Catching back up!

We are FINALLY back online. What a crazy 6 months it has been.

And, no, don’t worry. I won’t be posting 6 months of crazy sayings tonight.

However, I do want to share a few of my absolutely favorites with you……

  • The night that we moved down to GA, Ashley and I were talking in the van. She was quite nervous about starting school, and asked me if she was going to be starting the next day. I told her no, and that it was probably going to take us a week or so before we got settled in and started her in school. Relief washed over her and she said, “Good. That gives me enough time to learn the language!” (Like these Southerners speak a whole different language! 😉 )
  • Zander started preschool in January. After his first day, I asked him how he liked it. He replied, “It was good. But did you know they had a rest time? They made me lay down and not talk for like one hundred hours.” Poor kid. He’s doing so well in school, but he does NOT like rest time!
  • We recently found out that baby #5 is on the way. JJ, the 3 year old, has been quite excited, and has it all figured out. Z is going to take care of Lulu so that JJ can take care of the new baby. Isn’t he sweet?!
  • I got Lucy ready for church this evening and threw her in a little gymboree sundress. JJ got so excited, he shouted, “Mom!! Lucy has dessert all over her dress!!” (No, she didn’t spill anything on it… the print was little ice cream cones all over the dress.)

I’m looking forward to starting this back up!! And be sure to check out the pregnancy blog for the latest info on “peanut.”

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