I wouldn’t have any protection. Using Carefree liners always helped me feel more secure – especially during those awkward teen years when kids will make fun of anyone and anything they can. Now that I have 5 children, I definitely need the extra protection. Even after doing my Kegal exercises all those years, my muscles “down there” just aren’t what they used to be. A sneeze, a hash cough, or even a good old belly laugh can spell disaster. With these new Carefree Ultra Protection Liners, I no longer have to worry about that. Thank heavens!

In conjunction with their new product launch, the makers of Carefree have also created an exciting campaign called the Carefree Fresh Start Fund that strives to help women make a fresh start in their lives, whether starting a new relationship, changing jobs or even losing a few pounds. Want to know how I’d like to make a fresh start? Well, back in 2007, Gene and I uprooted our entire lives and moved halfway across the country for a fresh start. We left behind family and friends to start a whole new adventure. And what an adventure it has been! Now that we are finally getting settled, I would love to give my photography business a fresh start. I just haven’t had the ability or the funds to advertise, upgrade my equipment, or do many of the things I’ve put on hold for the past few years. A fresh start in my business would certainly be a blessing.

Want to know how to enter to win a fresh start for yourself? It’s easy! Just log on to to apply for funding to reach your personal fresh start goals. The top three finalists with the best plans for a fresh start will receive $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000 respectively. The winners will also receive a personal consultation from Ariane de Bonvoisin, change expert and founder of, as well as a three-day/two-night trip to New York City, where they will be honored at the Carefree Fresh Start celebration event, hosted in partnership with Step Up Women’s Network. Seven additional finalists will receive $1,000 to help begin making their fresh start. Amazing, right?

The deadline for submissions is July 10, 2009. Visit to find out how to enter.

Protection & a Fresh Start. Who couldn’t use both of those?

Thanks to Mom Central for letting me take part in the Carefree Ultra Protection Blog Tour!

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